Gangstalked Rabbi, Targeted By Jewish People?

I had a friend for 16 years, for most of that time she insisted that she was my mentor, and it was true she was motherly and I was daughterly towards her. She was much older than I was.. I loved her very much. During this time, I told her everything about me, although she told me very little about herself, I just assumed she was kind of shy or something. I never met any of her family, nor did she EVER invite me to her home. Although she met anyone and everyone in my life. I was raised Catholic, although I am a small percent Jewish (a set of great grands). She was Jewish and About 10 years ago her daughter married into a well known family that was also Jewish. The father of this family was helmed by a Rabbi and left wing political activist. I donated my money to his projects. And one time I almost created and organized an event, to help him do fund raising here in Sacramento. Ironically, at the time I was dirt poor and close to homeless, despite working, and he and his family had money coming out of their ears LOL! A fundraiser to help fund a wealthy person, at the expense of my poor a$$, hummm??? Anyway, that just shows how much I loved my friend and wanted to help her family. As my friend was telling me more about him she said that he is getting harassed and has been getting harassed for years. She described the harassment and the harassment fit the profile of gangstalking. Probing a little more into who would do something like this. My friend told me that when he was younger that a political action committee he was part of got infiltrated by the CIA and if the CIA member had followed through on his orders, he would have gotten bombed. The CIA was planning on bombing a building, and framing his group. In order to kill off the members of this group. Thank God, at the last moment the CIA operative had a conscientious awakening and decided not to follow through on that plan. I asked my friend if the CIA was continuing to harass him now. And my friend told me no, he was getting harassed by other people. I asked her if she knew from who and she said they thought it was coming from right-wing Jewish people that were angered by his view on Israel.  That was a huge surprise. This stuff happens by every organization.

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Oh my goodness, this just happened to me! I was about to report two child molestors in my community. One was my Uncle Norman Rosenfield, and the other was the father I babysat for. They spread a bunch of rumours about me, and followed me around the neighborhood. The ones that ran buisiness around the community denied me service. When I decided to flee, they followed me to the busstop, even bought bus tickets to harrass me on the buss. These people are dangerous.

July 15th 2013

Dear friends:

Greetings, my name is Nizin Lopez. I am a 37 year old Cuban-American artist that resides in Miami/Fla. I am of course a Naturalized American citizen & I have no criminal record whatsoever. I don’t smoke, drink, or do any drugs. I am contacting you because I am currently being harassed by what I call “domestic terrorists” that seem to operate freely here in America. I have been tormented by these anti-freedom of speech Stalinists since early 2011, my life has basically been demolished. I am of Sephardic Jewish origin, I used to be a member of the Jewish Orthodox community & I lived in Jerusalem for more or less 8 months (2003-2004). After investing approximately 8 years of my life in the so called “Jewish world” I ended up having some disagreements with certain members of this highly influential community. I had a disagreement for example with Rabbi Shmuel Gopin of Chabad Lubavitch of Midtwon/Fla sometime in 2009.
I had a disagreement with a Jewish Ashkenazi professor from Brooklyn named “Sherry Sinkoff” who teaches in Miami Dade College (Hialeah campus). She disliked one of my politically incorrect presentations. I was pretty much kicked out of MDC under false accusations though they never gave me a separation letter. The academic dean of MDC/Hialeah campus (Anna Maria Bradley Hess) was very interested in sending me to a psychiatrist, she even gave me the card of someone she knew in S.W Miami (27th ave). Yet, she did not give me any paper or document stating that MDC was sending me there!
Right after all this I realized that I was being harassed by organized gang-stalkers. I assume that they would not be able to do this without some “serious support”. This began taking place in early 2011 & it is still happening in a more subliminal scale right now. Their obvious goal is to fabricate false evidence in order to put me in jail. Dysfunctional types have been sent my way in order to stain my record, at some point in 2011 my phone service has been interrupted for almost a month even though it was paid for, I had an exorbitant amount of unsupervised minors asking me for tattoos (I temporarily worked as a tattoo artist in Miami Beach), I had several minors approaching me in the street asking me to buy alcohol & cigarettes for them (of course I never got them anything), I had lots of people asking me compromising political things as if I was being recorded (I guess they were trying to make me sound like a terrorist), I had many fellows offering me drugs, I had people showing me guns hoping that I would put my finger-prints on them,… etc. It is more than obvious that some powerful & influential individuals with friends in high places are interested in destroying me & my reputation. They have almost succeeded, on December 26 of 2012 I ended up in a hospital. I remember that back in 2010 the academic dean of MDC/Hialeah campus was “very interested” in sending me to a psychiatrist.
I am not saying that I am some kind of saint but I don’t deserve this fascist aggression.
I do not have tangible evidence as far as who exactly is responsible for all this stuff yet at the same time, I am not stupid or blind. Does anyone really believe that these anti-freedom of speech terrorists would allow me to have evidence that could be used in a Courtroom? Though I am not insinuating anything I would like to bring the following observations to your attention:
For example, Rabbi Shmuel Gopin (I saw his wife with a black eye) of Chabad Lubavitch of Midtown/Fla is friends with a fellow named “Bernie Model” (they call him “the Koihen”). Mr Bernie told me on more than one occasion that he has connections with Law Enforcement & with other influential entities. Rabbi Gopin is also friends with Rabbi Pinchas A. Weberman who is in turn chaplain of the “MIAMI BEACH” Police Dept, Miami Dade Police Dept, & of the U.S Dept of Justice ATF. He has other distinctions as well. As far as the tattoo shop that I worked for in MIAMI BEACH, let’s just say that I left for reasons that I prefer not to discuss openly. It was more than obvious that the Russian guy in charge was collaborating with the ones who want to put me in jail. A Hispanic who was undergoing conversion in Weberman’s synagogue offered me marijuana in this tattoo shop. Maybe the ones who sent him were hoping that I would lower my defenses? It is obvious that somebody out there hates me simply because I dared to disagree as far as some delicate political issues involving Jews, Judaism, & the renegade State of Israel that is never accountable for anything. I did not come all the way from Cuba to be silenced by a gang of supremacist terrorists who have friends in high places. If these devils think that I am going to kneel before them they are wrong because I am willing to make a stand. I will not kneel, if this means that someone is going to take my life then “SO BE IT”. I will not kneel!
After all, it would be relatively easy to demonize someone like myself. I am for example a surreal artist & I am a fan of Heavy Metal Rock. I am into the Occult & I have been reading controversial books pretty much all my life. So, it would be easy for my adversaries to make me look like a threat to society when in fact it is exactly the other way around. The one that was trafficking human kidneys in New York was an Ashkenazi Orthodox Rabbi called Leby Ishak Rosenbaum, not me. The one who was stealing billions of dollars was the Ashkenazi Jew Bernie Madoff, not me. The one who was spying for a foreign power was an Ashkenazi Jew named Jonathan Pollard, not me. The list goes on and on! Actually, please go ahead & check the website (it is a site created by Jews for Jews, this is not a site created by neo-nazis).
Another funny trick that my adversaries have tried to pull off is making me look like an anti-American simply because I dared to expose some dark things Israel has done. This is absurd! I would like to clarify that I’m not interested in causing any kind of turmoil or any type of drama. Believe me, I wish I wouldn’t have to be writing this letter. All I want is to be left alone. After all, all I do is read weird books, watch strange movies, paint, draw, listen to bands like “King Diamond”, & check out women that look like Salma Hayek or Helena Mattsson. Thank you for your time my friends.