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Hi  i am a 46 yr  old gay man and work with 15 females who have made my life a living hell.I am the busiest person in the work place and they hold that against me .I feel pathetic writing this as the common feeling is as a man I should be able to deal with this.It has become so bad that going into work is traumatic.They only recently found out that I am gay and they changed towards me after 10 yrs The other day I nearlly lost my temper and am scared that infact I do not have thge tools or knowledge to deal with this. Plz can someone help me...
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4 Responses May 3, 2011

You have my sympathies. A few years ago I was the only male in a six person office. The personalities, the gossip, and the petty jealousies made work increasingly difficult. The supervisor encouraged these feuds. She held bimonthly Work Organization Meetings in which employees shortcomings were freely presented to the group. I finally had to call Human Resources after my colleagues began to destroy my work product. The supervisor was puzzled that I had not come to her first. In her mind, an abusive work environment was a productive environment. With Human Resources blessing, I finally transferred out of that office.<br />
My replacement, who was also male, was placed on a performance improvement plan. (The abusive environment did not change with my leaving.) The supervisor was ultimately promoted for making her productivity goals. <br />
My advice to you is to start documenting the events and occurrences. Make allies. And when (or if) possible, transfer to another office. You deserve better.

Try talking to your boss or a close friend if only for your own sanity.

You have discovered what it is like to work in a female dominated occupation full of bitchy women. I wish I could work with more men, but unfortunately there are not many men working in childcare which is my occupation. It makes me ashamed to be female because there are a lot of nasty women in the workplace - believe me, I've worked with many!

Sorry to hear of your trouble at work..I'm not sure if I can help but I can sympathise and don't for a minute think you're pathetic for posting this it can be a living hell being bullied, I know as I have lived with it-at school and now in my new job. Maybe I'm a being traitor to the sisterhood by saying this but women can be real ******* in the work place, I've worked with a good few. Not only that but manipulative and sly also. The only thing I can advise is talk to your boss if you find them easy to approach(if you haven't done so already of course). Or a senior colleague you feel you can trust? Get someone on your side to fight this with you..Please do not suffer in silence, it's not right that you are finding work traumatic. Good luck and let me know how you get on.<br />
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