over the past 2 weeks a girl has been sayin she likes me. i thought thats undersandible until she wouldnt fuuck off. i satrted chating with other people. then a guy i thought was gay started sayin he loved me!!! on my white board. its still there if u want to see but freind me first. he used the id of 2 peole. 1vplace and 2 i 4 got but its there. today i wuz telling him or her to stop. at first i thought he was jokin until he kept goin. after my other freinds saw they told me how to blocke him. after that the vchick comes back and says she still loves me!!! i block her to. 1 minute later a stranger comes on whitboard and says they love me!!! i ask who it is and they say the same 1 thtas been sendin u messages and has been talkin 2 me! same guy 2 profiles!! i dont know how many profiles he or she has. *shivers*. fuuck!!!
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Go to fire chat where we can talk and expose gangstalkers.

That is disturbing...why do people like that exist...?


every 1 that stalker is right here. she or he used ma name this time!!!

This is a problem on EP, really. I wish there was a way they could limit the number of profiles a person creates.

right? its ******* scary

I also wanted to tell you that since you are under the age of 18, no one 18 and above can contact you unless you add them as friends.....Just thought that might be a bit of reassurance, just be careful on here who you befriend. I have had a problem with TROLLS as well. I hope that helps to know that you control who you associate with....Good Luck, and be safe....

i new that but still thnx. wats a troll? never found out.

Someone that goes around torturing people using a fake profile. Basically what you described.

ooooo. k thnx

They think of themselves as EP police patrol, truthfully they are just crazy bullies that are not worthy of your time, but that is what a troll took me a while to find out as well.

o thnx 4 sharing.....ill need this advice.

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Yep Ur page is private blocked here is the message I get when I click on ur avatar:<br />
<br />
This user's general privacy restrictions prevent you from viewing their profile (code 899). You have not been blocked specifically.<br />
<br />
You may block them from viewing yours by clicking here. You can view all the people you've blocked by clicking here.<br />
<br />
You can also flag this member by clicking here.<br />
<br />
If you believe this is an error, OR you need to report this profile for inappropriate behavior (spamming, harassment, etc.), please contact us with your username, their username, and the reason.<br />
<br />
You can return home.

You security setting is set as private

o ya!!!

No I did not need to friend you, fell on Ur story commented and was just verifying how protected Ur page is but going private is the best if you have enough friends...Be careful xxx


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It’s chilling scary. I read lots about negative problems on ep either drama or whatever. Lucky me I guess so far only had 1 drama with a psycho ***** and that’s it. Sumtimes too many friends on creates problems I would guess?<br />
<br />
I see you blocked private your page, if it was not that’s a good thing to do

thnx just did it like 3 min. ago.

wait block my page? did i do it im not sure...check 4 me.


yes OMG

We want you to feel comfortable on EP. Please email me at so we can collect more details and have this situation addressed. In the meantime, please block this member to prevent him/her from interacting with you.

i did thnx and the sitch has been handled.

*shivers* -.-