The Personality Of My Stalker

For the past 15 years, I have been watching what my stalker is doing. From all his/her acts I have guaged his/her personality. This is the apt and correct description of their character: " A very jealous, very angry prostitute, woman, bound in a cage". This person also seems to have difficulty in moving about. Maybe her relatives have locked her in a room.  Also seems to have loads of money and even more time.
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5 Responses Jan 18, 2011

Dont know if this is really going on and how anybody can waste there time of everyday life to chase strangers around not knowing if there putting themselves in danger and acting like a puppet because someone told them so and talking on walkie talkies or however they might communicate. If i felt someone or a group of people were following me or even trying to harrass me or anyone i know. Me and my friends and family would question them and if its obvious act or anything disrespectfull to us or feel threaten in anyways. Believe me there going to wish they would of done something else constructive in there lives. You have the right to defend yourself and question. I just cant picture this happening.

Curse GANGSTALKERS and their families especially their children. These GANGSTALKERS are destroying innocent peoples lives eventually it will come back to them somehow believe THE GANGSTALKERS WILL PAY FOR ALL DAMAGE DONE to INNOCENT CITIZENS. Some of them are doing GANGSTALKING because of IGNORANCE. I live in Glendale California and the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH people are being lied against me. These people do not even find out these IGNORANTS insult, attack verbally, intimidate, humilliate, etc. My friend just watch you will see<br />
JUSTICE will be done for these THIEVES GANGSTALKERS. In my case many of the GANGSTALKERS are Mexicans who have not even finished High School. Others are Muslim who are doing "SHARIA LAW" thes corrupted people are ruinming AMERICA with their CORRUPTION and practicing these "SHARIA LAW" which is totally AGAINST THE LAW. That is what GANGSTALKING is SHARIA LAW which is practiced in MUSLIM countries all time. That is reason these PIGS do not respect PRIVACY RIGHTS or CIVIL RIGHTS. Curse be all GANGSTALKERS and their families especially their children. Since you steal everything from me: my work, my home, my health, etc. I COMMAND SAME HAPPEN TO YOU GANGSTALKERS THOUSAND TIMES MORE TO YOU AND YOIUR FAMILY ESPECIALLY YOUR CHILDREN.

i have gone to police, but they do not even read your complaint.

Your story does not sound right. GANGSTALKING is usually many individuals agains one unsuspected victim. Something is wrong with what is happening to you? Maybe it is not GANGSTALKING.??????? It does not sound like it.........It is just plain STALKING you should go to POLICE.

A very gory end in the next 5 years will be the reward of this stalker. Also for some family members.