Day 1 - It’S Always Hardest In The Beginning......

Starting Insanity tomorrow and I know how difficult it is as I completed 30 days over a year ago. I don’t think there is a better workout out there that compares to insanity. The biggest thing I am concerned about is the diet and lifestyle. Once you're in Insanity I’m the type of guy to be in it all the way which means, no cheat days, no alcohol and a lot of sacrifices to get what I want out of it. I think I’m going to be grumpy as I can’t have the foods I want but it’s all part of it. I’m so ready to start this all again it’s just a shame I’m riding solo. If anyone out there wants to connect to share motivation and experiences just let me know as I’m going to be posting regularly. I’ll be posting mainly to share my experience and get some tension off my chest as most people do not live this way of discipline. I found a good quote to relate to though, "Obsessed Is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated"

I’ve been travelling the world for the last 9 months and have put on nearly 2 stone!!!!! All that partying has finally caught up with me I guess. I am determined to complete the insanity programme this time around and suffer the sacrifices needed to get my results. 'Nothing tastes as good as being ripped feels' :)

Anyway, I’m off to prepare my food for tomorrow get ready for the fitness tests.

It’s always hardest in the beginning......
riley1311 riley1311
Feb 10, 2013