My Parents Are Taking Me to a Family Counselling Group

So, its Friday afternoon. And my mum and dad just told me that they're taking my brother and i, along with themselves, to a family counselling session.

Let me take you back a couple of weeks. Ok, we've started fighting, but all teenagers have fights with their parents. And so this fight started about two weeks ago.

Now we're back to current time, and my parents are making me go to a counselling session on Tuesday. I think its stupid. And i'll have a story posted up Tuesday ngiht about what happened.


But just to let you know, they went to this counsellor person to ask advice. I mean, COME ON! And also my mum ******* about me to everyone she meets.

And people, i've heard arguments from both ends of stick, so please try and lay off the hardcore advice

NickDero NickDero
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5 Responses Feb 27, 2009

It might not be so bad, you might find that your parents have to listen to you ... ?

Hmmm.. good idea

i don't think u should get your ear peirced now...that would just be stupid nick.

Thanks, but we've been fighting over nothing.<BR><BR>I just want to spend time away from them, just to have time alone. I mean, they all have time alone and they just keep talking to me and everything when i come home from a party or something. I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!<br />
<br />
And i know how you feel when they talk about you, its soooo annoying

My mom used to (& still does, unfortunately) talk about me to everyone she meets & it used to make me furious (still does).<br />
<br />
As for the counseling, I don't know what the fighting has been about, but unless it's about something absolutely trivial, it doesn't seem like it would be too bad of an idea. If I had been forced into family therapy I would have NOT been happy about it, so I can understand how that must feel. I did have a friend, though, who had to go to family counseling with her mom & her younger sister when she was 13. It helped all of them out a lot. So, even though you're not looking forward to it, if you go ahead & give it your best shot since you have to go anyway, you could find that it actually helps things.