I fall under that spell every time !   

 I get myself worked up,I lash out at everyone who comes near me.

Perhaps I AM NOT WORTH IT, hmmmmmmmm ?

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theonlycatsmeow loves you. I am soooo not jealous about this!

try to block out the nay-sayers and do your thing~~you deserve to be treated well, even by yourself~~

You are a favourite human of mine, M....don't ever forget that!

Smooch! Hug!

Well. You know I think some people just don't like what you are saying. Well. You can't please everyone.

I can't please everyone either.

We are only human.

So what I'm saying is go on to post whatever is your mind.

Don't let people get you down.

It's not worth it.

You may get mean sometimes, but you're still a dork!

Nah, everyone gets a little RAWR sometimes. Keep being you, I like you :) lol