Is It Gangstalking?

first of all, I'd just like to say my english is not perfect, so dont discredit me if the way I tell it sounds childish.

I live in israel, i'm 21 years of age, and I've been surveilled for about 3 years now, it didn't just occur to me without any reason, the truth is that across my house there was a kendingarten, and I usually sat there to relax and played on my guitar on a daily-basis,
the thing is, the first day I went out there, it didnt come to my awareness that any of this could happen.
as I went down there, ultimately with no actual reason, just to get my head straight and play some guitar, a parent walked by with her child, she looked at me and was pretty spooked out. she immediately became suspicious of what the hell am I doing here, shouldnt I be doing something else? okay. at the time, I thought that was harmless, regardless of what "they" were thinking.
I was set-up, occasionaly I met some parents asking me some questions about who am I and what am I doing here.. trying to figure me out..
a few weeks later, the security guard for the kendingarten spotted me , and he seemed very interested in having a conversation with me, considering i'm going through hard times, and had no one to discuss, I decided to talk with him, and so we did almost every day,
during one of our conversations, he tried to trick me into doing something incriminating, the way he said it was abnoxious, but then again, he pretty much is a louzy human-being, unworthy of anyone's trust.
a few days later, I went back to my house, I had a sudden urge to look out the window, and to my surpise I watched him standing behind a tree, apparently he followed me back..
not long after that, I went there and told him "look, i'm a good person, I wouldnt do any harm to no one, you should know that from the conversations we were having", but he acted as if nothing's wrong.
I became more aware that something weird is taking place as I was approaching one of the kids, he held something sharp in his coat, I approached him and he was looking like he's gonna slaughter someone ( which probably would have been me ) I asked him whats that for, he said "that? oh thats nothing" and tossed it at the floor.
another scenario, I sat across the bars of the kendingarten, as he was inside, a female parent was coming to pick up her son,
as I saw her It came to my mind that she looks resemblant of some teacher I had in grade-school, so I asked her, "don't I know you from somewhere?" and the reacton of her was abnoxious and I immediately became suspicious, she said "you probably know me from the phone book" , stating as if I was an harraser, or a child molester..
anyways.. Ive confronted him and told him "you wont get by with this, I promise you, the truth will come out and you'll see everything you've planned for me will fall right on your head"
as I said that, I went down below my house, and there were people doing jogging back and forth, also, as I was walking , vehicles were breaking just across me and fleeing..
my life had completly changed that moment, people all over the street were carrying out cases and bags, vehicles making stops next to my walking path..
meanwhile, I was moving residence at another city, as I was going to places, commercial vehicles with black windshields ( and with commercial trademarks ) were to park by the location..
I noticed some vehicles had some objects on the back, and some other techniques of surveillance they were using.
this may be a shin beth surveillance aided by civilians, and they might be getting a notification about my arrival.
all I know is that I may be suspected of child molestation ( ********** ) or child harrasement, as I became aware of this, I thought my family werent associated with any of this, I still don't know, I might be wrong, but it seems so transparent that they do know.

I forgot to mention something important
nowdays I'm terrified of going out, and what actually happens when I go out is that I witness women with baby strollers coming across me, men riding bycicle, people doing jogging on a planned routine, my area is like a tactical army base..and it's so transparent.. they were messing with my mind alot, they think they've got me figured all out..
another thing is , I'm walking , and I notice people on the other side looking at my way and talking on the cell, turning around, many people who are in the vehicles which surround me like a floating box while I drive have black sun-glasses, I can only depict they put their hand on their mouth, or scratch their ear , and sometimes at red-stops looking my is unavoidable.. this is not something I simply started imagining, even though it sounds like im a basket case, I know exactly whats happening.
thanks for listening.
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Jul 9, 2010