My Big Mistake

I briefly joined a group called the Toltecs. I left the group after 6 weeks because I didn't like what they were up to. I kept feeling an energy draw after I left. I had weird, cryptic dreams. I couldn't figure the source of all this. Then the people from the Toltec group started appearing in my dreams. I recognized them. They would send me dreams that would act out things they wanted me to do. They were trying to program me and control me. After that didn't work, they started using Directed Energy Weapons on me to program me and stress me out. They have ran all kinds of energy through my vital organs and have slowed my thinking processes to where I have made big mistakes at work, almost getting me fired. I've become isolated and feel like I am having parts of my soul stolen because I don't relate to myself or others in the same way. I don't feel the connection to my family that I used to have. These people are prodigys of Don Miguel Ruiz who talks and writes about love. He has opened the door of sorcery to these people and he knows they are ripping off many of their energy. I think celebrities are the biggest targets because....they have a lot of energy (attention) focused on them. The dumber Toltecs are assigned to unknowns like me.I've outplayed these idiots so many times in sorcery, so they revert to the machines that I haven't learned to block. I need some help.
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