Should I Just Fight Him

bloke i work with is threatening me i dont know what to if i tell anyone he says he will come to my house i dont have any evidence because he always gets me on my own he has done this before to someone else and they left the workplace all stressed out and nothing happened to the bully even though he reported it
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Report him! Even if they decide to not take it seriously at least it's on file to prove that there was a problem with him if anything does end up happening. Everytime he makes a threat report him. File a restraining order. Don't fight him unless he touches you first. Act physically if it's in self-defense. Good luck!

this is personal threats he's making, it's a serious offense. i would suggest to get him recorded on an mp3 player and have it as evidence. I mean, what is he saying he will do when he comes to your house? Is he saying he will kill you or assault you? Make sure you answer him these questions and get it all recorded. Also, write down every threat he makes, every bullying comment he makes, put date and time - important. that can be used as a valid evidence. then go to HR with that or police.