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Oh Joy....

Here we go again...

I never did ANYTHING to this man....yet he feels the need to hurt me, and push me over the edge of cutting. I don'tr understand this, and I don't understand how Ep can let this keep happening. I know his account is gone now, but do I have to suffer through this every single time he gets bored with his life and comes on Ep under a new name? 
deleted deleted 26-30 7 Responses Jan 19, 2012

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I'm with twofun AND I can get his ip address and see where he lives at

Jeeze! :(

If I cared about this kinda people, I would be dead. What they expect from you is a reaction.<br />
And you do react, indeed. Once you stop, he'll stop bothering you.

Aly, you said, "I never did ANYTHING to this man..."<br />
<br />
Make no mistake, Aly; this is not a man. Creeps behave this way, men do not. This creep does not have the testes to attack in the open, and I'm sure that if you met him in person he would be a stuttering sniveler.

well, I guess we could just laugh at his feeble attempts to get us riled up, yes?

I seem to have gotten his attention... He has this thing where when you block him he deletes his account and makes a new identical account to continue his little thing. He needs his IP blocked.

That is beyond uncalled for. I say that if it keeps happening file a legal suit. Get him charged with harassment and get a no contact order. Once that's in place if he keeps harassing you like this his hide goes to the clink. <br />
<br />
And I'm more than sure if you put out a message to your friends they would be more than happy to head to head with this jerk.