Love Is Unstoppable.

Stephen and I have known each other since we were in diapers. He lived two houses down from me, his mother and my mother were best friends and still are too this day, even though he is two years older than me we've always had a connection that never left.

As we got older, of course you go threw stages of thinking boys have cooties, and you lead your own life into adult hood. When he first joining the U.S. Army in 2008, me and him were not talking. I wasn't there for him throughout basic, and the extreme points that he has endured while being in the U.S. Army so far.

But it was one night that started it all, I was at my boyfriend at the time's house and I needed a ride home, because I wasn't able to drive yet. So I called my mom and she didn't answer. All of a sudden I get a phone call from her, and it hung up right away. I was honestly scared that my mom was getting killed or hurt, because I wasn't sure where she was. Then I got these text messages from my moms phone, saying my name, where I live, etc. Obviously my mom would know these things, and so it ended up being Stephen playing a joke on me. He finally said " Dork, It's Stephen. I'm just kidding with you. Your mom, my mom and I are out at a bar. Do you need me to come pick you up? " And I was 16 at the time, and I was extremely immature. I wasn't mature enough to hold a relationship like I am now. So I said " Stephen who? " He explained who he was. and then I completely ignored the fact that it was him, and I just gave him the address to where I was. Then I went outside and waited for him. As I waited for him, my boyfriend at the time came outside and started yelling at me, saying " Who the hell was that? What guy is coming to pick you up?" There were several other swear words mixed in there, and it got to the point where he started to get violent with me, I ended up with a black eye and a broke open lip that night from him. And as I was on the ground screaming and crying while he was kicking my legs and stomach; Stephen pulled up and he immediately ran to my defense and well took care of my boyfriend at the time, called the cops. And held me while I was crying, bleeding, and the most horrified I have ever been in my life. He kept telling me over and over again that I was too beautiful for someone to do that to me, and that I deserve better. I was going through a lot at that time in my life, where I didn't care about myself or others. I had an eating disorder, cancer, and my mother had cancer as well. I just didn't really want to live anymore. So I brushed off what he said, as if he was lying. The rest of the night we went back to his house, and from what he tells me now, is that he couldn't stop thinking about me, and he tried as hard as he could to keep from looking at me. I spent the night at the house there, and he offered me his bed, while he ( a soldier ) slept on the couch.  We didn't talk after that night for a year and a half.  After a year and half he contacted me on Facebook, we chatted a little bit. But not much. I got his number, he got mine. I lost his, he lost mine.

Then eight months ago, I saw he was online on Facebook and just decided to see how he was doing. I guess I caught him on a bad day. He instantly started spilling his heart out to me and everything he was feeling while being on base. But then he had to go back to work, so I gave him my number so he can text me if he'd like too during the day, since he was having such a hard day. After giving him my number, we talked non-stop for the next two months. And thats when I decided that I was going to drive 8-10 hours to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. I took the drive, and I was the first person to ever come and visit him at base. The night I got there, we officially started dating, on September 18,2009. I have never felt this kind of  compassion and love for someone in my life. And after how poorly I've treated him in the past, due to my mental unstableness; he was able to treat me with respect, and forgive me. Now, five months later I can honestly say that I am falling more in love with him each and every single day. When I say five months, that is the official time of our relationship, but don't forget that I have known him for 18 years. I didn't rush into the " I love you's " But the way he said "I love you" for the first time, was emotional for me. He was home for Christmas, and it was the first day of 2010, he had planned a date for us, so that we could go to Chicago and have a nice dinner downtown. I wore an appropriate dress for the place we went out to eat, and when he picked me up he came into my house with his Class A's on, I was surprised because I didn't think he would wear his Class A's. He couldn't hold it in any longer, and he said  " Stephanie, I love you with all my heart. I know its hard to love a soldier, and I wouldn't want you to hurt while I'm away. But, I can't keep this in any longer, I love you and I want to be with you threw all the hard and good times of my life. " I immediately started crying and said " I love you, Stephen. The distance is only physical, my love." 

And this upcoming week I am going down to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. He's being promoted to an E4 Specialist. I am sad to say the his deployment will be sometime within the next few months. But his last leave home is from March 20 - April 4. So I'm expecting him to deploy in April, for an entire year. Right now he is stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, He is a 19 Delta Cav Scout for the 101st Airborne Division. He is an expert infantry and graduated from air assault school. He wants to continue on to become a sniper, and eventually go to sniper school.


Basically love is unstoppable, just because you are hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your loved one, doesn't mean that the love stops. The months and days of not talking to him, and having your stomach sick with fear of something going wrong, or being wrong. As a girlfriend, fiance, or wife of a soldier you need to be strong, and pick up your head and have faith that he will come home to you. Because no matter what, when he comes home he's going to need you, as much as you are going to need him. So don't let the distance, the worries, the fears, and the pain stop you from love.

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Your story is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope everything is still as wonderful with him now as it was when you wrote this!!

wow. i hope you write a book or something because your story is seriously miraculous. beautifully, genuinely written. thank you so much for sharing!<br />
you are such a strong young woman!

This story is amazing, thank you for sharing!!!!!

this is an AMAZING story and it reminds me of just how much love matters. i am glad that you two are together and happy.