Simplot Criminals Of Boise, Idaho And The Corrupt Mormon Church ! ! !

When it comes to hardcore radical right-wing extremist discrimination, harassment and psychiatric mental illness defamation.... nothing comes even close to the extremely arrogant criminal thugs who run Boise, Idaho. The wealthy Simplot crime family of Boise, Idaho and the Mormon Church are out to completely destroy others with their organized criminal harassment. And it's impossible to get any justice or anything done about it due to the closed-minded arrogance and ignorance of this extremely conservative American society these days. The problem is further compounded by the fact that government arrogance and corruption takes sides with the perpetrators rather than the victim of these crimes. They follow and stalk people all around the entire country.

    In addition to organized discrimination, harassment and psychiatric mental defamation to discredit the victim as just being crazy, the Simplot criminals of Boise, Idaho and the Mormon Church are involved in many other crimes, obstruction of justice and cover-ups. This wealthy Simplot billionaire operating together with the criminal racketeering mormons are the ones who masterminded the Clinton Sex Scandal back in 1998. Both Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky were working for Simplot and the racketeering mormon church criminals.

    There are many other devious machinations and criminal cover-ups. Like the domestic bioterrorism attacks of anthrax spores sent through the U.S. Postal Service. The crimes and corruption extends to even the highest levels of government, with both the crooked Department of Justice and corrupt F.B.I. taking sides with the radical right-wing extremist  Mormon Church criminal thugs. An innocent man by the name of Bruce Ivins became the fall guy to take the blame for everything.They harassed him to the point until they drove him to commit suicide. And yet the DOJ and the F.B.I. continue to cover-up everything in behalf of the perpetrators.

    Now that you know, spread the word.... that Bruce Ivins is innocent.

    J.R. Simplot criminals + Mormon Church = Clinton Sex Scandal and Anthrax Attacks ! ! ! 

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Why did you blank out the 2nd word in the Gazastrip.

First of all,Monica Lewinsky(keyword:LEWINSKY) is Jewish and she did what she did because she worked partly for the Israeli Mossad.Why? Because Clinton was getting a little harsh on Israel about building new settlements in the Gaza *****.So,AIPAC Israel's American power base got involved...........Mormon?!!!

I corrected you on the Mormon church not owning Zions bank because that is indeed a fact. I know because I checked your claim out. I did further investigation and also discovered that Zions also went public in 1966. Your long winded ramblings convinced me of this: You've either seen Conspiracy Theory one too many times, or there are two histrionic fanatics that have resorted to online blog hating because nobody around them wants to hear the incessant rantings and ravings of two individuals that deliver nothing more than a load of nonsense, and need to stop self medicating on crack. Welcome to 2012 people, we live in a corrupt world. That's life. Get a grip on reality and see a mental health professional.

Cathy O'Brien has a great speech on Youtube about her experience witnessing George Romney's plans for the Mormon church using this Nazi science from Project paperclip (U.S.Department of Defense rescued Nazi scientists). Parents have been duped into volunteering their kids. Fostercare centers have been exploiting these poor children. The Romneys have a racket where they know when a child gets in trouble at school, that he is already labeled as a troubled child so they get a ton of money from black operations to experiment using trauma-based mind control on these detention boys who have lost their credibility. They know that they own the courts, so they really don't worry about it.

A woman named Elsie Schultz was my German Babysitter as a young child. She was one of my first handlers. Then a Mormon named Chris Elliot used similar torture that I've read in the Romney accounts (electric shock cages, torture, starvation, sleep deprevation, etc.). It is all true. Elsie Schultz is in Pueblo Colorado and will be 100 years old this year. She founded a boys home in 1960, the year somone claims that the mormons no longer owned Zions Bank. That is a deception. Keystone is just another masonic illuminati front. The Mormon church is a hive to them. They have an over-representation of Khazarian (satanic) jews running the show.

After I left the Mormon church, I was manipulated by my then boss and future husband (illuminati agent) to work for Kimball & Curry (Mormon prophet's grandson) in Phoenix, environmental law. I was coerced into accepting a date from someone that I was introduced to by one of my three attorney bosses who became a very "good griend" (yeah right). This guy named John Cueter of Jeep Eagle Dealerships (and BMW of Traverse City now) flew me for a clean "date" weekend to Romneyville (George Romney former President involving auto dealers). I was chloroformed, paralized, drugged, electroshocked, satanic ritual abuse included... the electroshock and trauma causes long term memory loss, but I remembered screaming and flashing lights and had a huge bruise in my but where they originally administered an injection.

I remember being "off" a couple days when I got back into town. I have since been remembering and learned of things that I never knew existed. My Dad also had similar experiences as the illegitimate son of U.S. Senator and Skull & Bonesman John Chafee. I am certain that because we are descendants of Rosslyn Chapel, Scotland, that my Grandmother was targeted to impregnate and he had an in and access to the family DNA to mind control for the Skull & Bones agenda. I still to this day am shocked and dismayed at the evil in this world and the evil that I see involving the Mormon Church. I have tried to cooperate with them and communicate, giving them the benefit of the doubt that they were perhaps infiltrated, but when you see that they were financed by Khun & Loeb for the publishing of the Book of Mormon and how close after the Captain Morgan affair it happened,... well... you do the math. God Bless us all. The Mormons are scary, very scary. J.R. Simplot sells potatos to McDonalds (Illuminati of course). Broaden the big picture now?

The party system is a distraction to keep us infighting. YOU MUST ESCAPE THESE BOXES THAT THEY HAVE CREATED FOR US. Look up and see who is swinging the pendulum and cleaning up from both extreme sides while we all point the finger at those at the bottom of the totem pole.

@FrogJumper51: I am not half right or half wrong. You are missing the bigger picture. The Mormon empire is an illuminati (masonic) banking cult. It is a sect of the Crown, as in the legal, not the parading in the magazine monopolies that they own. You will never get justice because they have controlled the courts to where consitutional rights only apply for this global/zionist criminal cabal. It is satanism. Mormons like to use the word Jesus, but it is absolutely Luciferian. They are mind controlled under the Romneys. My business was creatively dismantled. My Khazarian Jewish (agent of the Crown/Jesuit cabal) spent years of his relationship with me as my mormon husband's attorney who hired me during the mormon divorce to work for him as the adverse party. They gathered intelligence, using CIA drugs, you name it. I mean, thousands and thousands of "ad-libbing" questions just so that when the crazy games start, they know that you know, and you can't prove what they did. They want you to know their power and the extent of their control over your life. It is so bizarre. I do not react. I am very careful to speak to others calmly about what they are doing as they are outnumbered by those asleep from the braindamage that they inflict in the idiot box (the true weapon of mass deception). Khazarian Jews are agents of the Jesuit/Crown alliance, the mormons are simply one of their RICO sects).

If you do not know what the illuminati is, now you do. Skull and bones is a Yale fraternity for the "thinktanks" and "players" in these war games all the way down to the CIA hiring street thugs using black ops money from drug running monopolies that we pay to patrol.

I have read, and re-read this, and read it again. I really fail to follow your logic, it's dizzying. What's the motive here? Why would the Mormon church care about the Clinton Sex Scandal? What does the Mormon church have to do with the Simplot family? You spout accusations, but provide no evidentiary support. Where are your references to verify facts?

It changed what I typed above: research Mena Arkansas CIA Terry Reed with Bush Clinton and you'll see great footage and proof of their drug lording. They own the media, so you'll see the whole story about whitewater and the tons of cocaine they forgot to mention being repeatedly imported by military plane, CIA sanctioned, George Bush Senior creation.

Clinton sex scandal was a distraction from his bombing Muslim communities- a precursor to make a muslim mind control cabal easy. 9/11 was embellishment of that creation. Clinton's boss in drug trade was daddy Bush. Research men's Arkansas CIA Terry Reid scandal. The royals are BANKSTERS bloodlines, illuminati Rothschild zionists. It's all money hanging terror and global nazism and we have only begun to see. Americans must wake up. Mormons must make demands for audits of leaders side activities, i.e. Zion's bank board separate corporation, therefore never accountable for crimes. Corporations are for sole purpose of unaccountability for inhumane crimes. Capitalism isn't the problem so much as corporatism and 501 c 3 funded church fronts, particularly those in banking, like the Vatican.

contactkim said: "Clinton sex scandal was a distraction from his bombing Muslim communities" You are half right and half wrong. It was a distraction alright, but not for bombing Muslim communities. The real reason for this distraction (as well as vindictive revenge reprisal) by the Simplot crooks of Idaho and the Mormon Church.... was because Clinton appointed a Chinese man by the name of Lee to investigate civil complaints not upheld by a corrupt federal judge on the side of their extremist discrimination and harassment.

I'd like to point out the "Mormon" church or under their proper name LDS Church does NOT own Zions bank. They haven't run that bank since 1960. It was bought by Keystone Insurance and Investment Company. The LDS church does a full accounting of their assets in their General Conference meetings.

Mormon church harassment is global and syndicated banking cabal, international organized crime. 9/11 legalized this secret society harassment that Kennedy passed the RICO act to protect us from. The world is run by church fronted BANKSTERS that are drug lords and warmongers. They own the courts. So it is a lot bigger than most realize. Because much of it gov. Sponsored or protected, targets are screwed. Mormonism is a Masonic/Jesuit creation. At 19 I went through its temples and found it literally satanic. I left as a mind control slave that they perpetrated as a bloodline of Jesus covert agenda. Theyve ruined my life. Literally a living hell.

If when you left you felt you were being mind controlled, why is it you felt it was satanic? If they did mind control you, which I doubt, wouldn't you have felt it was a wonderful experience? Just sayin.

Your mostly right. I don't think they are as powerful as you say and don't want you to lose credibility. They do what they do because the way of truth escapes them and as others before them, they are scared of what they don't know about someone. Get some proof as I have done and send in your letters to the Idaho ACLU. We will see that this comes to an end. Take Care

billybobthornton said:

"I don't think they are as powerful as you say and don't want you to lose your credibility"

Yes, they are indeed that powerful. All this closed-minded assumption-making by an extremely conservative American society as opposed to being open-minded about real facts is exactly why it'd impossible to get any justice in this country.

billybobthornton said: Get some proof as I have done and send in your letters to the Idaho ACLU." The ACLU is nothing but a joke like all the rest of America these days. Everything falls upon deaf ears and nobody will lift a finger to help an underdog being completely squashed. Where was the ACLU or anybody else to help me DECADES AGO when they were destroying my life with discrimination, harassment and slander ?

Nothing can turn back the hands of the clock and get all my wasted time back. The extremely arrogant criminal thug for a federal judge Mikel H. Williams refused to uphold any of my complaints against the State of Idaho, J.R.Simplot scoundrels and slanderous quacksalvers way back in 1993.

The extremely arrogant federal judge Mikel H. Williams refused to uphold justice way back in 1993. Since then, I moved to Canton, Texas. They followed me there. The harassment and black-balling from gainful employment began anew. And when I moved almost all the way across the country to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.... the stalking and harassment continued, with corrupt cops even taking over the local police department.

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mormons + freemasons = Satanism.They teach Kaballa, as masons...<br />
All evil and crooked as hell !!..Romney was a authoritive position in a boys camp that beat,raped boys..<br />
<br />
Post on TOPIX around the country

And when all the mainstream news medias like " Crooked-Sly-as-a-FOX NEWS " and CBS imposed censorship against me regarding everything that has happened to me.... and everything I know about who masterminded the Clinton sex scandal.... I then tried to expose them through the National Enquirer. But Simplot, the Mormon Church and the Mafia already knew what I was doing because they were wiretapping my private conversations. So they retaliated against Democrats and liberal news medias whom they despise with the lethal anthrax and killin innocent people.

I tried to warn the F.B.I. about the dangerous Mormon threat to this country (including anthrax) about a year in advance of the biological attack. But the F.B.I. was too busy and preoccupied with slandering me as a nut in behalf of the radical WRONG-wing extremist perpetrators than to do anything about the REAL nutcase extremists ! ! !