It's Just Laundry

She hates me. She's hated me since the day i started working there, when all i've done is try to be nice to her. I'm sick of trying, and after two years of trying to tolerate her behaviour, i snapped!

It was my first real job, and i love kids, which is why daycare was a perfect fit for me. My placement in the field was a terrible experience and they didn't even teach me how to change a nappy. Everyone must of thought i was useless when i started working... but i didn't care. I'm used to being kicked while i'm down, and nothing motivates me more than to get up and keep fighting to prove that they're f***ing wrong (thanks, parents!).

I'd spent a few years prior, completely isolated in my own messed up bubble- drugs, letting myself be used and abused, in and out of home. I was at a point where i was cleaning up my life, but in doing so had to get rid of everything messing it up. I was alone, with no friends, but sadly that was apart of the healing process i needed. I was back in the real world, with people who were clean, and knew nothing of my past.

It was hard adjusting into the work field. When i thought i was doing something right by one girl's standards, i was doing it wrong by another girls standards. Being so quiet and passive, nobody had an issue telling me what i was doing wrong, and it was constant to the point where they were looking for reasons to have a go at me. I took it all in my stride, reminding myself where i screwed up, how i could change it, observing their behaviour and interactions, and how i could use it to better my own.

I was a casual, which means i only worked when they called me. I started out with 3 hours a week if i was lucky... which built to a solid day a week, which became a few days, and as i got better, my roster became better. I learnt what worked with all the girls, and would change my behaviour accordingly to suit their style with the children, pretty soon i was working every damn day.

Yet there has always been that one chick that wasn't willing to give me an inch. She wouldn't talk to me, would disagree with everything, boss me around and yell at me when i did something wrong (still to this day!), she's so aggressive, as well as to the children, she can't even do half the things i do.

She thinks 'cause she's aggressive and i'm passive, she can walk all over me. I may be quiet at work, but she doesn't know me. I've dealt with aggression from my mum all my life, and it gets to a point where if you push me, i will push back, don't **** with me. She reached that point.

It was all over laundry. She walked past everyone and told me i had to do the laundry today 'cause it was her rostered day to do it and she was closing. When i said, i'll do it when i've got time, she demanded that i do it. I told her why i may not be able to, and she screamed at me all these stupid things, which is a saga on it's own.

That day we blew up at each other to the point where i was shaking by the end of it. The girls i spoke to about it, said, have a go at her, she walks over everybody and she needs to know she can't bully you. But she was speaking to the other girls, acting like a victim and asking them to have a go at me about how i need to do laundry.

Since that day she never asked me to do laundry again though. Nor has she bullied me the way she used to. I heard her backstabbing me a lot that day, and one comment that stuck with me was when she was speaking to her close friend who replied,

"She acts like she's so quiet, but you know what, she's not! She's got a mouth on her like any other one of these girls!"

Damn right, b***h, and don't forget it.

This ain't even half of the **** she's put through since this incident though, but i'd need 2 more hours to cover this topic, i was only writing this to scratch the surface of my vent.
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You stood up to her and she realized that you knew what she had been doing (mentally torturing you).
She acted like a victim because that is all she could do to try to get back on top. I'm sure other people will pick up that she is manipulative..
How are things now?

I work at a childcare centre as well and I know EXACTLY where you are coming from! It's good you stood up for yourself! I know it's hard, but try not to get trapped in the BS that she's into...Do your job and when your shift is over, leave! Keep in mind, it's all about the children! Stay strong!

I have had problems with co-workers and bullying and it has been controlling me. Then I found this in an article. Maybe it will help you too. I hope...

I know of some people who seem to make all the affairs of life into a kind of slavery by the way in which they are agitated about them. It is sad to see an immortal soul worrying itself thus about the things of time. Well did the poet say that it resembled— “Ocean into tempest tossed To waft a feather or to drown a fly.” Yet this is the way with very many—they forget that God “gives His beloved sleep.” They would be far better in bed, sometimes, when they are sitting up and worrying. If they could just sleep on it and leave the matter with God, it would go on a deal better without them than it does with them. Yet they fancy that if they are not there to hack, drive and scold from morning to night, everything would go amiss. My dear worrying man or woman, pray the Lord to give you a little patience and a great deal of faith—and the Grace to be quiet and leave all in His hands.

It is hard to not stand up and get angry but please give it to God and let him handle it for you. I am still working on this myself. Take Care

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment so thoroughly and insightfully. There's definitely a lot to take away with what you wrote, and it is something I will use to deal with future issues.
I feel I should up date this story though and clarify- the workplace bullying has stopped from my knowledge, after I've been asserting and standing up for myself. However she likes to play victim now, like I run the room and don't allow her to do anything -sigh- she'll find anyway to not get along with me, lol. But true, I won't allow it to bother me like you said, and it will work itself out.

Good on you for sticking at it and not losing your rag, if that was me I would have clotheslined her by now.

You tell her! I can't stand people like that. Your doing fantastically so keep that S**t up seriously!

Wow, that was a quick reply, i only just posted this. Thanks though! :D I'll need every bit of motivation, since i'm working with only her in the room today, ughhh, haha :P

Lol yeah I always look at most recents when I'm on here haha and oh lord good luck to you today!