Being Bullied As Soon As Managment Found Out I Was Pregnant.

Hiya, I dont know what to do.
 I found out I was pregnant a few months ago now and had to tell my employer straight away because of the heavy lifting i did. Immediatly they moved me form my original job and put me on the till. I did consent to this and it wan't a problem.
A few weeks after this i was suffering from severe morning sickness and ended up having to go on the sick (with a sick note from the doctor) for two weeks. After the two weeks i went back to work and the day i went back the Assistant Manager called me into the office, spoke to me very abruptly and made me cry in the office. She had a go at me over something another member of staff had said so it wasnt anything to do with me in the first place. I never got any apology for this or the misunderstanding.
After this incident i started getting headaches and migrain due to stress so I was advised by my midwife to go to the doctor. The doctor decided i should go of sick with a sick note and so he put me off for two weeks under the instruction to go back after that to review how im feeling. I went back and againt he doctor put me off for two weeks. The same again after that.
When i was finally feeling upto going back to work and the doctor agreed with me, he signed me off work with a fit note on the Thursday with instruction to go back to work on the Monday coming.
In the meantime to this happening i had posted one of my previous sick notes to my company and they claimed they hadnt recieved it so i had to go back to the doctor and get a duplicate copy. This i did and i took it into work myself.
On the friday, when i was due to be paid, i checked the bank and my wages wasnt in there (this was the third week now that they hadnt paid me!) so i hponed my company and asked them why i hadnt been paid AGAIN. The Assistant Manager answered the phone and said
'beacuse we aint sent your sick note off'
I asked her why and she replied
'because we never sent it in the bag to Had Office'
With not being paid for Three weeks i politly asked her how the company expected me to get to work on the Monday withouy any money to get the bus there.
She started shouting at me down the phone accusing me of saying i wasnt going to work at all and wouldnt be going back. These words never came out of my mouth and this really made me feel down and upset. She also threatened me saying
'and if u dont come to work or go to the doctors for another sick note then we wont pay you at all!'
I told her i would take the matter up with my Manager when she was back in store. She said 'Fine' and hung up. My mother was in the room with me and witnessed it all.
I felt so low with already dealing with stress and anxiety that i went to the Doctors the same day and I explained to her exactly what had happened and she said she didnt want me working in that environment as it was disgusting and someone pregnant and with stress doesnt need that.
I rang my manager the next day and she was really abrupt with me on the phone and i told her the doctor had decided to put me off again and she just said ' fine, get your sick note to me' and hung up on me.
I later went on to Facebook and saw that the Supervisor was writing on her staus 'your useless at your job anyway!' and another one was 'when im pregnant i want to work as much as i can and earn money for kids'
I changed my status in a reply to this to see if it was aimed at me and it was as she also changed hers in a reply to mine. Also the Assistant Manager had some things on her status 'Now i know why Peter Ander hates KATIE (PRICE)'
Katie is also my name!
I think this is so pathetic. I was told i had to phone work once a week for them to see how i am.
I phone one Friday and the *** Manager answered. I asked for my Manager and I heard her shout to the Manager
'Annneee, Katieee is on the phone, she wants you' (this was said with sarcasm and then she started laughing.
My manager came onto the phone and  said very rudly 'Can i help?' I answered and said' Yes you told me i had to phone once a week for you too se how i am.'
She replied 'Ok thanx.' and then put he phone down. Now is it me or is she supposed to be asking how i am and how im feeling.

I really dont know what to do about this, there is also another member of staff that i speak to very regulaly and she has told me that they are always slagging me off in the staff room in front of everybody else and all the other staff are also slagging me off.

Do i have a case here if i go to a tribunal?? the doctor has told me all the files of stress etc due to work can be obtained.
cheekeh cheekeh
Jul 11, 2010