4 Dirty Cops Caught Using Cointelpro Tactics

This sounds like fbi cointelpro tactics/gangstalking..ODD indeed !!! That is a footprint/signature
of the bizarre bull shi* they pull.4 Cops involved for this shi*..They are part of the gangstalking, I guarentee u.. This is obvious...the girlfriend on probation, he's in jail.. WHY ?????. They may have wanted out or they are forcing him or them to join....Too crazy.???just what they do.. lots of manpower for bull shi*..Fine FBI Training...Taxpayer $$$$

4 Dirty Cops Caught Using Cointelpro Tactics

* 2 Floyd County GA deputies have resigned & 2 others suspended for 3 days in a strange plot where they went to a party where they got an inmate’s girlfriend, who was on probation, drunk then took embarrassing photos of her in order to humiliate that inmate by showing them to him. The nature of those photos hasn’t been released.
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I have been abused in a similar circumstance and a variety of other ways by a DEA sgt. And his minions in Augusta County, VA. The mental stress has been indescribable. I need help, I really need help and don't know where to ask for it. I'm in fear.

The state woker did her nazi eval today. Asked stupid questions about my past, why aren't you working? She asked if I was a felon, if I took drugs. I no longer take drugs and I wanted to pound her head in. Any mention of dope in your history and your reval is denied. The last job I quit because I moved and was already recording benefits because these ******* hazed me daily and the whole town of nazi's was in on it and they said I wasn't even white. My ex boss has got me sanctioned from employment and the people of the town I live in ate trying to ban me from goods and services. Study your history. Any idiot with acces to a computer can see that the mentally ill are targeted and prevented from getting help. How many of them ever maintain any sense of normalcy? Get a degree? Have access to health care and medication and therapy all the time. The ***** I dealt with today did nit listen to me at all, she wants to keep me poor, denie me health care that my spotty crappy job history paid into. I need treatment, like any diabetic or someone with cancer. Oh but no one cares about people with mental illness. I can't make mentall illness go away. Fat people can prevent type 2 but mental illness is unpredictable and the police state is out to get us and take our money.

That is awful! These bastards drugged tortured and sexually tortured me and took pictures! Totally, probable that they would have done this to an incarcerated persons girlfriend. I am surprised and grateful they got caught!

Govt vs We The People: TX Woman Institutionalized for Allegedly Shooting at Census Worker (no proof)

On May 11th, 2010 Attorney Carolyn Barnes was arrested for aggravated assault for allegedly shooting 5 times at a census worker. Even though there is no evidence against her, she continues to be harassed by the Williamson county courts. She is now in a mental facility having been declared incompetent to stand trial.

Carolyn Barnes received a call from the Williamson County Sheriff’s department that they had a warrant for her arrest. Carolyn didn’t know what for, but surrendered herself on Tuesday, May 11, 2010. It was then that she learned that she had been charged with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon of a public

servant. A search of her property found no shell casings, no handguns, no ammunition, no evidence of any kind. The evidence in the record shows Kathleen Gittel, the census worker, was sent to 33 Indian Trail, Carolyn lives at 419 Indian Trail.