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my boss,started working in the hotel where i work,about 2 and a half yrs ago!! since he started working there,he's been bringing in all his own staff,and getting rid of the staff that were there when he started!! so far,he has managed to get rid of 4 members of staff,and he has brought in 7 of his own staff, that he worked with at another hotel that went bust,of these people,they include his best friend,his brother,his wife,another guy that shares the same surname as him (but of no relation apparently) and a few other people that used to work under him!! he has already had to fire his brother for stealing, and another girl that he brought in, got fired for fighting at a works night out!! his best friend and the guy with the same surname as him,are 2 of the laziest guys you could meet,but they have already been given managers positions!! he was going to give his wife a managers position as well, but she opted to work night shift,cos there is not so much to do on night shift!! and another guy he brought in, has been in trouble before,and is also a registered alcoholic!! another girl that was brought in,is now seeing his best friend, and she is a little bossy boots, cos she is dating one of the managers!!!

my manager is always on our backs to get training done and so on,which is fine,but he doesnt make time available for it,and when we dont manage to get it done,we get a disciplinary!! then we need to get priority club members enrolled,and even though i work in the kitchen, i need to get a certain number of enrolments every month,and if i dont get my number of enrolments,which has been the case for the past few months, then i get a disciplinary!!! we ask guests at check in,if they would like to join our priority club,but kitchen staff are also expected to harass guests at breakfast and during their dinner to get them to join up,and if we dont do this,then it gets noted down as poor performance,and guests get irritated and angry,feelling pressured into joining up!!but as i say,its all the people that have worked there for years that get into trouble for everything,and all his own staff get away with everything,if one of his own staff does something wrong, then he just laughs it off, but if someone that has worked there for years does something wrong,then we get disciplined!! its pathetic!! there are even times when i have to do a whole load of work on my own, while all of his crowd play the fruit machine out the front!!! he also keeps a picture of the muppets as a background on his laptop, and he says its to remind him of his staff!! it used to be such a good job, but not any more!!!
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i know i do lol!!

again, it's so damn unfair! I wish I could help, your boss is the worst, you deserve a much better job!

<br />
There is a statistic which claims over 80% of workplace harassment is done by bosses and managers. <br />
I don’t buy it, some of the best bosses I have ever had were what many of my coworkers considered tyrants and miserable bullies. But I always tried my best for these guys, I found out what they wanted and I did it. <br />
You’ve seen those lists of ridiculous and demeaning tasks employees claim bosses force them to perform. I tend not to put too much stock in these complaints. We are not dealing with family or friends, these are coworkers. These are people we do not know all that well. Once we do get to know them, often we don’t like them. That includes bosses. The workplace is often a war zone where employees battle for limited resource, positions, and power. The Lord High Master and judge is the boss, he may not have the power to fire on a whim, but he can limit your pay, slow promotions, and give you the worst assignments. One thing he does not have power or responsibility over is your happiness. <br />
It always amazes me how once an employee feels the boss has failed to properly and adequately placate them feathers are instantly ruffled. Suddenly that odd favor the boss asked is now a demand meant to humiliate. <br />
If you find yourself with a problem boss you never want to complain to management or HR him or her. You want the higher ups thinking of you as a happy guy, with a positive attitude, and a willing eagerness to do your job without complaint. When you do talk to HR or management you only want it to be simple question, to clarify something, or check on some policies and procedures. <br />
I have 30 years dealing with problem coworkers and difficult bosses. <br />
<br />
Any bully has only the amount of power over you that you give him. Generally, the Bully Boss is a low level peon one step above you. His only real power is influencing his boss’s opinion of you. <br />
<br />
For the most part the bully boss gets a bad rap. There are normally only three reasons a boss may be a jerk.<br />
1. He has a troubling employee or employees frustrating the heck out of him. <br />
A boss has a job to do, he needs the help of those under him inorder get that job done. When they don’t he may, justifiable, not be very nice. <br />
2. Somebody’s whispering in his ear making him think a certain employee is worthless. <br />
3. He’s an incompetent lout who feels threatened by you, is jealous, or simply can’t stand you. <br />
It is up to you to figure out which one it is. Here’s how you do it. <br />
<br />
<br />
STEP I<br />
Determine who the problem is, you, the boss, or someone whispering in the boss’s ear. <br />
How do you do that? <br />
I’ve had enough bosses to know when a guy does not like me regardless how hard I work. <br />
Some tips for working with a difficult boss<br />
Do what the boss tells you to do, when he tells you to do it.<br />
Do what the boss tells you to do, the way he tells you to do it. <br />
Don’t argue with the boss. As long as it’s legal and it’s safe, just do it.<br />
Don’t question every thing he tells you to do, even if you think you know how to do it better. Obviously, if what he’s telling you to do is illegal, then you want to say, “Hey, hold on there Hoss, you want me to do what now?” <br />
You do not need to know the reason for everything the boss what’s you to do. Yes it may be stupid, it may be a waste of time, it may be a pain in the neck. But he’s paying you to do it, so shut up and do it and get it done quickly with a smile. <br />
Don’t be afraid to double check if you think he’s telling you to do something wrong. There is always that chance you see something he does not. “Hey, boss, will that break if I push there?” “No, no, don’t push there, right here.” Don’t try to sound like you’re showing him up. No boss likes a smart *** trying to make him look bad. <br />
Don’t make the boss look bad. You have to cover his butt as much as you want him to cover yours. Nobody is perfect, bosses make mistakes all the time. You never want to say to the boss, “Well, that’s the way you told me to do it.” Because he’s going to say, “Well you should have known better.”<br />
You have to develop a trusting relationship with your boss. He has to know you have the best interest of the company in mind. You are not just there to put in time. <br />
<br />
You don’t have to brown nose, do what he tells you to do and keep you mouth shut. And do not give the guy an attitude. There is little a boss hates more than dealing with somebody who seems to have a chip on their shoulder. Be pleasant, willing, and cheerful. <br />
Be an asset to your boss. The value of a dependable employee is tremendous. <br />
<br />
If you do all this and the guy is still a lunatic, maybe someone is telling him lies about you. That someone won’t be that hard to find. Just look for that rebel with out a clue kind of guy. He’s real chummy with the boss when he’s around and bad mouths him when he’s not. Chances are you’ve already had a run in with this one.<br />
I spent 3 months getting rid of a guy like this once. The boss was a complete jerk to me all the time. After the guy was gone I realized he had discredited me in the eyes of the boss far beyond repair. It was a small company and the boss was the owner. The big problem I made was while dealing with the bully, I was not making sure the boss realized the good work I did. <br />
If your boss is still on you about your performance being below standard, it might be a good time to find out what exactly he expects of you. Ask him which of your coworkers is performing above standard? Then politely request he explain how your performance and the coworker’s performance differ. Document this request, because if he continues to badger you without giving you the example you requested you have something on him. Lord help him the next time he grades you below standard in a review. <br />
SURVIVAL TIP If you are not covering your butt and watching your back constantly someone will set you up. Sometimes, it only takes a split second. Don’t trust anyone, always double check. <br />
<br />
STEP II<br />
<br />
Never go to management about your problem boss, unless you have a guardian angel in upper management. Sometimes it seems management only cares about one thing, the bottom line. If you complain to management or HR about how your supervisor is mistreating you, the first thing they’ll do is find out what kind of worker you are. If it turns out you’re a problem, you just put yourself on their radar. If you are a good worker, HR might say something to your boss. Now you’re a bigger target on his radar. <br />
<br />
STEP III<br />
<br />
You have finally come to realize what the boss thinks of you, he hates you. You have confirmed that nothing you do or say will change his treatment of you. As long as this guy is over you, you are going no where in the company. You now have a great deal of power over this bully boss. The source of his power over you is how you always try to please him, (so he’ll consider you a good worker) which you can't. So just stop trying. From now on just do enough to keep from getting fired. <br />
<br />
Now comes the difficult part. Trying to make the boss happy didn't work, so now try making him unhappy. Why should you catch hell for nothing? You should at least earn his displeasure. He’s been getting it for free so far.<br />
TACTIC <br />
Let me assure you right now, it is an absolute, 100% guarantee that this guy is throwing you under the bus in front of his boss every chance he gets.<br />
I always advice people not to go to management about a harassing bully boss, if the guy has convinced his boss you suck and you go complaining your being picked on they won’t care. <br />
Now, if you were to go to your boss’s boss, but with a concern or a question. You don’t even have to mention your boss<br />
Example “Excuse me, Sir; I was wondering when we would be getting more widgets?” “Have you talked to your supervisor?” “Lot’s of times but he’s always seems busy.”<br />
You’ll catch some hell from the boss, but it’s worth it because you just put him on his boss’s radar. The next time he throws you under the bus his boss might question what he means. <br />
<br />
How much worst are you going to make things for yourself? This does not mean breaking company rules – coming in late, leaving early, or developing an attitude which in thought and action will get you legitimately fired. Just think about all the extras you do above and beyond the call of your job desc<x>ription. Come in early, stay late, eat lunch at your desk, and take work home. <br />
<br />
If this guy is not or can not get you promoted and or a raise, why are you busting your hump to help him out?<br />
<br />
I can't remember the last time somebody kissed my rear when they had nothing to gain from it. I always hear this from targets and I have said it often myself, “I don't understand it, I worked so hard, I'm really trying, and it seems it was for nothing. I always go the extra mile, no one else does and I get nothing for it.” <br />
<br />
Stop killing yourself! Drop your work transmission down into granny low. Perform the bare minimum to keep from getting fired. Who's the boss going to complain to? “Well, he's only doing his job now.”<br />
<br />
STEP IV<br />
<br />
Stop being the positive company man. If you are the guy who is always positive, never bad talk the company or the boss, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! BAD WORKER DRONE, BAD, BAD WORKER DRONE. Nobody trusts him. Start, quietly, expressing your disfavor with the current office state of affairs. You'll be blown away by how coworkers open up to you. By the same token don’t become “That Guy”. Mr. Negative. Every word out of his mouth is cutting down the boss and the company. He's worse than someone they don't trust, some whinny SOB who won't shut the hell up. <br />
<br />
Now you have free reign to locate and recruit allies whom you will need to fight this guy. <br />
Through subtle suggestion, insinuation, and well placed gossip you may well be able to ignite what may grow into an all out rebellion against this bully boss. <br />
Fact – In the head office, as long as the bottom line is covered, they don't care what some low level peon of a foreman is doing. Crucifixions, human sacrifices, floggings, they don't care. But once there's a drop in production someone’s heading down into the slave pit and somebody's getting their head ripped open and if he can't light a fire under that crew of morons they'll find some one who can. <br />
<br />
That's why you never want to complain about a boss. If his numbers are good, they'll look at you as the problem. If they should actually talk to him about this all he has to say is “Well, I don't have any problems from any one else. He's been giving me a hard time since day one. I don't know what to do with him?” Well, management will know. They'll give you your walking papers. <br />
<br />
STEP V Firing back<br />
<br />
Always know the facts, company policies, and company rules. You can get them from HR if they are not readily available. Study this information; look for minor violations your bully boss may be committing. He may not ever realize he's doing anything wrong. Maybe there's something he does not allow in his area but the company policy openly allows it. Start doing it, when he cracks down on you, challenge him on it. “I have no problem following the rules, but in all fairness can you show me where it's written that I cannot do this? It's not that I don't believe you, I just want to see how they have it written.” If he doesn't want to show it right away - your attitude should be very polite and accommodating when you tell him. “Oh, that's fine, so until you get a copy of the policy I'm just going to keep doing this.” I've actually done this. It drives the guy insane. But what can he do? If you are lucky enough to have this little show down in front to of the rest of the office you may force him into a corner and he'll come out swinging (not literally). You might be able to draw him into a battle he'll get totally trounced in. That's if he pushes the point of your discontinuing an action he has decreed shall not be performed within the realm of his domain. Ha, fat chance. He'll fold like a cheap cot. This also works on things not covered in the rule book. <br />
<br />
With everyone looking on you just made him look like a complete fool. Even if he were able to change the policy, who cares, you won a major battle. But be warned, he will counter attack. You may well pay for you short lived victory, buy you are elevated in the eyes of your coworkers. You've pulled power from him he will never get back. <br />
<br />
STEP VI Talking back to the bully boss<br />
<br />
I will not allow anyone to speak to me in a manner they would find unacceptable for me to speak to them in. This is a credo I live by. It has always served me well. The only exceptions are those who have lawful, legal jurisdiction over me - police, judges you know, people who can put you in jail. So when a boss gets verbally out of line my usual first response is “What did you just say to me!” Stand your ground; be firm and honest in your purpose. Follow up with “Where in your job desc<x>ription does it give you the authority to speak to me like that? I think you better tone it down. Better yet, why don't you just march the little tin dictator out here who thinks he has the authority to give you such authority over me? Say this calmly and politely, but firmly. <br />
I can hear the guy now, “I didn’t like the way he spoke to me after I yelled and screamed at him.”<br />
STEP VII<br />
Keep a recording device handy. Getting him in a meltdown or vicious rants are gold to be posted on youtube. Then email the link to the CEO.<br />
<br />
How does this help you? A lot of this sounds like it will put you on the fast track to being fire. Not really. Here’s how you play it. <br />
This will only work if you are completely honest with yourself. If you were a poor performer with a bad attitude that’s what the boss that’s what got you on the boss’s radar in the first place. Have you truly squared yourself away? If you have, keep it up. Don’t let up, others will notice you hard work. Maybe in time your boss will too. If he doesn’t you will at least no longer be a problem child, it will take time for him to trust, like, of see you as dependable. In the mean time, you can be sure someone else will be the worst performer. Nature abhors a vacuum. Someone will fill it. <br />
If you were a hot shot how made the boss nervous again, he does not trust you. Your main goal is to get off the radar. By your taking it down a notch or two you will not be such a glowing example of all that is wonderful in the office. <br />
Next, wait for the boss to move up or out. Or hope you get enough dirt of him to drive him out. It is possible, but you must be smart, careful, and lucky.<br />
If you work for a small company and your boss is extra tight with the owner or is the owner, you are toast. Get out of there, you can not win. But here’s how you do it. Apply for another job every possible place you can think of. Speak of your current boss in glowing terms. You love him, he’s the greatest. Encourage everyone to contact him. All he has to do is tell one person what he thinks of you. If you have videos, sound, and documents, you now have a law suit.

Wow! Long reply but interesting. You are a very intelligent person.

my job sucks big time *shine*!!! but on the plus side lol, you lighten up my day!!! ((hugs))