Bullying At Work

Hi everyone,

Please help. I am the new girl at work but am very experienced in what I do. I work with 3 other girls and 2 of them are bullying me.
They boss me about, they always make snide remarks and completely isolate me from everyone else. They slag me off behind my back and on facebook.
I have told my managers several times and they have only just started to take it seriously. They are giving them a warning but I know that the bullies won't take any notice and carry on doing it.
I don't feel I can work with them anymore and they are turning so many staff members against me. I have tried standing up to them but they just shout me down and stick up for each other. The other girl is on my side and while this is a comfort thats all it is because she remains inpartial.

what should I do now?
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Thank you for sharing your story vobdjieurr.
I had to handle a similar conflict with my colleague some time ago. And it was not just me, who had this problem. Several times I felt like quitting my job. I didn't really know how to act and behave. With everything I tried I seemed to worsen the situation. So I decided to get some professional help to talk to someone and get some advice. I came across an online business coach (I can recommend you the real-time coaching at your24hcoach). My coach handed me some excellent advises, how to change my attitude and behaviour to her, after asking me some specific questions explaining the situation. What surprise! My attitude changed her attitude to me. Good luck, everyone!

Sound like my situation, maybe you should join the I HAVE A HATER group.<br />
<br />
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1. first start looking for another job, because you might not have a job soon.<br />
2. meanwhile try to change position so you won't have to work with these girls<br />
3. if you can't change position. Stay strong till you can change job, but stop complaining to your boss. They don't seem to care. Bosses don't want to deal with drama. Plus you need a good review for your new job.

If you are not serious about gathering information, seeking legal advice, keeping a file of occurrences, etc., your boss will not take you seriously. You want to remain totally professional about this and follow all proper steps. Don't rely on your boss to give you advice, talk to any attorney and if advised to do so, let your boss know that you have retained legal counsel. If you give them no way to criticize or attack you, then the only thing left to do is to go after those who are bullying you. Good luck, you can do this!

Take notes of every incident that happens. <br />
<br />
Get in touch with your representative: this could be a union representative or a solicitor and ask them to write to your manager about this. <br />
<br />
You can also get information about workplace bullying as an adult at Bullying Online. See the link below.<br />
<br />

Once you positivity identify the source of the problem a co-worker is making on you, tell the supervisor or manager. If after three days no action, put it in writing that you talked to the boss. There are harassment policies in any work place and you can sue the company for not taking action, like years of wages, back wages for stress and lawyer fees. You may not have a job but the reward is compensation for harassment at the work place and failure of the boss to act.

inform the state office that over see that behavior, also fill a stress clain for works comp against the company and them if it become more then words<br />
<br />
or just walk away from them do your job if then say something and yoyu hear them yell out that you are not that type of person and if the want sedx go see there wifes or find another that likes female to felmale stuff do it very loud to make them back up get right in there face<br />
that is not the action they think you will do and will make them rethink