Are There Different Types Of Gang Stalkers?

firstly do you think that there are?

from my experience

those who target disabled people who they deem to not to be as intelligent as they are (usually they are very wrong), target with claims and threats that can be discarded as imagination on the understanding the stalker is more likely to be believed

those who target other ethnic groups- asians in the flats routinely targetted, have gone as far as pimping allergations and terrorist accusations, In latter case flat of innocent frail widow raided by terror squad, she never recovered and passed on 5 days later

those who are bully victim, if suspected will make false report of violence towards them- usually very theatrical and unbelievable in hindsight. Then post another stalker to warn people entering the flats of the alleged crime. false allegations of rape, a stabbing which transpired as a nose bleed and death threats have occured, unfortunately meaning when there was a serious assault and 2 women were stabbed the authorities took their time in responding

those who lack any compassion- if someone is in danger it must be the victims fault or if there has been a death in the family their grief is mocked

those who go after pets- there was never a rule banning animals, until they complained of a "dangerous" dog and the authorities stepped in. The family with the dog moved out under threat of eviction. Today all gangstalkers have pets, a good many of them dogs.

petty it is, seriously

but this morning I was waited for as I went out to work, when I delayed she drove back, in a second attempt to catch me. on Wednesday my neighbour who has permission to have dogs met me and her dogs bounced up to say hello, 2 hours later I had a phone call from local police over a false report that they had savaged me and on Monday the police arrived at my door and asked to see the herbs on my window sill after someone reported that they were pot!

fedup35 fedup35
Sep 16, 2011