I Will Not Let Her Violate My Rights

If you have read any of my stories, you will know that I love my work. It is my life. My working week consists of 7 nights, and 3 days. That is what goes on my time sheet, but I put in a lot more. I can't walk past something that needs to be done, whether I am rostered on or not. Being caretaker, I live on the premises - so I sort of never stop. I have always been aware that my boss is a bully, I have seen workmates in tears, and actually vomiting at the prospect of working with her. I have encouraged some to join a union, others have said they are too scared, in case she finds out. She is that bad!

I have not been a victim, until recently. A couple of months ago a roster was put on the board in our lunchroom. Those of us willing to work over Easter were to put our names on it. I put my name on the list. However, next day when I went over to the office, I was told I couldn't work it. I looked at the list to see my name had been crossed off and replaced by that of the bosses daughter in law (not an employee).The pay rate over Easter is a lot higher, which I believe is the reason behind her wanting family to work.  I tried to talk about it, apart from not being a legal thing to do, it was morally wrong. I was yelled down and ridiculed in front of all my workmates.

I didn't want to cause trouble, I was willing to let it ride. This time. Instead, I decided if it happened again I would take action. Safegaurding against any future problems I rang the president of the society (I work for an Animal Welfare Society) and told him that I wanted no action taken, I just wanted him to be aware that there had been a problem in case it happened again in the future.

This morning, my boss came over to my home (a driveway across from the office) and started yelling at and accusing me of so many things that were not true. She claimed I had been 'bitching' and whingeing behind her back. She said I had disgusted the president by going to him. She attacked workmates who have nothing to do with this, and every time I tried to defend myself she yelled and ranted at me. She then went out to the front of my house, and continued yelling loud enough that all the employees could hear her. She even accused me of being lazy, which really REALLY hurt. I do all I can, and even donate a portion of my wages, for the animals. She has 8 paid days off per month as well as every weekend. I have had one day off in 18 months, and was not paid for it.  I am here 365 days per year, and volunteer my time when I do have time off.

She is a bully, and it has upset me so much. But I refuse to let her intimidate me. My rights were violated, I had a right to defend them. I feel like my job is now threatened, and it will truly break my heart if it comes to me losing it. Helping the animals is so important to me. It is everything to me, it has become my whole life. But I won't be bullied!!


Adding an update to the story - Eight days later, the boss rang me at home in the evening. As far as peace offerings go, I think I was slapped with an olive branch. But I believe it is the best she is capable of.  She started by saying my job was safe, and she hoped we could put this incident behind us and move on. She then went on to state that she was not happy with my work ethic, gave me a lengthy dressing down about my upcoming day off, and warned me to never approach HER boss again. She told me he will tell her everything, and back her all the way. As I said, not much of an apology but I do believe it is the best she is capable of. I still don't trust her, and will still keep everything documented. And I will make the most of my day off ! :)

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Sooz,<br />
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When I read this, my blood boiled! My stomach went into knots for YOU! <br />
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I know you are strong and determined. You will need to call on your own personal sense of right from wrong to keep your spirit strong! Intimidation is meant to weaken your spirit. You've lived for too long and made your own way in this world for that to happen. Avoid her. You were 100% correct to go to her boss. I would not assume the words she quoted as those of her boss are true.<br />
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I'm sending you all my strength and positive vibes to keep you strong in your pursuit for justice.<br />
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Please see me standing there at your side if her attacks continue. Being there 30 years does not make her "supreme ruler". She took hours that were meant for you and gave them to her family,<br />
Nepotism is corruption in the workplace. Does the Union have regulations on this?

Thanks for your support, Cheyenna! All this happened yesterday, and today I have been feeling very sad about it all. But the comments and support I have received on here have helped. I may be feeling sad, but I'm still feeling strong!

Yelling is unacceptable also. It is illegal (in the US) for a boss to yell at an employee. <br />
You are so right to not let them intimidate you...<br />
You go girl!!

:) No, it's not my dog. There is a book of pics of dogs and cats wearing wigs, they are all gorgeous. Can't remember the title of the book. The boss has another 8 years until retirement, and believe me, we are counting the days! Nice to hear you have adopted a dog - I'm sure she has already enriched your life.

I'd like to know where you bought your dog that wig? cutest thing I have ever seen.....as for the boss, if she has been doing it for 30 years, she might die soon and then she will no longer be a problem...if not, she is probably due for retirement, if you are younger, you will outlast her for sure..hang in there....is that your dog? I want to get my new adopted dog one of those wigs.....

I agree, Winesteed. Coming to my home is way out of line. Living on the premises makes it no less my home, and should be a refuge away from work. I am documenting everything that happens, and is said. She does not let the truth stand in her way, so I need to have a record of all that happens. Kittycollar, I have joined a union. After yesterday, she is now aware of this - it will be interesting to see if that has any impact on her behaviour.

The fact that she came to your home and was being this way? Is totally inappropriate. Workplace bullying is unacceptable, and creates a hostile work environment. Also, it does bad things for those you are trying to help. I hope you have good luck documenting what's been going on, and I wish you the best.

Thanks Mistygrey. It is awful for all of us who work here. Workplace bullying is an awful thing to experience, and this woman has been getting away with it for over 30 years. I won't back down when I know I am right, and she is so wrong. I can only hope that she will realise that I am prepared to take it a lot further if I must, and she will have a major shift in attitude. I am hopeful - but not confident.

It's terrible that this woman's been allowed to get away with this kind of behaviour :( Good for you for you for refusing to let her intimidate you!...All the employees each need to keep a log of any abusive behaviour they either witness or are on the receiving end of...When enough evidence of her bullying has been gathered you can present it, as a group, to the boss of your boss. If nothing comes of this, more drastic action such as a strike by employees until something is done, may be called for.