Withheld Incident Reports

In Sacramento California anybody has the right to request their incident reports, both the reports made by the person and the reports on the person. It is simple and straightforward. I'm sure it is straightforward for most people. As you can imagine that is not true for me. For the last several years I have been making requests to get the incident reports that have been filed on me. And the PD refuses! I hate to imagine that anyone would lie about me. Certainly though I have been frequently lied about. Everything from someone saying that I had something to do with the bombing of a building to and saying that I am stealing women's panties at Macy's. And I'm sure I've been lied about in every way, in between. This withholding of incident reports does make me suspect the worse though. It is sooo strange!
akasolia akasolia
41-45, F
Apr 29, 2011