No Time Like Today

So, I ordered this new workout regimen, called Insanity.  It's supposed to be completely over the top, and push you to incredible levels- exactly what I'm looking for.  It might even be too much for me to handle, which would frankly be fantastic.  Just got it this weekend while I was away, so I'm starting it today- figure the first of the month is the perfect time, right? 

Grante,d I've been incredibly sick all weekend, so I know that today's first foray into this thing is going to be PAINFUL.... but I've gotta do it, because if I put it off, I'll just keep putting it off.


Just ate a small meal, gonna give it about an hour before I go do my first workout.  We'll see how I do!

Ardhanaridream Ardhanaridream
31-35, M
Mar 1, 2010