Hell Above

Hell above…

Is it wrong to love pain?
Am I a bad person for crossing to the darkness…?
Trying to be brave but only end up with shame,
Let’s face it, these wounds are just a sign of weakness.

Just sleeping in this bed made of pins
Creating the scars of regret
My heart made full metal and yours of tin.
Kill my worst enemy, yet myself is the target.

Everyone has a shadow, are personal demon
Madness eating us from the inside and out.
Seeing I have strength, it’s only an illusion
My fear and paranoia is something I shouldn’t doubt

The blood on my body
The red and black sky
Everything bloody
You will never reach light, no matter how hard you try

Cuts, bruises and broken memories
The insanity that’s never fading
Laughing at the thought of dead bodies
Crooked smile, snapped neck and the fear that’s still remaining

Stabbed through your throat, see, as this world will start to flood
That feeling of death and pure sadness
Chocking on your own screams and blood
Finished and dead in your own darkness

This is evil. This is pain. This is madness

Written by: Trista-Nova Theriault

November 17th 2012
TNTnerd TNTnerd
13-15, F
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That's ******* hott ....... It really is...