I Smell An "Administration Of Justice" Set-up

Over the last year or so there have been 3 units, in our little complex of 11, rented out to Administration of Justice students (from the Sacramento college and university). All of these students have moved in over the last year or so. One set of AJ students rented apartment #8; to live right above my husband and I, and of that set one is named JF and that is the little friend to my X BF Charles B.S.- the former "CIA agent" that served in Cambodia during the Vietnam war.

Another AJ student is living right across from us. The police came to my door a few minutes ago asking if I had seen anything unusual over the weekend. I honestly answered "no". Anyway, I never remember the apartment numbers of the people in the complex (I don't remember street names either). When the officer told me that 9 got burglarized I couldn't remember where 9 was! I have a good memory, just not for dates, signs LOL!

 Either way, I hadn't seen anything unusual in the complex, so it wouldn't have changed my answer. It is hard to believe that anything could happen because these AJ students cling like Reynolds Wrap. They are watching each others back - I have no doubt.

Then the officer asked if anyone else in the complex was home and I pointed across to the apartment where one of the aj students live. Her car was in her spot, so I figured she was home. Then the cop told me that that is apartment 9 OOPS! I would be laughing right now if I didn't think that this might be some set-up for me. The cop looked at me askance. I swear on my holy mothers grave, I am not on any ANY mind altering substances, except caffine. And I have never taken an illegal mind altering substance btw.

Anyway, the cop closed the investigation with the aj student from #9. Then the aj student from #9 got in her van and left. Then just before the cop left, the aj students from #8 came slithering back, parking right next to the cop. They had a long conversation. I decided that I would go and do laundry right then.

NOW I wish I would have just  stood by the cop while they were all talking, I would love to know what CBSs little friends were saying!!!

Over the last week I've over heard three of the aj students mention two times "restraining order on her", of course no way to tell what they are talking about, yet I can't help but worry.  The walls are paper thin so it's not hard to hear the vocalizations of these half-shaved apes.

I am a law abiding person. Anyway, I'm too scared now to even try to do something illegal, so if any legal charges are put against me they are FALSE! Lying, abuse, stalking and harassment are things that have happened to me during this saga, at their hands, not visa versa.

Just fears right now, hope that girl wasn't actually burgled and I hope that I am afraid for no reason.

The Hubby and I have lived here since 2007, before a year ago there were NO college students renting here, only myself.

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3 Responses Apr 11, 2011

So you think they have hacked into your EP account? Creepy. Sounds like it is really time to move. You are outnumbered.

I notice that the harassment seems to be a little more intense after I wrote this, compared to the three months before.