First Fit Test.

Holy craps.


No, really.  Holy craps.


For anyone thinking about this program, it really is the REAL DEAL.  Holy craps. 

I mean, I know I'm a bit out of shape (okay, maybe a lot out of shape).  And granted I've been deathly ill for the past three days (I probably should have been hospitalized on Saturday when it was worst but I'm too stubborn), but really, THE WARMUP KICKED MYASS!


Okay, so in this program you have a "fit test" every two weeks, comparing your results to the period before.  You have one minute to do as many as possible of a given maneuver.  The only one I modified was the switch kicks- in my present condition, I was way too terrified of blowing out my knee to even try them.  I subbed high knees in instead- a little lower impact, but still the same basic movement.


Week 1:

Switch Kicks(High Knees): 40 (counting only on the right knee)

Power Jacks: 16

Power Knees: 30 (surprise, the move that's based on a martial arts attack I can still do in my sleep...)

Power Jumps: 10

and then here's about where I hit the wall and totall lost steam....

Globe Jumps: 3 (granted, a globe jump is 4 squat jumps in a row....)

Suicide Jumps: 7

Push-up Jacks: 0.  Yup. Just couldn't even lock out at all.

Low Plank Obliques: 31 (guess that's partially because of the added break time form not doing the push-up jacks.)


SO, not the best stats, but not the worst either.  I'm content with where that is so far.  Time to go get a shower and try to keep my muscles from knotting up.


Anyone who wants ot find out more about the program, check out  and feel free to join me!

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3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

what were your numbers KB?

Nice to see I wasn't the only one to hit the wall on test 5. I just started today. Damn this IS Insane.

yeah, it's crazy. Crazy crazy. <br />
<br />
Today's workout way Plyometric Cardio Intervals. Holy craps. I fell out of about half the forms. But it was awesome.