I meet the perfect man 1 year. He was everything I wanted. Fell in love with him. About 3 months ago we moved in together & he has completely changed. Nothing I do is good enough for him. I'm critized daily. The smallest things set him off. Not having his clothes set out. Not having the drinks he wants. He hates the fact I go to work everyday, because he thinks I should work for him. He has never been physically abusive but his words hurt worse then physical abuse ever could. He will embarrass me by yelling at me in public if I look at him wrong, if his food is ordered for him fast enough. But he says everything is my fault. He says I'm the devil, &I'm here to **** his life up. We use to be able to talk and laugh for hours. But now I'm scared to speak because anything could set him off. He has put me out of his vechile on the side of the road. & left me in restaurants to pay the bill. He is a very wealthy man and says that I don't put a dollar in his pocket so I don't deserve romantic time with him. He was emotionally abused as a child by his mother but doesn't want to get help. I've left and stayed with my mom but after a few days he tells me he misses me and I go back. He constantly tells me he will find a woman that makes him happy since I cant , but I bend over backwards everyday to try to make his life easier. He blames everything on me, so mentally I'm screwed up. Constantly crying wondering if maybe it is me & he deserves better. I love this man with everything in me. But his hurting me so much. That some days I sit and wish to die. This isnt me. I'm always a happy and smiling person but he has stolen all my happiness. I don't know what to do anymore.
amarier amarier
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014