Plyometric Cardio Interval Training (or, In Layman's Terms, 41 Minutes Of Pain)

okay, this program is well named.


You're not going to get through it witohut hitting the floor.  Not if you're doing it right. That's the point. 

This program REALLY makes you dig deep, really makes you work. You find reserves you didn't know you had, and you find the reserves under those too!

Yeah, it's kicking my ***... but I'm enjoying it, incredibly. Granted, I am a little bit masochistic sometimes, but this is really "good pain."


This regimen is without question the most physically trying thing I've ever done in my LIFE.  It's good though, it's pushing me, keeping me moving, working, fighting.  You just don't want to quit.  When I finished today's session I was totally spent in a whole new understanding of the term, too exhausted to walk across the room, and just laying there panting and sweating.... and thinking about hitting the play button all over again.  Awesome stuff!

Ardhanaridream Ardhanaridream
31-35, M
Mar 2, 2010