Crappy Boss

i have a job working second shift my job is to schedule the next orders for expansion as well as maintain glass tubes.

my boss an idiot of a woman named barb is bully me. i overheard her tell one of her dl techs that she's going to do every thing she can in expansion so the bosses will see me as useless and get rid of me.

and her dl tech paul who spends his night walking around mumbling to himself has started harassing me with putdowns when i'm typing my report at the end of the shift as well as out right accusing me in front of barb of stealing folders so they can't run orders.

barbara has been insinuating that i haven't been treating her like she boss which i have been treating her like that.

any way now she is being super talkative to me even though i've been there going on a year and she's rarely even said hello to me.

and i over heard her tell paul that her plan is to do as much as she possible can in expansion so that the powers that be (the bosses) will realize i'm useless and get rid of me.

and paul who spends all of his night mumbling to himself walking around said (while looking for a folder) well janet must have stolen it.

and when i'm typing my report at the end of the night (its just says whats on the machines and whats next) paul and *** hole greg are outside the door making comments like oh she thinks shes so important typing on a computer and she's worthless blah blah blah.

the problem really is that the company has no bullying policy and it comes down to my word against theres and theres no way the other employees who know this is going on will back me up because either they hate me and want me gone or they're afraid for their own jobs.


they are worthless and should be fired

marissa534 marissa534
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Wow. What a twilight zone to have to try to work in. Question: Is her boss also a blathering idiot?

Hi marissa534<br />
Nasty situation. I assume you have no Trade Union. Suggest you find someone in the company to approach before the situation becomes worse. Explain what you are experiencing and point out the company has a duty of care over their employees. Find someone who has a responsibility to provide that care like a manager in Human Resources. Be calm and reasonable. Ask for advice but leave no doubt that the situation is intolerable and requires action. If problems persist after ask what actions were taken and hold the person you approached responsible. The issue is then about duty of care. Hopefully the situation will improve but if not do not let them upset you and get legal advice from an employment expert. Very important you keep written records. It is frightening but the sooner you put your concerns in writing to a responsible person the sooner the company can be held to account. They will have to act or risk becoming seen as bullies themselves.<br />
Best wishes<br />

My god!! They are bozos of the highest order ... try not to let them see you react to it ... try to stay cool even if it means going into the ladies for lunch and screaming into a wad of tiolet me been there done that ...... I wish you well I truly do =-)