To all those who are wondering why gangstalking is done?? the answer is that it is a " treatment".

After this "treatment" you will become a mentally paralyzed individual. That is the aim. To make you physically and mentally a sick individual, that is the aim.

about who is doing this ?? I do not know.
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Gang-stalking is done and organized by LOCAL AUTHORITY'S and they recruit many MANY people into targeting people, Why do they do it? because4 they are all a bunch of organized sick *** bastards that get a kick out of stalking, raping, framing, murdering, recruiting others, because they are psychopathic ********* bastards that don't give a damn about the law or about people!

Cops murder people all the time cops even post video's of killings they do on youtube because they enjoy flaunting their power and at the same time they make it known THEY,,,,NEVER,,,,STAND,,,,,TRIAL,,,,,,FOR,,,,,,THOSE,,,,KILLINGS!

Go watch some youtube video's of cops killing people., then ask yourself the question "Why the hell are first responders and other cops IGNORING these video's and NOT arresting those officer's that gunned down an unarmed man?" and after you answer that question to yourself you will know why cops gang-stalk people and why and how they get away with it!

And unlike the rest of you people I will point out some actual gang-stalkers, officer's Eric Carlson and John Ray are partners in the Portland police department, they recruited my wife Joan Wagar into an affair, and in turn Joan Wagar recruited her daughters and hooked her daughters up with those cops, and when I discovered this I tried to warn people about it, and my wife poisoned me!

Those officer's used their influence with doctors to cover up the poisonings and I was being gang-stalked by these officer's for the next two years and I was stalked BY THEIR GOD DAMN BUDDY'S IN LAW ENFORCEMENT and they pedofied me with ******* flyers, and the ******** bragged on a audio death threat that they pedofied me and they used that term pedofied!

On March 26th 2007 with the help of Joan Wagar, officer's Eric Carlson and John Ray along with several others broke into my home and they made child **** in my home and they killed one of the teenagers they sneaked in with them, and they recorded the killing!

Before they left my home they poisoned my coffee cup and coffee pot, then they AS A GROUP (GANG) drove to Clackamas Walmart and they bragged to Walmart employees about what they did, and then they spent the next THREE HOURS taking over the Walmart office and they used Walmart office printer to print THOUSANDS of flyers giving me the blame FOR WHAT THEY AS A GANG DID! AND THEY LAUGHED ABOUT IT THE WHOLE DAMN TIME!

This is all open knowledge at Clackamas Walmart, Walmart managers ALLOWED those officer's to take over their office and to use their printers to print those flyers, and Joan Wagar and her sister Vickie Rosales spent three hours recruiting the softlines department to back up their flyers (to lie for them) and to give me the blame for their crimes!

Both Joan Wagar and Vickie Rosales both worked the softlines department (clothing department) at Clackamas Walmart!

These gang-stalkers have a name for this type of framing THEY CALL IT PEDOFIED OR PEDOFYING, AND IT MEANS THEY ARE FRAMING ME AS A *********!

As to why they do it? well from what I know about them they do it ALL FOR THE FUN OF IT, they are already organized, cops have been organized for many decades, and they need someone to target/destroy just to flex their muscles, and any reason is good enough for those bastards!

They were sleeping around with my wife and her daughters, good enough for them to target me, my wife wanted me dead, she sleeps with those cops, so the cops wanted me as too because IT WAS PERSONAL ON THEIR PART, and because they are cops THERE IS NOT A SINGLE BASTARD WITH A BADGE IN THE ENTIRE STATE OF OREGON THAT GIVES A DAMN WHAT ANOTHER COP DOES!

Cops gang-stalk people for fun and sport, sometimes because it is personal, sometimes because they want to silence someone, sometimes because someone is whistle blowing on their activity's, and sometimes their might be a political reason.

But most people get targeted because SOMEONE that has cops with bro's has it out for the targeted person, and that usually gets cops to target that person as a result!

Understand that gang-stalkers do a LOT MORE THAN JUST STALK, they stalk people because they have it out for that person, and they probably want to commit crimes and give their targeted victim the blame, so cops/stalkers follow their victim to learn their routes, the places they frequent, who their friends and coworkers are, to basically get to KNOW their target personally WITHOUT the target knowing about it!

Gang-stalkers like to recruit family members and friends of the target into their schemes so that it becomes way easier for the cops to frame their target and to isolate their target from ANY form of help by simply turning everyone in that person's life against them!


The whole system is a damn bro system, people in the old days referred to it as being a part of "The good ole boys!" system but I never hear it referred to it that way anymore, new generation and new ways of referring to the same system, but to make it simple to understand, you are either one of THEM or you are SUBJECT to them and their is a mentality behind it.

Gang-stalkers are killers, they are framers, they are rapists, and they gang-stalk people BECAUSE they are killers, and framers and rapists, and they don't try hard to hide it from their victim, as a matter of fact they WANT their victims to know, because their is no one the victim can turn to for help, remember they are also psychopaths that enjoy doing this to people, and since they are plain clothed cops there is no one their victim can turn to for help!

I am a witness/victim of gang-stalkers and unlike others on here I have taken the time to identify some of them and to identify what their motives are and their goals and their reasoning's behind their actions and I am a first hand eye=witness to these type of activity's and I have caught them several times trying to kill me and I even got them on video trying to kill me!

And because they are PLAIN CLOTHED COPS there is not a single badge wearing bastard that gives a damn!

<p>One of the reasons a person gets targeted is because of something they know (information), or something they have witnessed that is deemed a threat to the person who initiated the targeting. Listen to this on you tube: Paranoid Controllers.</P>

My wife and daughters joined into this gang-stalking thing and they were recruited into it by the police and county sheriffs.
My wife was having an affair with a cop and my wife's daughter got pregnant by that cops buddy.
The police and county sheriffs gave my wife permission to poison me to death and I was a plasma donor at the time.
I was denied emergency services at the hospital repeatedly because of my wife's affair with a cop.
I was so badly poisoned and debilitated from being poisoned that my wife was having fun throwing signed confessions at me while I was bedridden because she knew I could not read them.
There is no one with a badge that cares my wife is a poisoner because she sleeps around with cops.

Who? The who is not imporant. Its the why. .........Many of us didnt notice that this was happening for a long time, myself included. So we had a staged event to make us notice it. Something that THEY think would be embarressing to you. But it didnt start there, clearly. Maybe even your gang stalkers think that its cuz you crossed one of them. -It is not. TRUST ME. This is happening to them to, but in a nice way for now.

I have many theories as to why they condition, sensitize, and try and break u down. The massive size of the gang stalking me tells me two things,one they didn't get that way overnight, and two they can't b killing or mentally destroying everyone they target. My theory is they breakdown some people to the point were they r willing to do anything to make the torture stop including joining the gang. A lot of them r families and look decent. I know looks can b deceiving but wonder how many of them were once a TI's too and decided to sell their souls to the devil.

I know how you feel i have a simuer situation going on my cell phone and house phone my naber hear's every thing i say and every conversashion i have in or out of my home the police don't belive me and people who have known me for years now think i'v started taking drugs i feel violated and no one will help me i feel defencless and so alone how do i get help

Nobody will help you. Not the police and not even your parents or siblings. You have to help yourself. Slowly and steadily fight it and rise up. Stand up on your two feet. Walk, slowly walk. Take your own time. This is your life. Nobody has the right to take it away. Try to think. You are precious. Save yourself for you

See some of my other comments. Another good site is www.areyoutargeted.com. See also David Roscoe's Project Media Matrix mirror site.

Yes, i agree, keeping the victim isolated and paralyzed seems to be one of the goals of this kind of thing.

They got me by using my mental health record against me, yes I may be mentally ill, but I do not imagine people losing my paper work at banks twice. The same paper work and mispelling of my name on a insurance policy by an insurance agent after she talks about how hard she works all day long. She saw my name on my ID and the ******* ***** still spelled it wrong.Our money is just as good as everyone elses, reguardless of our circumstances. Then she screws up she up my husbands car insurance policy and doesn't cancel his policy on time like she is supposed to. At my last job I was not allowed to make mistakes at all, people called me terrible names, alienated me, accused of being on drugs, messed with my hours when I tried to go to school and the customers were calling me names like ugly ***** on a daily basis. It seemed personal, like they were trying to get me to quit. Someone I knew showed uo to my job on my break, saying the FBI was folling him, then he asked me if they had me running the store yet. He must of been in on it too.

I agree aproudwoman, although I've noticed the people who are doing this stuff to me (continuous privacy invasion, surveillance, stalking, harassment, etc.) also seem to try to use positive affirmations sometimes in some weird effort to communicate to me that they approve of what I've said or done, but they fail to realise that they're still invading my privacy. That's got control written all over it, but yes, they have certainly tried to paralyse me in the past. They also continuously try to make me upset or angry. I think my stalkers / harassers / whatevers are trying to wear me down. Or worse...

I agree. But by now, I have got some stability and strength. I think this may be because of a personal enemy or stalker. There may be a single person behind this.However I am not very sure.
One thing that helps surely is that you start living with your parents or somebody who has been already stalked. Helping others also helps.Try to be a rock for somebody.I have installed two cameras in my house. This does help. There are many things I want to say but I am running out of time. Let me know if you come across new technologies or new info. Best of luck.