If E P Had More Active Member's Of My Kind I Be More Active

I do have a lot of things to do. What annoys me most, is the lack of things, that would give me more motivation. The less there is for my reciprocation. The more Zombie I get. I look around and around until I can find and feel more motivated. But coming here to a Dead Site of my kind. Does have people here on a different level of ... Interest. But that isn't my kind. That is what I mean by my kind. Those who are into my kind of ... Interest of things.

I could do a lot of Postings and I do get some that are still being Posted when I can. And nobody sees them. This frustrates me, because there is not my kind that are not here to see my Stories and they get lost in time getting old with the History of it all. Old stuff isn't interesting to many and what I find around here. I hate when something is suppose to be Fresh and Relevant. Nobody is here to get it Fresh and Relevant. So I even have to hold back on my Stories. I am tired of putting them out here and not noticed. Then they get old for the ultimate time of having my kind here and they will not or ever be much into getting to be known of these Stories. I have to figure when is the best time for them. This type of synchronization with me, is bothering me a lot, because so much is not wanting anymore of what I have in my mind to be in perfect synchronization. 

But I do have a lot I could do here, but this Dead Site here is Frustrating me.  () () ()  And holding me Back!
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Nov 16, 2011