Harassment: A Rent-a-cop Hobby?

My dime store psychological profile of, your typical,  Rent-a-Cop
If you've ever looked at a security guard and thought, 'Wow s/he looks like a criminal!' From my experience, you are right. Of the many security guards I have known in my life they do tend to have illegal addictions and also some mild-criminal arrests. They often are wanna-be officers and wish to have the respect, control and power that society gives to officers. They just don't want to put in the years and discipline required to become an actual officer. They often have had some military service in their past. They deeply and desperately wish to be respected and liked by actual officers and military professionals though. It is easy to imagine that with these aspects they would be esp vulnerable to be groomed to do harassment, by actual officers and military professionals. With an illegal addiction it is easier to black mail someone, people who don't have a firm moral center are more likely to be blackmailed anyway. With military training they are more easily trained anyway. And with a childish wish to be respected by officers they are more likely to do things in order to be 'part of' that crowd, they long to be esteemed and they think joining in will get them that. Harassment and stalking also gives them a quick fix of power and control over someone; over the victim.

Doing what to make a buck?
Security guards do more than loss prevention in shopping malls and stores. A far cry from wrestling down the woman on isle four that just slipped a bottle of aspirin into her purse, SG (security guards) often are there to harass people, who are undesirable, to keep them from the premises. They try to keep illegal pedlar's and aggressive pan-handlers from the business premises. It's their job.

If you were making $11, as rental cop, what would you do for fun?
It is easy to imagine SG that get pissed at their neighbors, or other people, harassing them. After all, they have some sort of weak understanding of the laws, so they know what lines they can cross etc. Other victims of this covert harassment have said they think it is low-ranking criminals that do the gang-stalking and mobbing, I don't think it is though because criminals would be less obedient and less knowing of laws. If gangstalkers were low level criminals then there would be more messyness. Probably, these people that do gangstalking and meeting some needs they have, and also enjoying what they do on many levels. It's my theory that low level people, that we think might be 'gang stalkers' are actually Security Garuds. I could be totally wrong. Probably though, I'm almost completely right LOL!

PS These people might, or might not be paid for what they do. If I am right though, that most 'gang stalkers' are actually just secuity gaurds, then I think they are 'tools', unwitting to the larger picture, in most cases. Probably not calling the shots, they are probably just going along for the ride.

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It isn't that they don't want to put in the years of service in order to become actual law enforcement officers. It is usually because they fail the psychological evaluation required prior to joining the force. Hence the rent-a-cop job as it affords them the "power" and "authority" over others that they crave.