Close Call

I am working in a small retail outlet in the midlands. We have a small staff (3 full time and 2 office staff).

One of my colleagues has been bullying me for going on two years and has had the full backing of my boss.

It all came to a head last May, I made a good effort to shoot my boss and colleague. In my head I was demented. I couldn't sleep, eat, converse, the world was against me and I had no way out. I was walking around the office with a shotgun under my arm looking for cartriges. Only for the only other fella working with me came in they were both screwd. I took a month off with stress, took anger management classes, and went to a psyc. When I told them my story the reaction was all the same: How have you managed to get on despite the sh*t ?

To be honest I haven't passed to much heed in the past 5 months but it is starting to bug me again. The girl in question has made my life hell in realtion to my "relationship" with my boss. They both are in each others pockets, like paricites, feeding off each other.

The lad that work here, has been relaying back to me what goes on when I am not in, the deception and manipulating that goes on is frightning.

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Thanks for all your comments. GOOD NEWS !!!! My bosss has been fired for being a useless bast*rd........ WOO HOO. I have applied for his job, and have been told that my work ethic has not gone un-noticed and I am in with a good shot of his posistion, @ 4 times my current income. There is a god(s). I'll keep ye all posted. Thanks again. =) =)

When I went through the same thing (workplace bullying) I bought these books and practiced some of the ideas:<br />
<br />
1) "Bully in Sight - How to Predict, Resist, Challenge and Combat Workplace Bullying" by Tim Field.<br />
2) "The Bully at Work - What You Can Do to Stop the Hurt and Reclaim Your Dignity on the Job" by Gary & Ruth Namie, PhD.<br />
3) "The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense at Work" by Suzette Haden Elgin, PhD.<br />
4) "Verbal Judo - The Gentle Art of Persuasion" by George J. Thompson, Phd and Jerry B. Jenkins, PhD.<br />
<br />
Even so, finding another job turned out to be the best answer. When someone begins thinking about bringing weapons to work, it's past time to consider another job. Good Luck.

write a complaint letter and keep a copy, your boss must deal with this,you can then claim constructive dismissal at an employment tribunal for been bullied at work this is the same if you resign or he or she then sacks you. as the boss must comply with with procedures.

Getting another job is a plan. Nobody wants that but it's better them being sad, sick and nervous.Sure you manage to get on but is it worth being that miserable? shouldn't be living that way at home & expecially at work. You could journal everything that's happening & give it to the owner..If not that then find a boss who is not mentally ill.