Tiredd I Ad Enoughhhh

I wait and wait im getting tired already im just tired of this relationship already i gave all i could and all i get is more hurtswe had our fights and his lies he confess which i forgave but i cant trust him anymore the say when there one person with no more trust in the relationship thenthere should be an end of this relationship but the only reason we still together is because he does not want to start over with somene else and that he loves me and it obsiouly im a big thing for him which i know he dont deserve me every one tells me to leave him he had his chance and he blew it but for one thing i was in love and got fool first he said i was the girl of his dreams he going to the army change him so much his not the same as i rememeber the person i fall in love with i keep my gaurd up but i realize so much things as i grew older but i was lost in the world of "love" lost a lot of friends lost contact i was happy with him at first until he decides to join the military and he started to bring lies i keep now playing the cards corrected with my guard up and not to be too much emotins i was before cause i was young nowthat im 23 going to be 24 i just realize i had enought of this already!
Luvtennis89 Luvtennis89
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2013