Bullys At School

not only do the hit and make fun of me they still my clothes at pe they duck tap me to the toilet at school they have hung me by my underwear on the flagpole. i have been canned and pantsed. i have had food dumped in my pants like they were a garbage bag. i have been locked in my locker for a whole day. im tired of school and bullys.

smartass101 smartass101
13-15, F
2 Responses Mar 16, 2010

Write it down and make copies of all instances with names and dates and times and give copies to your 1 parents, principle, district school superintendent ........discuss it with your parents?

While you may be bullied at school & not at work, your situation still sucks. No wonder you're tired of school.<br />
<br />
Tell a teacher, tell your parents & stand up to these thugs.