My Manager Is Bullying Me &Amp; Using My Staff Against Me :(

Hi All I work for a large financial institution and am having difficulties with my Manager, it seems she has taken an instant disliking to me since she took over the area a year ago.

At first she didn't seem to notice me, but now it seems as if she is on a witch hunt to ruin my career and get me out of my job.

This all started about 5 months ago, my branch had a poor quarter due to various reasons and she believed this was down to me and my attitude, I took her feedback on board and work excessively to improve the performance and excepted the development plan she put me on, I achieved the plan and was told verbally that I had passed the plan and all was good! However she had failed to keep to her agreements on the plan and often was not available to talk to me when I needed her assistance.

At the beginning of this year she congratulated me on how I had turned the branch around and how positive all the feedback received from the staff was. At the same time she also told me that I needed to stop calling her for help, she is my manager I thought that was the responsibility of a manager to support their team! Please don't think my calls were excessive, were talking once a week at the most!

So far this year she has rescheduled 121's branch visits about 4 or 5 times and I have not actually met with her in a face to face environment this year!

Last week I had a few days off on holiday and unfortunately before I left I did not complete a report that was due in whilst I was on holiday, I went in on my holiday to complete this and some how this did not work correctly.

When I returned from work, I received a text message saying that I needed to clear my emails as she had sent me a very important email, I cleared my emails, texted, called & emailed to notify her that the email still had not been received and as I was leaving the office I provided her with my personal email address to ensure I received the email, the email was very aggressive and basically told me that she was disappointed in the fact that the report had not been completed and that she had to sort this in my absence, and that she had spoken to my staff and that to say they were unhappy was an understatement!! She said that she wanted to discuss this with me at 11am the following day.
I called her at 11am and she questioned me around why the report had not been completed correctly and how every other manager in the company could manage to do this but I couldn't, I apologised and explained that I had come in to try and do this and that If I had known this had not gone through properly I would have come in to sort it but no one had let me know.
She then questioned me about things that I had apparently said to the staff (Which I hadn't) and then continued to tell me that 2 of my staff had called her in tears on Friday and told her that I was moody and inconsistent, I asked her to give me specific examples and she told me that what she had said was enough and that she couldn't tell me the staff that had said it! She then went on to tell me that I was a concern and as one her highest paid managers she expects more (What salary has to do with it I don't know) she said that she was questioning my ability to do the job and just could not understand why I couldn't do it.
I then said to her are you going to sack me? her response was 'You know its not that easy'!!!!!!
I then offered to step down as I couldn't go through what I went through last year with her as it was making me ill and unable to sleep, she then said she would consider it but would have to speak to HR.
In the meantime I have regular 121's with my team and ask them for feedback and not one of them other than the normal moans and groans they have not mentioned anything to me! Neither have any of them cried, except one individual who is quite sensitive but we discussed the issues then there and resolved them and she told me she was being over sensitive!
She has and still does make it very easy for my staff to go to her with problems and never asks them if they have spoken to me about it and just uses what they say against me.
I get the impression that she was the one that called and she probed the staff in to saying things that she could use against me, we all know if asked by a senior manager and given a free speech to whinge about your manager you will make the most of it!!! I just feel that she has done nothing to support me and is delivering negative comments in an aggressive manner without any specific evidence and with threatening comments 'You know its not that easy' when asked if she is going to sack me!!!!! She also does not return my calls and when I ask her questions in emails she usually says we will discuss at a 121 or I don't even bother to ask her and go to another manager!
She has delivered all this by phone and I have not had anything in writing and when I told her this is making me ill and I don't feel I can cope at no point did she offer me any support from HR etc, she is due to be calling me tomorrow and every one I have spoken to has advised me to tell her I will only discuss things face to face or to record the call and ask for it in writing after the conversation has taken place.
I have also been advised to report this as a grievance but I am afraid to do so, as I know after I have done that my life will be made very difficult!
She has made me feel after 10 years as a manager in the same industry that I am useless, incapable and that I have a really bad attitude! I am at my wits end with this and could really do with some impartial advice, Thanks in advance.
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Feb 7, 2013