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January 14

As you can see in the title, I will begin Insanity workout program next Monday (January 14). I hope I won't give up. I will give my best and I will try to eat right . If you want to start workout with me, just let me know. We could be great support for each other ;) We can do this! By March 18, we will be fit as hell!
thepianogirl thepianogirl 18-21, F 91 Responses Jan 8, 2013

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how come you picked insanity over p90x?

You go girl don't forget to hydrate. Hey, and have fun.

Hugs! Deliciouse62

I want to. I need to get a few holiday pounds off. We should exercise as well.

if that's what you guys think because i think before some one is born i think the person is already mentally fit so is either you keep up or stay as you are.

Insanity is supposed to be good.

Yes.... Go for it.... Enjoy the experience!!!!

i wish you good luck and hope you acheive your aims.

You be careful as your body is still growing! You dont need to loose weight, but its no harm to keep toned.Its very dangerous to become obsessed with weight loss.You are lovely and unspoiled as you are! Sigh! X.

wow, that is quite the work out!!!! 0___o lets do it!

you have to eat healthy or it wont work
are you with me?

Very True :) You Go Girl!!!!
Hey if you have time check out SweatyFitness. trumblr, some good food and exercise info & photos also! Have s good day.

like what do you mean "eat healthy"?!??!

around 1500 calories or even more! you cant starve yourself and do insanity

ehhhhhhh thats a lot

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Best of luck on your workout program. Why are you doing it? You seem fit to me. You surely aren't trying to lose weight are you? Well, I'm sure you will succeed. xoxo

i dont see myself fit

i am already working out every other day getting fit for summer ...wish u the best with that..let me know if u need any help..hugs

Dont lose too much weight in my opinion you look perfect the way you are.

Thank you but I'm ok lol I'm happy with being lazy and eating my McDonald's lol. Back then I'd love to do it cause I used to work out 3 times a week but not anymore

For those who are confused, "Insanity" is a 12 DVD + Diet system, devised by've probably seen the infocomnercials on tv late at night....

So, you have a rolling 60 Day programme, which gains intensity as it goes...

The premise is that YOU are the don't need any equipment at all....just an exercise mat for some of the stretching/yoga moves....but, in general, the idea is to do a series of exercises, usually flat out for 30-45 secs before instantly hitting the next one...and so on. You work flat out for 3 mins before you are dying and have 30 secs before you hit the next do 3 sets of those exercises before hitting the next 3 different sets....

The workout lasts about 40 mins or so....very cardio based....there's lots of squats...lots of jumping....lots of pushups, both stationary and moving.....sit ups....running....quick moves....

The workouts, 6 days a week, will burn off 700-1000 calories a time...

For men and women, it's regularly called the hardest workout put on DVD....

You'll lose fat...gain muscle....gain a strong core....and be able to just run and run and run....

Amber xx


Great!It's the most important thing to have a healthy body. I wish I could go with you but I live too far away...

haha you can do it at your own home

So what does it involve?

Wow! You sure picked a tough one/ but good also. Instead of buying the program I looked on tumblr & into mens health, womens health mag. and web sites and copyed down a lot of exercises. Also on proper food, receipts, etc...also take some time to study what foods provide better for your body. It has to work together.

hahaha i have benn trying from the last year to gain muscles. still the same. pardon my inspiration!

That sounds good but I don't like to exercise any more but I really do appreciate the offer :)

I joined an on line program called "Beyond Diet". The news I receive from them about the food we eat today would make you cringe. It's no wonder everyone is overweight or sick.
The reason I bring this up is to explain that if you want to loose weight and be healthy the easiest guide is: do not eat wheat, corn, sugar, or soy. That means all forms of those four. All corn including corn syrup, corn oil, all wheat ... white wheat, whole grain wheat, any sugar, any soy.
We've been told for decades this stuff is healthy, but our bodies don't know what to do with this junk.
Stay away from processed food and artificial sweeteners, any food or drink that's been in plastic. Make your own meals from fresh produce.
Do I sound like a nut case? You'll find out some day.

Ill b cheerin u on just remember carbs r ur friends they fuel ur body though the workout and drink louds of water to stop urself gettin cramps and workout even if u dont feel all the up 4 it cuz sometimes ull find thats when ull get the best out of ur workout and if ur feelin down it will left ur up sometimes and ull feel gd about it and gd luck. Xx

Enjoy it hun....

I've been doing it for the last 18 months....whenever I do it again it's always the same...the first week is the hardest! Heck, the first day!

Let me prep you by stating that it's best not to do the fitness test straight before the first workout. One, or even both, of them will suffer! What I would recommend is AT LEAST have 30 mins interval prior to that first workout....

Drink plenty of fluids - I recommend just water - during the exercise and, once finished, have a protein heavy meal/shake NO LATER than an hour after your workout....

Try to get the form right first as things like the 'C Sit Ups' can really hurt your back if your form isn't right...

Try for taking only a few deep breath breaks when you need them/on your'll find that your mind quits long before your body does....

Results, physically, might take a terms of body shape and/or fat loss, but you will begin to feel much better after only a week!

Rest is important! Likewise warm ups and cool downs...

Don't skimp on them!

Any more advice.....just write to me, ok?

Good luck.....and enjoy the ride!


Amber xx

thank you

Well, I'm sure it's good for you -- if you are going to gain muscle mass...I hope that's your goal. You surely don't have to LOSE weight, pianogirl. So, have some protein. FYI, you are beautiful -- right now. Even though I think I look OK, (or I wouldn't post THOSE pix) I am going to get back to where I was about 10 years ago. I can tone up more. More exercise, a little less 'bad' food.

I followed that link over to YouTube and watched a video which is a great video by the way but for some odd reason I thought it was going to be a video about you working out you should make a video about your progress that's what I think

I wish you all the luck in the world I really truly do on trying to get fit and trim but to tell you the truth you look great the way you are I know you can do this I will be praying for you so go out there and have some fun and sweat to the oldies LOL and lose your weight or where ever you doing I believe in you and I know that you that kind of person that once they decide to do something no matter what it is they get it done more power to you girl go for it and make us proud

Ok.I hope you take this the best are hot! Smoking Victoria secret model hot! If you are doing it because you want to, awsome! But don't do it for the wrong reasons. If you are doing it because of someone, or because you don't see yourself for the 10 you are, Because you already look GOOD. If I met you, like at a supermarket, i would have to say "excuse me, i know you are busy, but I just wanted say you are absolutely Stunning, and I wanted to give you my number, so we could have coffee"

wow thank you :D

Wiah you luck in your exceise progam, it so hard to lose weight, but if you eat right and work out the weight will fall off, Beside if you move it will help you anyway.

I have the insanity videos and I keep telling myself I am going to start it but I have not had any motivation... Maybe I'll start mine on the 14th too! :)

so are you with me? :D

Heck yes :D Today!

Oh yeah that. I know about this. Well good luck it. It will not be easy but well I'm sure you can do it, and I would love to help you, since I have am doing something like it. (Military) So just say if I can help any way at all :)

I am rooting for you.:)