Thvery Good Chance To Show Your Courage And To Prove Your Diligence, And This Is The Only Possibility To Access Your Desired Degree. ...

Now to my understanding, They have to CREATE a "traitor".. and punish to even get to be that degree.
My belief, we, the victims are the fake traitors and lied to, to other members, or they know. and all others know or lied to, paid,blackmailed,u name it. OTHERwise there would be ones spilling the beans We never hear of it ... Why is that ?? never a snitch in the masons, I can say this they are fearful for there lives. I will post there sick evil oaths later. They DO NOT have traitors that damn often.. cut throats,rip out hearts, no, its not for fun...when you join, u never leave.. If you run, they become stalked.
A victim friend of mine in N.Y has stalkers driving by and motioning as if slicing there throats, This is 100% masonic hand ****.
Its if she is a traitor and will pay. its in the oath, cut your throat. Some would be snitches may end up in mental facilities..
People, welcome to nazi germany..We have germans in our military bases...All the war criminals the freemason CIA brought over , we yea, most of them are gone, but not there children.. yep, they work for the government. You always hear they brought nazi war criminals, well some were married, some had children ??????

quote: E VERY SOVEREIGN: I must announce to you that the man may be someone that you know. Possibly even a friend of yours, with whom you may have very strong ties. In that case you must suppress all your fellow-feelings, to only keep the feelings of revenge

what the hell is this about ???

Excerpts from the Ritual for the Degree of the Elect of Nine (9th degree of Freemasonry)

THE VERY SOVEREIGN: You must remember, my Brother, that, when you were accepted to be Free Mason, when you were given the Light, you saw all your Brothers with their Swords. They serve to defend you and to save you from danger. But at the same time it was their destiny to touch you, to punish you and to stab you in your chest to revenge the Freemasonry if you deceive and violate yourself to the pledged Vows that you have made..
The Brother Inspector: I am willing to practice revenge against all traitors of the Freemasonry.
THvery good chance to show your courage and to prove your diligence, and this is the only possibility to access your desired Degree. ...
E VERY SOVEREIGN: I must announce to you that the man may be someone that you know. Possibly even a friend of yours, with whom you may have very strong ties. In that case you must suppress all your fellow-feelings, to only keep the feelings of revenge. Thus, this is a The Brother Inspector: I,--- , promise solemnly, in presence of the Great Architect of the Universe and the Honorable Brothers of the Gathering of the Chosen Ones of the Ninth to never reveal the Secrets of this Degree to whom ever which are mine, thus will still be trusted, unless I know him and know that he is of the same Degree as I.
I promise to revenge the Freemasonry, as well as in general as in special cases. I join additionally to be as a support pillar for the Order, to help my Brothers with all my heart and all power, to obey the Grand Council of the Princes of Jerusalem...
THE VERY SOVEREIGN:... The first Symbol is made by doing as if one is stabbing the forehead of another with a Dagger; he must answer by feeling his head with his hand as if he wants to see if he is blood-stained.
The Second Symbol is made by doing as if one is planting the Dagger in the heart of the Brother; beside that one says 'Nekam'. The other brings his right-hand up to the heart and says 'Nikar'.
(In the "Historic Construction" presented as the basis for this ritual the overzealous Brother, in loyalty to the Brotherhood in revenging the enemy, stabs him in the head and chest, thus denying the King his plan to carry out the most cruel torture against the offender. The Brother was to himself be punished for denying the King this pleasure, but All Brothers threw themselves onto the ground to beg his mercy and forgiveness and he was spared.)
Near the close of the ceremony the lines read, easy the heart of a good King can be touched, and, how important it is to have true friends that can warmly defend you under all circumstance.
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'It is not difficult to ruin a man,' he said. 'And I will tell you how it is done time and again. There are more than half a million brethren under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge. Standards have been falling for twenty or thirty years. It is too easy to enter the Craft, so many men of dubious morals have joined. The secrecy and power attract such people, and when they come the decent leave. The numbers of people who would never have been considered for membership in the fifties are getting larger all the time. If only five per cent of Freemasons use - abuse - the Craft for selfish or corrupt ends it means there are 25,000 of them. The figure is much closer to twelve or thirteen per cent now.'<br />
<br />
Christopher explained that Masonry's nationwide organization of men from most walks of life provided one of the most efficient private intelligence networks imaginable. Private information on anybody in the country could normally be accessed very rapidly through endless permutations of masonic contacts - police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, Post Office staff ('very useful in supplying copies of a man's mail'), doctors, government employee bosses of firms and nationalized industries etc., etc. dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly. When the major facts of an individual's life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent. Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice - if married he might 'retain a mistress' or have proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence (easily obtainable through Freemason police of doubtful virtue), or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging masons network of 600,000 contacts, a great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one another because that had been their prime motive for joining. Even decent Masons could often be 'conned' into providing information on the basis that 'Brother Smith needs this to help the person involved'. The adversary would even sometimes be described as a fellow Mason to the Brother from whom information was sought perhaps someone with access to his bank manager or employer. The 'good' Mason would not go to the lengths of checking with Freemasons Hall whether or not this was so. The 'target' was presented as a Brother in distress by a fellow Mason, especially a fellow Lodge member, that would be enough for any upright member of the Craft.<br />
<br />
Sometimes this information gathering process - often involving a long chain of masonic contacts all over the country and possibly abroad - would be unnecessary. Enough would be known in advance about the adversary to initiate any desired action against him.<br />
<br />
I asked how this 'action' might be taken.<br />
<br />
'Solicitors are very good at it,' said Christopher. 'Get your man involved in something legal - it need not be serious - and you have him.' Solicitors, I was told, are 'past masters' at causing endless delays, generating useless paperwork, ignoring instructions, running up immense bills, misleading clients into taking decisions damaging to themselves.<br />
<br />
Masonic police can harass, arrest on false charges, and plant evidence. 'A businessman in a small community or person in public office arrested for dealing in child ***********, for indecent exposure, or for trafficking in drugs is at the end of the line,' said Christopher. 'He will never work again. Some people have committed suicide after experiences of that kind.'<br />
<br />
Masons can bring about the situation where credit companies and banks withdraw credit facilities from individual clients and tradesmen, said my informant. Bank can foreclose. People who rely on the telephone for their work can be cut off for long periods. Masonic employees of local authorities can arrange for a person's drains to be inspected and extensive damage to be reported, thus burdening the person with huge repair bills; workmen carrying out the job can 'find' - In reality cause - further damage. Again with regard to legal matters, a fair hearing is hard to get when a man in ordinary circumstances is in financial difficulties. If he is trying to fight a group of unprincipled Freemasons skilled in using the 'network' it will be impossible because masonic Department of Health and Social Security and Law Society officials can delay applications for Legal Aid endlessly.<br />
<br />
'Employers, if they are Freemasons or not, can be given private information about a man who has made himself an enemy of Masonry. At worst he will be dismissed or consistently passed over for promotion.'<br />
<br />
Christopher added, 'Masonic doctors can also be used. But for some reason doctors seem to be the least corruptible men.<br />
<br />
'Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it's at work against them,' he told me. 'Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It's . . . you see, I ... you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon. By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person's life. If they give in they go under. If they don't give in It's only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them'.<br />
<br />
'There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists.'<br />
<br />
'Christopher'<br />
Senior Whitehall Civil Servant and Freemason<br />
Quoted in Stephen Knight's The Brotherhood

Unions - Mutual Aid Through Collective Bargaining and Freemasonry<br />
This article will give u idea of whom is stalking or have the capacity to stalk U. All are affiliated with Freemasonry<br />
<br />

Once again, Im writing comments via my phone, and the text always gets trapped under the screen so you can't view what you've written fully.. It's a bummer.. but my point for sure is clear. ! I'm not saying what you've written is untrue.. I'm merely pointing out, people who want out get out! <br />
<br />
Love is the solution to every problem that exists in the world.. It's that simple..<br />
Another important point is, people are not gona take the Bull.. Mason or not.. No one has the right to trample on anyone else, regardless of who they bribe or what club there in..<br />
<br />
If people want to be masons, go do evil **** to yourself and those of us who wana love the hell alone.<br />
BS will NEVER tolerated.. Just because they feel like doing evil ****, they've grossly underestimating <br />
and making a big mistake if they believe people are going to just sit back and take the nonsense.<br />
<br />
There will always be more non masons than masons, who won't stand for their twisted evil crap!<br />
The masons had their day.. But trust me even they know that their time is up

Many people have spoken about getting out of the masons, there are<br />
loads of stories about it everywhere.. Even on YouTube, it's a question<br />
of having faith and courage to confront their worst fears.<br />
<br />
Masonic oaths are ba<x>sed upon outdated prehistoric useless lower paradigms<br />
they don't serve anyone only bring pain and suffering to those whom are terrified<br />
into believing they have to uphold such lower gutter level principles, and those<br />
whom of us who become the targets and victims of their wicked crimes of pure evil.<br />
<br />
People can get out if they really want to, and more and more people<br />
are getting out everyday!<br />
<br />
Who wants to live in a constant state of fear forever.. No one in their right mind would<br />
want to live like that for all the money in the world.. <br />
<br />
It's all ba<x>sed upon spreading fear and terror because they really don't want to face the consequences<br />
for the evils that they've done, so they drag others into the mire with them,<br />
just so they never have to face up to the horrific crimes they've done to innocent people, and it<br />
becomes a vicious circle they have brainwashed themselves to believe..<br />
<br />
Every human being has free will, regardless of Masonic oaths taken, or regardless of what<br />
others do say or don't do! Everyone has to bear the burden of the own actions,<br />
feelings can't be vicariously passed on by proxy.. Each one lives within his own<br />
skin, and no-one can determine or measure how someones feels by another..<br />
<br />
Therefore, we each have our own conscience to live bear, regardless of oaths taken..<br />
In other words, we all live within our own skins, and can't escape the inner reality of doing<br />
harm to innocent defenceless people forever.. Little by little it mounts up and you can't run away from yourself.. Regardlesss of oaths, bad horrific memories will eventually torment the person and haunt their dreams! No amount of lying cheating and gang stalking is ever going change that fact!<br />
<br />
You have to live within your own skin, and therefore the evil thing people do will keep haunting<br />
them until it either gives them cancer or some other "dis ease" or it will<br />
drive them insane eventually.. No Masonic oath can remove how people handle or cope<br />
with having to lie cheat and do evil to themselves and others day after.<br />
<br />
As I said in my last comment on this Masonic consequences issue, feelings are<br />
the primary function for all humans( not sure about reptilians, but that's a whole other bag)<br />
if feelings are disturbed, not acknowledged, and damaged so is the person, being<br />
told to suppress them doesn't make them go away.. The lack of acknowledgement of feelings will<br />
keep getting louder and louder until people are forced to honour them!<br />
<br />
When you do evil wicked things all the time, it eats away inside the person, when you do beautiful wonderful things to honour your inner being and others you grow and flourish.. that's a reality<br />
that these people will for sure learn the hard way..<br />
<br />
We were all born to love and experience the feeling loved period! That is in reality the greatest gift one can achieve in a lifetime.. The endless pursuit of happiness via material goals such as things, ob<x>jects, trinkets, power control with never measure up to the sheer pure magic of loving someone and being loved.<br />
<br />
Most people who join these Masonic groups are extreemly childish and underdeveloped as people as a whole, they feel the need to move in packs and these gangs because they are terrified to stand and face life on their own merits.. <br />
<br />
They project the fear they feel onto the world, hense many gang stalkied people are strong vibrant people, full of love and compassion and faith for God and humanity..<br />
<br />
Targeted people are mostly vibrant colourful optimistic characters, whom these stalkers envy so want to crush and break our spirits.. Because they live in a dark depressing world full of hatred, fear self loathing, I reckon( just a hunch) many of these Masonic stalkers were abused and unloved as children, sent off to those private school hell, never got breast fed or nutured in anyway.. and instead brainwashed to be evil killing machines, taught to look down upon anyone different from themselves as lower and inferior.. therefore, when they meet free spirited loving people they dispise us, because they don't know how to do anything else.<br />
<br />
Unless people live life in truth, you become a robot acting on auto pilot, doing always as someone tells you to do, because of so called oaths, barren outdated traditions that have nothing whatsoever in fulfilling the human spirit and basic need to love and be loved.<br />
<br />
Every life has it's own individual purpose meaning and destiny to fulfill, and should never be just lumped together with a pack of old bull because of fear of the consequences if they don't follow orders..each person has an individual journey to take.. and will only end up in a state of suffering by suppressing the natural urges to do so.<br />
<br />
Masonary, does not fit into todays world.. Because it's nolonger a secret of what really goes on, and what goes on is so despicable and horrific that it does not merit maintaining..<br />
Any system that only serves to destroy will eventually destroy itself..<br />
<br />
It's negative, unproductive, anti life, anti love, anti truth and worst of all anti love..<br />
Love is as important as oxygen to the human beings existence, nothing grows or survives without love.. Not even Masonary!!!<br />
<br />
So for those who regret joining the masons who are afraid and hiding immense gulit, and suffering for the evils the have witnessed and done.. Take a deep breath and get out! Acknowledge the evils you've done, pray for Gods mercy and forgiveness, and make right the wrongs by choicing to stop hurting others.. Choose to live the rest of your days on earth to do good. Stop lying, cheating, stealing and destroying others who have done no harm lives.. Strive for peace, honesty and harmony, and you will find peace and happiness within your soul. No amount of oaths in evil can stop you or hold back a person who has seen the light of truth.<br />
<br />
Many others have turned their back on the evils of masonary and become devoted to God repenting sincerely everything they've done in the name of evil, and say it's the best thing they ever did! Nothing happened to them.. churchs welcomed them from what I saw on the video testimonials..<br />
<br />
They said oneday they just realised it was all BS, so left.. just like that!<br />
Check on YouTube.. Some ex masons are even pastors now.. There are lots of ex cons and hardcore criminals who turn to God... Think there even a church dedicated to ex mafia criminals who decide to leave that life behind.. <br />
<br />
So all that stuff is more fear tactics, not saying people haven't been whacked for speaking, but these days it's pretty much all out in the open.. There's nothing they can say that people don't already know about the Masonic lifestyle ... so that's why people leave when they wanna leave..<br />
<br />
It's more crazy to stay with all that insanity going on! Not worth staying for all the money in the world!<br />
Spread Love NOT Hate!