Organizational Psychopath

I have been employed by one organization for 30 years.  I have contributed to organizational committees above and beyond my usual work role.  I am respected by my colleagues for my knowledge and willingness to help them.  One day a new manager arrives at the workplace and our world is turned upside down.  Our team meetings are not held, flexitime is removed, participation in committees is frowned upon, members are quizzed about the union job reps doing a good job, individuals are asked to snitch on other people, individual performance management plans are used to humilitate the person, access to computer systems required for work is denied, abusive behaviour is experienced and witnessed and the list goes on.

As a group we decide to lodge complaints and the organization received 9 of them before moving this organizational psychopath (this is a real term, you can Google it) out of our workplace.

Raising the complaints felt like we were bullied by the process over again by the lack of timely response and blame the victim thinking.  Some of us left as a way of coping because of the tardiness  in addressing issues, some have taken long service leave and another has lodged claim for psychological injury with organization.  The fact that the group stayed strong and we were savvy to organization psychopathic behaviour helped us achieve the removal of this manager.

It is extremely important to use the process laid down in policy and procedure but be prepared for the drain on your energy and the time it takes to achieve goals.  I urge you to seek help from your doctor if feeling the stress, the union for much needed support and most importantly, to talk over the problems with anyone who will listen.
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1 Response Oct 24, 2011

I had a boss come in and she acted like she was all-knowing and didn't know squat! Everything we did was "wrong", if you talked to her and she felt you were wrong, it was 'insubordination'. We finally managed to get her removed. Still, it is stuff like this that makes people get really ticked off. She is still with us and acts like her actions were 'just' and then tries to tell you that it is "because" she acted the way she did that we ARE still here! Oh, PSYCHO!!!!!!!