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I've never had it easy at work. I started as an apprentice at a local construction company, as a steelworker/locksmith..

So yes as everyone knows, this isnt a job which many woman have.. so I was there.. little Lili surrounded by 14 steelworkers.. totally cliche like, every one tall, muscles, make jokes about woman all the time, smoke..

o I mostly got the.. cleanup jjobs.. typical comments like " broom is the womans tool" and such were standard..

But I didn't mind.. I secretly watched the others while cleaning up the machines, so I learned some tricks..

After a year we got a new worker. Then he needed help but it was midday break and the others were too lazzy.. so i helped him and he was thankfull. So he talked to our chef and I got to be his apprentice from then on. He was very good teacher, i learned alot from him.. untill the rumors came up.. others started to say we slept with each other, and he got fired for it.. even thought it was not true.

so there i was, apprentice in 4th grade(the last).. lost my teacher a few months before the final exam.. I worked hard to pass it.. and i did. Not because of my workplace, or my workmates, but because of my teacher and myself.

People at work left me alone for a while.. just the standard things again.. but i was a journeyman so i could block that off pretty easy.

Then it came back.. someone took a picture of me while i was bending over in the dressing room, half naked.. He printed a few posters and hung them at the blackboard with the writing "Im willing to do anything you want" underneath it. I ignored it.. it was hard but somehow i did..

Then me and a workmate had to work in a different part of my country, about 4 hours away from where our company is, so we slept there. on first day, our boss said he forgot to rent a room so we need to search one ourself.. we searched for 4 hours untill we found one. The next day morning we called our boss and said he need to rent a room otherwise we drive home.. i was listening my workmate talking to him, and i heard as my boss said like, he had a room but i called him and said i dont want to be alone in a room so he must rent a room where we both sleep and thats why he didnt have aroom for us.. (whats not true of course..) the next days we had a room then.. and everything went silent.

Until next week monday, we were back at our company.. i walk in at morning, and the first guy i meet passes by and i hear him whisper "*****".. I turn around and watch him walking away, totaly confused.. i move on.. everyone i meet is looking at me with anger..

After a few hours i go to the secretary of my boss.. she always was friendly to me, tried to support me a bit.. i ask her whats wrong.. why everyone is like that..

She told me a shoking and insane story..

My boss told.. actually warned everyone that when i was with my workmate out in the different part of austria, i slept with him and somehow took pictures of that, and then tried to extort him to pay me money, otherwise i would show those pictures his wife..

I was breaking down.. that was too much.. i had a total black out.. and got in hospital.

when i came back to work everything went silent.. no harm was done anymore..
Untill this year jannuary. i was in the dressing room again, as i hear someone behind me.. and then feel a hand glide up my inner thigh.. i jump and stumble the person.. a workmate.. he fell back over and i ran away.. i hear him scream "i will get you *****"..

i ran to our boss, halfnaked only in hotpants and teeshirt.. told him what happend..
He didnt believe me.. he went and found my workmate.. he was sitting on the floor, had a broken wrist.. he must have broke it when he fell.. they called ambulance.. and everything went silent again.. everyone avoided me.. but i didnt mind, i was glad i had my peace.. but to be honest i was wondering that i didnt hear anything anymore..

Untill today.. my boss called me up in his office.. He said that hes sorry but he'll have to ffire me. Reason: "I often come late or not at all, dont do my jobs correct on purpose and am aggressive and disharmony for the working atmosphere".

I work at that company since 2008. I missed 3 weeks in total to sickness. i came too late 1 time, and never skipped a day without permission. i got 427 overhours which i did not use yet and 9 weeks of holiday.. so thats how you get thanked.
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Sounds like someone needs to set them straight.. given they show no capacity for thought processes we should respond by the only way they can get it; a good ******* *** kicking. It won't even be about the job anymore; it's about treating any human being with respect and worth. I'd tear em up -.- I heard this happened even once to anyone of my friends id be in jail right now and the culprits strapped to a hospital bed. Why'd you put up with the treatment? It shows great strength and character but... Ya didn't have to? I work with a small remolding company but I've got a good boss so I lucked out.. That's not to speak for the workers however. So I kinda get you with some of this -.-' I am real sorry to hear ****** treatment like that.

This has happened to me too. Find out what are the laws in your country for sexual harrassment. Here it is illegal to be fired for reporting it. Your job sounds absolutely awful and your boss probably did you a favor by firing you. Make sure you sue his pants off, the scum.

you sure went though some very bad treatment. I don't know if I could have managed . You are a very strong person! I say go forward. Don't try to fight them, they would only stick together and lie to cover for each other. It was a terrible thing , but you must go forward and use your energy to improve your situation. Life is unfair, but remember you have many friends here on EP who care about you. stay near positive people!

omg im so sorry you went through ALL of that. That was so horrible. Are you working at a better place and are you able to sue?

Lili, this is an awful thing to happen. I know anything we say will not not do much to change your situation, but I admire your courage and dignity in doing the right thing for the past five years. It can be so difficult being a woman in a man's world. You are better than all of them put together.

Lili, are you in EU country? I study cos my country you know want to join, at least progressive democrats want to. Surely in EU law you protected against wrong firing. You can sue company for compensation, loss earnings. I think there must be women's group to help you with law advice. This is injustice we must fight together. I think you can claim from company. Message me about this if you want to talk more private.