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I have persisted and am glad. Since posting my confession my relationship with my wife has deepened and intensified as she has explored the depths of her feelings for her bf and concluded that:
1. She is in love with both of us.
2. She is excited by and likes the power she has over me and the fact that I can only perform sexually with her
3. She understands that my need to be female is an integral part of my character and that she feels empowered by her role in my now unmistakable and increasingly feminine appearance and mien.
4. Her pleasure in the very masculine nature of her bf has been enhanced by the comparison between us and has caused her to see my femininity from an erotic perspective.
She and her bf have:
a. enjoyed the ********** that we have had
b. would like them to become a regular part of their lives
c. would like to explore her bf living with us.
As my wife's bf is also and old and close friend who has long been aware of my identity issues I have no issues with this - indeed look forward to it.
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It has been a year of mostly ups. My wife [D] and her bf [S] are still together and closer together and I am quite happily in the middle serving both their needs. They are both very outgoing, very successful in their professions and I think enjoying life yes - with me as the wife and although I still work full time, as the home maker.
Only real problem has been a somewhat unexpected with surprising benefits and detriments.
After considerable discussion D conceded she found having such power over me quite erotic and agreed that I could up my hormone regime, restyle and then grow my hair and have my ears pierced.
I was very surprised with the results and I think she and S shocked. After so many years on what I thought was a fairly high dose and having achieved what I thought to be my final state of development, I found the extra E and P had a rapid and profound effect.
This coupled with and even more strict diet and exercise regime saw and continues to see my previously slight and perhaps somewhat anemic frame become quite womanly and rounded - to the point where none of my male wardrobe that I formerly wore to work would fit.
The only down side is that with the extra hormones my ability to achieve erections and ****** via penetration has been severely compromised and D tells me that penetrative sex with me was and remains very important to her.
For my part I welcomed the loss of erections and found only being able to pleasure her with mouth tongue and mind wonderful and had hoped that the pleasure that I gave her in this way and the pleasure I gained in so doing would allow her to see some mutual benefit in my progressing to SRS
S's increased interest in and his comments about the changes in my person have also been a complicating factor.
For the moment we are taking a pause.
I [thankfully] no longer pass as a male and so am working from home and looking after the home and D and S needs.
The attached photo is of me. I was going to put it in without blurring and then lost courage at the last moment.
Lack of courage is one thing that I must work on

Ok, it's been almost a year now. Inquireing minds want to know. How did things go and did you take the role I was betting on of becoming the woman of the home? I sure hope so. It seems like the only reasonable solution for everyone involved. There can be only one man of the house and you aren't it.