the term Gang stalker

I don't much like the terms gangstalking and target. I get that it is important to delineate this type of stalking from other types of stalking though. What occurs to me though, is that it sounds like it is coming from one 'source'. I don't believe it is. I think any organization, or even a powerful individual, can put together this semi-coordinated bullying. Also, that word 'target' it forfeits so much of the pain and the injustice. In my opinion, Victim or survivor, is a better word. In fact, Survivor is a great chacterization for those of us who keep putting one foot in front of the other, and trying to improve our lives.

PS 'Community Mobbing' is something that more people know about and understand. In fact, one person, that says he's a TI, said the police man he delt with actually seemed familiar with the term 'community mobbing'
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I only care about what is healthful and sustaining for victims of bullying. That's my focus.