New Lingerie Wardrobe

A few weeks ago I went to J.C. Penny and went to the Lingerie Department and browsed the lingerie. I found a nice set of Purple Satin Pajamas and a sexy pair of blue lace panties. I also bought a sexy tourqoise blue chemise and short robe. This is the start of my new lingerie wardrobe. I used to have a lot of nice lingerie years ago, but my now ex-wife made me throw it all away. I had 7 pairs of satin pajamas from Victorias' Secret too. She made me throw those away too. I'm starting over. I even had a pair of sexy black high heel platform shoes.
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this is a nice online lingerie shop- have really nice items and quality is really nice. Sign up they send special promo codes monthly...along with Monthly promo codes they advertise on fb, twitter, etc.

Thank you for the info. I will check them out.

Try Mensline Lingerie, it is feels fantastic to wear and superb quality

Sorry you have to rebuild. I say bravo to you for having fun purchasing new things that you like and bring joy to you.

Now you also have the opportunity to build a great heels collection too.

shopping for new clothes and especially lingerie, has been both fun and disappointing for me, lately. mainly because, no sooner did i reach "seasoned citizen's" age, and mother nature did her part to remind me i had been on hrt for over 30 years.<br />
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so, not only did my breasts fill and widen from a fairly firm pair of 38-C's/40-B's, to now a heavier and lower pair of 38-D's/40-C's. but, my waist and hips widened. in otherwords, i'm having to give some of my mini-skirts and other younger girl's clothes to my wife and daughter. and shopping for more "mature" women's fashions. <br />
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it's the one part of being a lifelong (t)gurl, that i wasn't prepared for. fortunately, i have manyother "gurlfriends" who have already gone through the change and shared their experience with me. if you're one and would like to share what you've experienced, as you became an "older gal". let me know, and i'll give you my email address, or you can give me yours. it's the one area my wife can't help me, because she's 15 years younger than me.<br />
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thanks for sharing.<br />
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I moved to Chico now.

I'd love to come by and have you model them for me!

Why dont you *** see me in Chico. I will model them for you.

Hi Karen. Would you like me to *** to Redding so I can model my lingerie for you? Maybe some fun also. I was living with my daughter and her husband for awhile here in Chico. They moved back to Redding.