I Am Being Gang Stalked and Electronically Harassed

A couple of years ago I found out that Iwas being followed around in public, I found out that my phone conversations, and things I said in my home were being repeated out in public.

I found that people were entering my apartment when I was not there. I thought it had something to do with the workplace mobbing that I had been experiencing for several years.

I was introduced to electronic harassment when living at my old apartment, electronic harassment means being monitored, tracked or tortured remotely.

It was a scary time, I did not know what was happening to me, I knew that most of the people around me had some idea, but would not say anything.

I started going online to try to help others with mobbing and other forms of harassment, and I found the term Gang Stalking. It fit to a tee with what I was experiencing and finally everything made sense. The only shocking part for me and which remains is that this was not just happening to me, but it's happening to a multitude of people across the globe.

That was just the start of my journey on what has become a very strange road in some ways, and yet a pretty normal road in others, in the sense that I now help people who are targeted in this same way.

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I know I am a victim in this and been silent too long I pray for help everyday I'm a great person an my heart is with anyone experiencing this.

I'm also a victim of gang stalking.I have been given lengthy prison sentence's and serious attempts on my life made in prison.My children have been harassed so badly that my little girl commit suicide.My good name has been trashed,my career is over,my home is gone...I almost got them busted but then cops i know to be corrupt took me to mental place and said I'm delusional.They kept me in seclusion for 6months this is unheard off,abused me allowed police to come in and intimidate me and drugged me.Now they are trying to get me to suicide.Im now 46 have nothing,not even enough clothes on my back due to severe weight gain due to those drugs......I can even get a part time job as i end up sacked for something i didn't even do?Please i need someone to talk too

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I'm being gang stalked. The other day my next door neighbour started too whistle in a way to tease me, then zapped me. I hear a buzzing, like a phone vibrating, can feel a precence, then feel the power coming from that thing.When I moved my body the pressure of the energy stayed in the same place so as I moved it affected different parts of the body. The last time this happened I was totally paralysed and had nose bleeds and migraines for a week. It only ever happens when my next door neighbour is in the next room. It only ever happens when I'm alone, and it has only ever happened in that same room. No medical ailment I know of can cause that . I have studied science at 'A' level, and medical science at degree level. This is what I believe to be a non lethal weapon.... One that can cause cancer... I've told people - medical professionals.... Guess what they put it down to mental illness. I know this exists. It's evil and not right. I'm from the U.K. My story is similar to many, but I guess that I'm a lower grade target as not all happens to me what happens to others. I want to stop this. And show to the world who they are and thank them with retribution, but in a legal, peaceful manner. I want them to feel that they cannot walk down the road without worry, or being attacked....... I want them to wish some days that they were better off dead. How do I even know if this site is legitimate???? This could be anything, what I have is real. Why don't we protest under harassment, freedom of expression and human right laws?????? Corruption. We need to be strong. THIS NEEDS TO BE STOPPED. They enjoy your pain, they thrive on it. Other things have happened when I'm out - the usual stuff following etc. But that buzzing and zapping only in that same room.

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i believe i am being gang stalked all the i have seen all the signs. i became aware of what gang stalking is a few days ago and since then i made it known i knew what it was and what the tactics were. i had noticed fro a while that my personal conversations were being repeated back to me by strangers and strangers knew my name. i have felt like my house is being entered when we are not home. i also believe that they have used and electronic device to emit microwaves for torture ect. i made it known that i knew what was happening yesterday (the pages i read said that they would likely increase what they were doing as retaliation which in inevitable). last night my wife had a miscarriage. this is so painful i have notified branches of the government and doctors and NO ONE will help. i did a back round check on one of the owners of my job and found out one of his previous addresses is an apartment in the same building as me which is a single level building. i have noticed tactics used by co workers such and "crowding" and trying to interject them selves into friendships that i had. the store manager had an issue with me about 2 months ago which is when these tactics and major health effect started happening to me. NO ONE is helping i am at the mercy for these people and now my unborn child is gone an is can believe nothing else other than this is caused by the gang stalkers. PLease direct me to where i can find some help.

My name is Summer. I am a black woman living in Northern California. I have been gangstalked by the government since 2009 for my spiritual beliefs. I am a licensed security officer and mother. I am sober. I do not drink alcohol or use any type of street or pharmaceutical drugs. I am healthy mentally and physically, and would NEVER commit suicide. I am being harassed because of my spiritual beliefs. I have shut down all my social media accounts due to constant banning and harassment by it's inventors. I stay to myself. I do not watch television and spend most of my time reading the Holy Bible. I am being harassed by phone and email. Today, I took a stand and screenshot and recorded calls that are coming in from them, the government. Call spoofing is the latest tactic they are using, on top of strange vehicles parking outside of my home, following me on the road, or agents pretending to be customers while out shopping. I refuse to be victimized for my beliefs. We have no more amendment rights and Freedom of Speech in America is dead. If any American oppose the views of our political parties, we will be targeted. Please keep me in your prayers and thanks for sharing your story. I do not feel alone in this fight. Thank you.

You are not alone Summer.There are many of us experiencing it,and from many different walks of life.But its immaterial who we are,suffice it to say that NOBODY deserves this agenda laid at their door.Its inexcusable and immoral,inhumane and illegal.Terrorism is the word for it.Best wishes.

Keep strong, they thrive on weakness. Do everything you can to show strength. Join a gym, meet people, don't show too much negativity. Try and meet others in the same situation. Show them how strong you are and never lose your faith x

Hello I'm an american married to wonderful romanian man and both my romanian husband and I lived here in this wonderful town Roata De Jos, Romania for a while. I've been a victim of organized gang stalking harassment that turned out to be Jandarmeria agents from Jandarmeria station Marsa here in this town of Roata De Jos. Three of the Jandermeria agents were big fat with black hair two are short height and one is medium height from last Jandarm group and rest of the Jandarmeria agents were from the last Jandarm groups, the Bulgar-Romanan group with them possibly maybe their friends or business associates, their friends, their women, their lovers, their families and possibly their prostitute partners and clients, possibily their business contracters and their leader that maybe business man running somekind of enterprise production kept making broadcasting slandering statements and slandering accusasions about me to the whole public here in Romania causing the people to turn against me, turning their backs on me, saying very much ugly slanderings about me, kept making verbal threats, threatened to have me arrested, taken, prosecuted and expelled from Romania, kept making verbal threats that I was to get out, go home by many means, they even went onto television stations, radio stations, talkshows making so many slanderings, racial prejudice remarks about me that I was very bad, dangerous, very wrong and very mistake and was to be removed, everybody believed this. They were constantly outside my husbands and I's apartment room window everynight, they were at my husbands place of work in Cartojani Romania, they also followed us around everywhere we went. They also were outside his mothers apartment home, they went up to all of our friends, our families, our co workers, our neighbors and other people, said very much ugly slanderings about me that was so believable, started to recruit some of our neighbors, our friends, some of the people, our co workers, their families and their children to watch me, monitor me, surviellence me, follow me everywhere I go, report to them by many means of what i was doing, speaking, saying, working on, and what activities I was conducting on, who I was with, to sit outside our door on the staircase, out in the balcony next to our apartment room and watch me, surviellence me, and monitor me no matter what. Also to bang on our window and our door in a harassing and threatening way day and night to get my attention, they even shouted very loud everytime I work at home in our room apartment of slanderings, ugliness, accusasions about me that really scared me. I had to resign a position I was working with from my home to go back to working for my wonderful romanian husband. They kept speaking out that slanderings about my husband and I, threaten to have my husband arrested and locked up, threaten to have me arrested, taken and expelled from Romania. The rest is very frightening. I tried to tell neighbors, friends, proper authorities of this matter, but no one believed me, they thought i was crazy and said it was in my head. My husband and I did notice that someone linked into our computer system and watching, monitoring, surviellencing me what I was working on, doing, researching, web paging, sending and recieving on our computer system, my husband and i did notice that our phones, phone conversations may have been tampered with and being surviellence, monitored, watched, heard. My husband and I noticed very much cars and vehicles passing our apartment room block everyday and everynight going very fast, driving slow, stopping, making wierd backings and turns. My husband and i notice we were being followed everywhere we go, we both notice some children, teenagers, young people, these groups, standing next to us, being near us, speaking very ugly slanderings about me that is so very hateful, hurtful. This group did walked passed me the other night in our block apartment room giving me very cold mean hateful disgusted look, they looked at me like I did not exist nor belong anywhere in Romania, this harassment started after September 11, 2011 after I posted so many pictures and vidoes of September 11 on facebook and also was started in August when my husbands Colonel friend had these men, few Jandarms, three inspectors from M.A.I. removed as my boss, I did refuse to speak with these men, few Jandarm agents, and these three inspectors from M.A.I., I don't know if this was the cause of the organized gang stalking harassment or what, they kept changing their slandering stories about me so many times, I did notice that some of the people that were going to work with me, give me instructions were intimidated by these groups, these me, these Jandarms, I did notice that I was delayed so many times of my instruction training, working with my husband at his office on purpose. I did notice that our apartment room may have been broken into.This almost costed my husbands and I's beautiful special marriage, it almost costed everything, we tried to make a restraining orders, but don't work, this stalking harassment went on from September 28 2011 to now Febuary 17 2014, this whole thing caused me to go crazy, caused me to really hit the wall and door by shouting very loud breaking skin on my hand which did scare very much of my neighbors, caused my husband and I to be in conflict with each other, scream at each other, almost costing our marriage, caused me to have nervous breakdowns, I was too scared to go outside, go anywhere, I was very frighten, shaking up, crying very much, the slanderings, ugliness, harassments, stalkings just kept getting worsts, I did not know who to turn to, this group did so many tatics to make it look like I did it, causing some of these people to pay fines, taxes, being evicted from their apartment rooms, fired from their jobs, and so on, that almost got me attacked. I kept wondering everyday and everynight what could I have done to deserve this, than I went onto youtube and came across about organized gang stalking harassment group (C U L T ), and on the internet google and learned about the organizedgang stalking harassment, I also learned that I'm not the only one that this stalking and harassment was happening to me. I was so sicken to learn that these organized gang stalking harassment groups recruit and involve neighbors, citizens, communities, law enforcement authorities, government and city officials, professionals, judicial officials, children, teenagers, families, even co workers, people that you trust, I could not believe this until now. I don't know what to do to stop this, I tried everything, restraining orders, declaration complaints, changing our locks, changing our security systems on our computers, phones, changing phone numbers, and so on, but nothing seems to work, these men did contact me so many times on skype, facebook and google plus using other peoples names, using military and jandarmeria high ranking officers, I tried many times to tell them to leave me alone, but doesn't work, their friends, lovers, partners, clients and groups and colleges are also have been harassing me and stalking, they use neighbors, colleges, some people, children, teenagers, young people and some people to stalk and harras me, report to them everything about me, even said slanderings about me. I don't know what to do to put an end to this organized gang stalking harassments, get these men, these Jandarms from last Jandarm groups, their women, their friends, thier groups, their lovers, their partners, business associates and so on to leave me alone, stop following me everywhere, stop surviellencing me, stop monitoring me, stop watching me, stop harassing me, stop stalking me, stop speaking slanderings about me, stop threatening me, stop using verbal threats against me, so my husband and i can have a very happy normal life here in Romania, this is our right and everybodies right to have a normal happy life anywhere. I'm still shaking up, frighten, traumatized from this for three years and I want this to stop, I love my romanian husband, he is very good man.

Im sorry to hear of these terrorists and their harassment and more of you.Ive been a TI for 17 years now,and dont see any end to the terror campaign they wage against me.So Im prepared to endure these idiots efforts until I die.Better a target than to have minds like these murdering morons.

The best way to fight this is to ignore it and try to live your life and surround yourself with family that can see what's happening. Don't be afraid it's just evil and evil never wins. Pray day and night you will over come this. Don't allow them to drive you to insanity or cause you to commit suicide that's what they want. I believe in GOD do you? The Devil likes fear. Ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore ignore, that will scare them.



love to all survivors! i have been stalked my whole entire life,,infact i was pulled out of the "normal education system" or prevented from being educated "normally" i have my own theories why!! maybe i asked too many questions and disagreed with too many answers ;-p ( seems i was right too ay) i got sent this website that gave me a deeper insight to what is actually going on and why!! ever watched a film or dvd and thought to ones self " this is fact not fiction" this site goes into great depths with bucket loads of dotts that all connect as not to leave a shadow of dout in my mind! i hope you dont mind me posting this website and i hope it helps any TI get a grib on there reality ....love to all survivors.


Yes,I know what you mean about a fact leaping out as such,even if presented as a fiction.Best wishes.

4 years I've been trying to figure it out I lost everything fought to keep my children fought for a house fought for a job... Fought for some one to believe me fought them I have only just found out about this gang stalking and it's excactly it what a weird thing to do now it explains all the licence plates and seeing every one all those workers eyes on the street the radio the tv the lust goes on you have to be strong to survive this

Yes,you do.Knowing the enemy and their intent helps.

Or go into there homes repeat back to them jail will be justified

Gang-Stalking and Harassment: Black-listedTargeted Individuals (TIs) are regularly harassed by gangs of vigilante stalkers, often for revenge of speaking out. The cardinal rules of the stalkers are; the harassment must always be subtle, and never be provable. So the TI is fully aware, that stalking is occurring. But to any bystanders in the vicinity, it's invisible, and blends in like "life in the big city".(00:30)

Gangs of Stalkers vs. a Single Stalker: The Gang-Stalking participants that harass TIs are countless and organized. They work in shifts, andproficiently hand-off TIs as they travel between territories, on a 24x7 basis. So there is literally no time, and no where that a TI can go to avoid the stalking. Thus, Gang-Stalking has more of an effect on a victim -- than a single stalker, who works alone to harass an ex-lover, for example. (00:56)

Who are the Gangs of Stalkers: Tradespeople, city workers, cab drivers, and delivery people are recruited. Highly sought after professions are locksmiths, maintenance people, water and gas employees, phone and cable installers. And people with "keys" that are "trusted". Motorcycle gangs, retired, and non-working people also participate. And of course the neighborhood watch is big into stalking. Some people prefer to call it Community-Stalking or Vigilante-Stalking rather than Gang-Stalking, but it's the same thing. (01:26)

Character Assassination and Gag Orders:Slander is "always" a part of a TI's targeting. It is carried out by schooled Perps, or perpetrators -- who infect "everyone" the TI comes into contact with -- by either whispering lies about the TI -- or by more subtle means. The people who are lied to -- are immediately gagged -- and instructed not to advise the TI -- of what was said -- or who said it. At that point in time, they become a Gagged Person (GP). Targeted Individuals are thus unable to defend their own character. Following the gagging, the GP is recruited -- to participate in the administration of secret vigilante justice and harassment of the TI -- all of which is justified by the Perp's secret slander. (01:52)

Bribes and Perping: TIs with sufficient finances, are sometimes extorted to pay a bribe, in exchange for lifting their targeting. Whereas, TIs with inadequate finances -- are bribed, threatened, or both -- to turn coat, become a Green Perp, and to target other TIs. Agreeing to a bribe can reduce the targeting on them self, or their family, and they may be allowed to work again. But cooperating with organized crime is a life long curse. And what I am describing "is" organized crime. (02:37)

Forced Homelessness: A TI's life is intentionally destroyed, and attempts are made to drive them tohomelessness -- by affecting their personal and business relationships, "slowly" increasing each of their costs, decreasing their income -- often interfering with their attempts to get a job. Perhaps some of the street people you see, are the honorable ones, who wouldn't agree to a bribe, or threat. (03:06)

The "Integrity" of Intelligence Officers: TIs who possess special knowledge or skills -- have reported bribe attempts by supposed NSA officials, to join forces with them -- in order to lift their targeting. On a similar note; CIA recruitment "offers", are known to accompany a life-long stalking threat -- if the person refuses "employment". So a potential recruit can pick their poison -- they can either; be a spook forever, or beforever stalked -- either way, once they meet up with the intelligence ilk, their life will never be the same. This is something to think about, before pursuing civilian or military clearances -- because once you know too much, you're in for life. (03:19)

The Long Road to Discovering the Secret: Even though the TI realizes that they are being continually discredited and harassed, it sometimestakes them, many years to finally discover -- that what has been happening to them -- is a formalprotocol of "organized" stalking. Once they become aware of this protocol, and begin researching it on the web, they discover the actual terms; Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individual (TI). Countless TIs have said that they feared for their life, when the stalking started -- until they finally discovered the secret -- and those two terms. (04:01)

When a TI Realizes -- that They're Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Upon googling the Gang-Stalking protocol, a TI discovers that countless other TIs -- are in the same boat as they are -- the majority of whom are what is commonly called an "unaware TI" -- just as they had not known, for so long. (04:37)

Secret Conspiracy: Some TIs are miffed to discover that something so, "out in the open" could remain such a secret in society -- especially when it had been happening to THEM for so long. Prior to their targeting, most TIs had never heard of such a thing. Other people are shocked to hear of it as well -- and many have trouble believing it. Understandably they wonder how something so crazy sounding could have existed, right under their noses, for their whole life, without them knowing about it. And the people who really haven't heard of it -- sound equally bewildered to the liars who are covering it up. (04:59)

Professionals Play Dumb -- or Risk Losing their Credentials: Cops, attorneys, psychs, health care, and others professionals -- are "in on" the conspiracy -- to not discuss harassment or stalking. They must play dumb and act bewildered -- or risk losing their credentials -- for starters -- which can be followed by the threat to targeting of them self, and their family -- if they don't toe the mark. If you think this sounds far fetched -- why don't you bring up stalking with someone you know in one of these professions -- and see if they start sweating!Countless TI's have sought advice from these "trusted" professions and authority figures. Universally these TIs have said, the professionals "could" have wised them up -- but they said nothing -- and sometimes they even lied. This keeps Gang-Stalking under the radar. (05:27)

The Flooding of Gang-Stalking Discussions -- with CRAZY Sounding Disinformation: The subject of Gang-Stalking is continually flooded, by an organized army of paid professionals -- who mixdis-info with truth. So the average person doesn't know "what" to believe. A few of the issues must be true, but who knows which? ALL of the issuesSOUND CRAZY though -- starting with Gang-Stalking itself. Frustrated victims -- as well as shills who pretend to be frustrated -- both need tell their far fetched stories elsewhere though. Because thisweb site, and this talk show -- focus on what I am certain of -- Gang-Stalking. (06:09)

Who Pays the Disinformation Shills: Considering the endless funds that are spent deploying Gang-Stalking -- the cost of a paid disinformation shill brigade -- to continually flood Gang-Stalking discussions with crazy sounding talk -- ought to be a drop in the bucket. (06:50)

The Risk of Being Sent to a Mental Institution: If a TI mentions harassment to an authority figure, they risk the punishment of psychiatric "care", which would further discredit them. So most TIs keep quiet -- and put up with their daily harassment-- often thinking they're the only one. Some wonder how could anything so crazy could be happening -- and it would only natural for them to doubt their own sanity. But then one day they "wise up" to the terms -- Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individuals -- and it all adds up -- and the game changes. (07:28)

Who Initiates Gang-Stalking and for What Motive: Some TIs were chosen as targets for "revenge" of having spoken out -- their families, are often targeted as well, children included -- for life. Again and again, it is reported that generations of families are targeted -- in order to wipe out entire blood lines. Organized crime also uses the system -- to seize control of a TI's assets. Some TIs have stated, they feel like they are being used as target practice, to keep surveillance skills sharp. And lastly, TIs are often referred to as human lab rats, used for medical experimentation, without their knowledge or consent. There's never proof on any of these issues -- in keeping with the Gang-Stalking protocol of secrecy. But most TIs never find out why they were chosen. (07:46)

Law Enforcement Cooperation: The same law enforcement resources that are used to catch bad guys, are unleashed on TIs. This leaves little doubt that Gang-Stalking has government involvement -- with their endless resources. (08:34)

Government Involvement: Normal people understandably find it hard to believe, that their government would spend so much money -- funding a program that harasses, discredits, mobs, defrauds -- and plays continual dirty tricks on their own citizens. People often ask, "what's so special about you" -- it would be a lot cheaper to just shoot a TI -- "it doesn't make sense". Why would the government want to income-lynch a TI, destroy their relationships, isolate them, and "slowly" drive them to forced homelessness -- at which point many take a "deal", which "turns" them into Perps? It all sounds pretty sick -- and crazy doesn't it? Just the way Gang-Stalking is intended to sound.(08:49)

No Due Process: TIs never learn the reason why they were chosen -- because their vigilante "trial" took place in secret, without due process -- without the TI even knowing about it. Many go through life asking them self, "would could I have done to deserve this?" (09:27)

World-Wide: Gang-Stalking is a world-wide protocol, which seamlessly follows a TI through life -- as they travel -- and as they relocate to new residences, states, and countries. It's even present in Communist countries. (09:43)

The Objective of www.ExposeGangStalking.com: This web site focuses on one issue -- Gang-Stalking / Vigilante Stalking / Black-Listing. Without getting side-tracked by ANY other issues -- no politics, no religion, no crazy sounding talk beyond Gang-Stalking -- which is already crazy sounding enough. (09:58)

Sincerely yours,
Vancouver Wa Ti . com

PS: I have been a Targeted Individual (TI) -- of Gang-Stalking -- nearly every day, for 5 years -- and I have run a talk show about it for "many" hours -- "every" day -- for "many" months. I have spoken with countless people -- and I "still" don't know what to do about it. But one thing is for sure -- being quiet is not the answer. I'm trying to help get the word out. And hopefully somebody who hears about it -- "will" know what to do.

PPS: I maintain the following four web sites:
www.ExposeGangStalking.com: Web -- This site, the main exposing site.

Links.ExposeGangStalking.com: Web -- Links that are 90+% Gang-Stalking.

Evidence.ExposeGangStalking.com: Web -- Gathering of evidence.

www.VancouverWaTi.com: Web -- Talk Show LIVE every night at 11 PM ET.

Ive only just seen this and thank you for taking the time to tell others of the terrorism which the authorities are behind.Everything you say here which Is in my range of experience is very accurate indeed.I dont know if you will see this,but respect to you,and dont let the morons grind you down,best wishes.

Me to I've spent 4 years trying to figure it out now it all makes sence yet no one does anything it's murder what they done they need a taste of there own medicine my own boyfriend how sick I had the works

Between 1900 and up to the mid 1930's there were a lot of hangings done by the KKK on people that were never given trials, so this gang-stalking that is going on is nothing new to the USA, it just goes by different names and methods, but the intent of multiple people getting away with murder is all the same regardless of what decade!

Most of the killings done by the KKK from the 1900's and up to the mid 1930s were organized by authority's and by people that had influential power amongst others, and all it took for them to organize a murderous mob on someone was to just label a individual as a bad guy, that's it, and dozens and dozens of people would join into it!

Most people that joined into such activity did so because everyone else around them did so, so they join in just to fit in with their friends/neighbors and they themselves did not want to be targeted so some joined in out of fear that they might get targeted if they did not join into it!

These hangings they had from 1900 to the mid 930s were for the most part public and it was common to hear about a hanging back then, many people used the event of a hanging as a excuse to have a big party and would treat a hanging as a fun event that multiple people joined in on!

It is still to this day very well known that the KKK existed but nowadays the KKK is for the most part viewed as a joke and not taken seriously, but the very acts committed by the KKK in almost a hundred years ago are almost identical to the crimes committed by gang-stalkers today!

Gang-stalkers rely on being anonymous but at the same time they are very public, they stay anonymous to their victims but they publicly seek people to join in on their targeting of people!

In 2013 the targeting of individuals are still organized by local authority's and funded by local authority's and organized by authority's, just like they did a hundreds years ago while wearing white hoods over their heads, but now instead of wearing white hoods to conceal who they are they just go under cover and pull strings behind their targets back to get their target framed and or killed!

I remind you people from 1900s and up to the mid 1030s their were public hangings all over the USA and none of those white hooded people were arrested and charged with murder, why? because it was law enforcement themselves that were wearing the white hoods and were organizing the targeting of people!

Most gang-stalkers are not in law enforcement, but gang-stalking is run and funded and organized by law enforcement and it has been this way throughout the USA's history, what? your government run schools did not teach you history? what a shame!

There is very little difference between the KKK and gang-stalkers they share the same traits, they think they are better than everyone else, they got their pappy's in law enforcement to cover their butts so they brazenly never fear being prosecuted, and their always on the lookout for their next target/victim, after all they are already organized so it is for them just a matter of "Who's next!" mentality!

Most children of people in law enforcement tend to grow up to become involved in law enforcement themselves, so there are many family's that work only for and within the policing system in this country, and cops themselves see and view each other as a big family and they cover each others butts because of it!

When one person, just one person within the policing system as it out for someone then everyone with a badge has it out for that person, and just like the KKK a hundred years ago the police will organize groups of people to target someone, and all that targeting/gang-stalking is funded and paid for by authority's with tax payers money's, and here is how they cover it up and hide it, they just call it "An Investigation" and leave it at that, no descriptions are ever given in detail as to what officer's do when they "investigate" someone!

The term "Investigation" is a very well known term that everyone has heard a thousand times on TV and in movies yet most people have no clue what exactly a "investigation" is!

To be blunt, an "Investigation" simply means multiple people in law enforcement is targeting someone, and at no time does the term "investigation" explain what cops actually do to someone when they investigate someone!

So in the name of an investigation several cops will gang-stalk someone and harass that person and will publicly destroy that person's reputation without ever bothering with a trial and they will turn their targets own relatives and family and friends and coworkers against their target, and for most of this they do this all behind their targets back!

Under the pretense of an investigation police will stage crimes using look-a-likes and photogenic photo's of look-a-likes to build false cases against their target, many people within this group refer to this as "staging" and I tend to agree with the people that refer to it that way because for the most part authority's "stage" crimes using body doubles and photogenic photo's to fame people, this is one of the reason's they gang-stalk their targets is because they want video evidence of their target as well as photogenic photo's of their target.

After gang-stalkers/police know where you work and where you shop and what routes you frequently take then gang-stalkers/police can easily "stage" a crime using look-a-likes at places you frequent in order to build a case against their target!

Just like a hundred years ago it was easy for the KKK to get people to join into the targeting of someone, and in 2013 it is just as easy for plain clothed cops to recruit citizens in the targeting of someone, and all it takes is for cops to label their target as a bad guy to the targets neighbors (Flyers, Community Notifications) and for plain clothed cops to tell the targets neighbors to be on the lookout for this person.

That's all it takes and now the whole neighborhood has been turned against the target, and 99 times out of a hundred the target will be clueless that this has happened to him/her, because no one has the decency to come forward to the target to tell the target that multiple people in law enforcement are running around labeling him/her as a bad guy!

History teaches us that mobs kill people, and that many mobs are organized, well all the killings done by the KKK between 1900s and the mid 1930s were organized and that many many people effortlessly joined into these killing mobs, in the 1930s it became popular for people to send post cards of dead people that were hung by the KKK to people, look it up it's a part of our history in the USA.

Most people that ganged up on people back then acted as though they were justified and did not fear prosecution killing people without trials because the killings were organized by authority's!

Well in 2013 gang-stalkers act as though they are justified and do not fear prosecution because someone in law enforcement organized the targeting of such and such individual and they do not fear recruiting others into the targeting of others because they know police and first responders will not arrest them, and they know the corrupt hospital will label anyone that speaks up about these crimes as mentally ill, it is an automatic response by this murderous system to do so, also without bothering with trials!

So if anyone in this group wants to PRETEND organized crime does not exist and that gang-stalking does not exist then they must be liars or mentally ill themselves because gang-stalking and the targeting of individuals has been going on throughout all of our history!

Thank you for this info.And your last paragraph is very true.

There is an episode of "Cops" and I do not know which episode, but there is an episode of the TV show "Cops" that shows a man telling the police and the camera man that his wife poisoned him!

The cops and the camera man walked past him LIKE HE DOES NOT EXIST and COMPLETELY IGNORED HIM and the cop SMIRKED while ignoring him and all the cop did was talk to the mans wife and he was not questioning the wife at all about the accusation of poisoning, at all!

The cops acted as though they were friends of the wife and they were ONLY INTERESTED IN LISTENING TO HER and they COMPLETELY IGNORED THE MANS COMPLAINT!

The TV producers blurred the mans face because he died, and they don't want people looking into his death BECAUSE IT WAS COPS THAT GAVE THE MANS WIFE PERMISSION TO CONTINUE POISONING HIM!

That episode is a perfect example of cops palling up to "CERTAIN" people and that they use their police powers to cover up victims complaints!

If that is not enough for you people to understand that cops F PEOPLE OVER ALL THE TIME AND SMIRK ABOUT IT AND FLAUNT THE FACT THAT THEY DO THIS TO PEOPLE ALL THE TIME then you people are flat out blind to Fascism!

I remind you people cops kill people all the time, and they always think of people as "Perps" and not as people with rights!
Go and Youtube video's of out of control cops unloading their guns on unarmed citizens, and read the posts people comment on about those video's.
You will see dozens of people labeling innocent unarmed murdered people as "Perps" and do it repeatedly in order to cover a murderous cops butt!

You want to know who gang-stalkers are? well there is your gang-stalkers, because every time cops kill innocent people they gang up on websites JUST LIKE A GANG and they repeatedly bad mouth the murdered victim as a bad guy until ALL opposition is scared away from complaining!

So gang-stalkers protect cops from prosecution by utterly destroying the victims reputation, and they do it as a gang, and they do not stop until their target is dead!

Michael Jackson is the most famous person to be gang-stalked and it killed him, all his millions of dollars did not save his life!

Are Fascist system pointed it's ugly Grissled fingers at Michael Jackson and labeled him a ********* WITHOUT giving the man a trial and denied him the right as well as the public's right to face the accuser, and they none-stop labeled him!

Police did this to him, news reporters joined into it, every Tom **** And Henrietta that are bro's to cops joined in on the targeting, THOUSANDS of people made him a laughing stalk all over the internet, and nobody cared because our BIG,,,,,BAD,,,,,,,FASCIST,,,,,,,,GOVERNMENT,,,,,,MADE,,,,,,IT,,,,,,,KNOWN,,,,,,,PUBLICLY,,,,,,,,THEY,,,,,,WANTED,,,,,,,MICHAEL,,,,,,,JACKSON,,,,,,,,DEAD!

That's all it takes in a Fascist country to get someone targeted, the Fascist's point fingers and then LABEL LABEL LABEL and deny deny deny the accused the RIGHT TO A TRIAL and they just label label some more, until they have enough people turned against their target that the gang-stalkers feel comfortable in killing the person!


For crying out loud it is cops doing this to you! get that through your heads! under the pretense of "Conducting an investigation" they are harassing you and destroying your life!

Every single person commenting on this webpage is CLAIMING to be a victim of criminal activity, and not a single one of you describes cops, AT ALL!


Otherwise you are just farting out your butts and NOT EVEN TRYING TO BE BELIEVABLE!

If cops don't or wont help you then maybe you should consider giving them the blame since they refuse to arrest the people gang-stalking you!

Remember ONLY COPS use the term "PERPS" and ONLY COPS use those terms on a regular basis!

No other "GROUPS" of people use those terms, did it ever occur to you people that it's cops doing this to you and that they don't think of you a citizens with rights they just think of you as "PERPS"?

Did that ever occur to you people that are so quick to claim being victims yet REFUSE to give blame to YOUR police force for refusing to help you that it is police and their bro's that are doing the gang-stalking? DID IT?


I found that it was friends, family, and co-workers, ex neighbors and contruction comapnies that a friend had once worked for...I sued. and I keep suing, the more you sue, the more it stops.

I want compensation and for my children we lost everything and now I'm on medication so I don't panick

i am targeted once again i hope i can make it through this 3rd encounter, my brother i law took his life in our bathroom during the last harassment. i have a past but today i am a employed tax paying american citizen. when did the usa start treating us like this. hudge amounts of money must be invested. people need to know, im tired of being sprayed, invaded and finantialy abused

i am victim. have been for 9 years now. they are a network. a network with many connections. as they have they network, we need ours. we need to start our network for ti. we need to help each other even if we are miles apart we need to come together now start mainstreaming this. i am still a victim. dont let them win. stay strong and have complete faith in one god. for god is truth. for god is righteous.for god is light. come and join me now and look me up on face book,twitter and every single social networking site.name is abdul jalil uk. look me up now and start this network of righteous and goodness. remwber god for god loves who remebers him.amen.

Hello I need to talk to you?im a victim and I have no one to talk to.about this

It's sick just sick I went to church read the bible loud Hod spoke to them they didn't like it I think it has stoped but I have had the head lights thing and nearly had my car hit twice in last week

When you charge a cop with a felony crime in the USA they do not get arrested they do not stand trial in a criminal court room!
That's enough to know this is a fascist country all by itself!
Charge a cop with a felony crime and cops bring out their harem of mental illness experts to label the victim as mentally ill to discredit the victim/witness!
Police in Portland Oregon openly murder unarmed citizens on the streets in broad daylight by battering them to death and then they spend the next several years badmouthing the dead victim labeling them as mentally ill as though that alone justifies their actions!
Don't take my word for it, google "James Chasse" and the "Portland Mercury" online newspaper.
Cops in Portland Oregon have a HAREM of mental illness experts sleeping around with cops and they label the cops victims as mentally ill, after the cops kill the victim.

I ñeed ur help how can we get into contact

No one can help is it's up to you Go towards a God it's the only way

I'm experiencing the same thing as u how did u deal with it what can I do to breach out?

Kill them teach them a lesson

I am a victim bu why? I hear the voice of a x friend who lives upstairs from me. I felt fast like air run n my ears and in thru my noise. I hear her ever
y day all hours. I have nightmares and have feel like my dreams are controlled. My life is not normal. I lost all I once had in control. I can no longer go on like this I need the voice to go away. Help me please

I need to talk to you.

Yes pray for justice

There is a way to block this, glass building bricks, weird as it sounds I was in denver and walked into a building that was made of these and blessed silence. They could not be heard and I could not be seen. It was great.


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From one "TI" to another the very first thing I would tell you is,
Go to WWW.RAVEN1.NET. No matter what keep your senses about you. Try not to show any outward reaction to attacks if at all possible. This only encourages them and feeds their need to watch. If you are being targeted do not let yourself get depressed or the other extreme raging mad. You are not alone. Call the number find a support group in your area. Do not let the thought of them or the thought of catching them consume all your time. This all induces the physcosis they want. Go about your regular day. Do not begin to invest large sums of money trying to catch or stop them. This will drain you financially, another goal of the "Perps".
The one thing I would invest in is an indoor hidden video and audible alarm security system. Then get some good industrial earplugs to block "V2K" signals and go to bed feeling secure and get some good deep sleep. Sleep deprivation is their bread and butter. During the day do not discuss personal, financial or your situation in your home or car. This is where and how they get "intel" on you and your movements.
Go to site www.QUWAVE.com This site has products that help restore your bodies natural electrical charge. Occasionally find a bare spot in your yard, dirt not rocks or pebbles and stand or sit there bare footed for ten or fifth-teen minutes. This will ground off any unnatural electrical free radical charge your body might have. Search youtube for
"GANG STALKING" you will get a major education and hear testimonials that will empower you. Remember you are their leader they follow you. They are a lower life form.
Good Luck and if you are Christian PRAY. I pray for all of "TI's" nightly and the perps..

I need to talk to you.im a targeted individual

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect
They have been stalking me and torturing me 24/7. They use some type of direct stimulation electronic device which feels like something is crawling on top of the head or on back of the shoulders. The noise seems to come from the power source, which zooms in where ever I go and is louder on the left ear but its probably V2K because I cannot block it. The crawling sensation/butterfly causes congestion and chocking at the throat and thickening of secretions. After a long period, the head heats up and breaks into hot spots and profuse sweating. This happens several time per day. I have physical burn marks from this abuse and I wanted to seek forensic analysis for evidence to sue. If anyone has any info, please let me know. Thanks
Everything has an end.

I am a victim as well!!!! What the **** do I do I'm so ******* angry and stressed out. The question I have now is what the **** do I do to help myself? Please someone help I feel so alone. :-(

I'm sorry we all haft to go through this by perps.i would like to talk to you.

what do you do?

hey does anybody know anything about being body scanned if so what is this, i can even hear these aholes in other peoples cars. i do have one witness my aunt heard them while i was at her appartment.

While ths is so deep my stalking started after my xbf and his present gf, unknowningly had been watching my every move, they talk through my speakers through my speakers, my tv, and my car, my cell phone is being monitored also, the gf (tina) : ) said to my one night yeag bit** we talking to you in your speakers, i confronted my x he claims he dont know what am talking about, but the conversations i hear are things only he and i have talked about, they watch while i get undressed even in my shower, they are looking, it is to annoying, i get in my car they know when i leave for work and when i return, i know who they are i dont know the (tina), but the guys i know they wall in my apartment are so thin, at night i hear their whole conversation, the cold part about is the tina is a teacher in long beach, bixby knolls area i caught her taking pictures of me and a friend i told him to smile for the camera sometimes i ignore them, some days i tell them to **** off, and like all the others i have told people what is happening to me and they think am going crazy, i heard them talking about things in my house my jewlrey is gone the tina lives near me with the xbf and i believe my new next door is also involved, who works for mta , ane the xbf works for bp, one weekend in riverside away from my home they stayed outside of anothers friend apt, talking all night i did not sleep because they were outside in the parking area talking. they followed everywhere the tina likes to say you cant see me when i turn around she's gone. ithis is what i do bit**, and the guys says everybody is placed where they need to be. they need to get a life. GETTO *** POPAROSSI. AND LIKE THE BLIND MAN SAID F-EM F-EM ALL.

We don't devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks - Seriously. I can't help but hate em even though it only hurts me - psychopaths don't feel empathy so I'm sure it's just one more thing they can laugh at. Sickos. Hang in there.

I am going through the same thing. any advice?

Gods going to shine light on all this compensation is coming to all us victims government pay out it's all there doing united we stand!

<p>Death by Grocery Store </p><p>Something is going on the United States today that has grave implications for freedom and democracy in this country, and the only reason I even know about it is that it's happening to me. I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but even if it's just happening to one person, it's still something that shouldn't be allowed to happen in an allegedly free country.</p><p>I am being poisoned to death by grocery stores and restaurants in the community where I live, and everywhere I travel across the U.S., I find it almost impossible to buy food and drinks that are not spiked with some unknown substance that apparently is designed to cause cancer or some other dreadful disease.</p><p>Just to give you an example, I stopped at Frank's Roman Pizza, 339 Sardis Road in Asheville, N.C., and ordered a draft beer yesterday, but before serving me, they had to change the tap. Apparently they weren't fully prepared for my arrival and had the untainted tap still in place. Sure enough, when I finally got my beer, it tasted awful and gave me a headache.</p><p>That's usually what happens when I order beer in a bar or buy it in a grocery store.It really doesn't seem to matter where I go, everyone participates in the conspiracy. I don't know about you, but I find it alarming that thousands of employees of grocery stores and restaurants are accessories to murder and seem to have no compunction whatsoever about it. That does not bode well for the furture of this country.</p><p>Since no one has ever explained to me why I've been singled out for this particular form of harassment, I can only guess. From what I've read on the Internet, other people who have been targeted for state-sponsored harassment have discovered that a slander campaign has been conducted against them in the community where they live. They're accused of being a child molester, terrorist, drug dealer or something of that nature. I can only assume that's what's happening to me as well.</p><p>In my case, there's not an ounce of truth to any of these allegations. I think I was targeted because I'm an honest person who was doing my job as a journalist and exposing corruption in the CIA, the FBI, the military and other government agencies.</p><p>Instead of being poisoned to death, my fellow citizens should hold me in the highest esteem and give me a parade down Main Street with marching bands, female baton twirlers dressed in skimpy outfits and lots and lots of confetti. I should be honored with medals at city council meetings and thanked profusely by ordinary Americans for helping to protect their rights. Mothers should ask me to kiss their babies. Instead, I get gang stalking and death by grocery store.</p><p>But the point I'm making is that even if I were guilty, or even suspected, of having committed a crime, I would still have the constitutional right to face my accuser. We already have a perfectly good system available in this country to deal with people who are suspected of having committed a crime. They're supposed to be formally charged and then put on trial. And if there's not enough evidence to charge them, they're supposed to be left the **** alone.</p><p>The way things are now, if you do something that ****** off the criminals in government, such as exposing their illegal activities in the press, on the Internet or in conversations with other people, you're targeted for destruction. See this: www.examiner.com/human-rights-in-national/human-target </p><p>And the naive, "patriotic" idiots known as gang stalkers who do the government's dirty work for them are only expediting their own enslavement. Pretty soon, it won't be just political dissidents such as myself who are targeted for destruction. The morons who helped to destroy my life will soon find out that they will also be targeted in the impending global fascist dictatorship known as the New World Order.</p><p>
See http://brussellsprout.blogspot.com/</p>

Incredibly I heard about this first on youtube when I saw the videos that others had done, and I immediately recognized me, just as I have known all my life that there is some sort of organization that harasses people and stages various events. I have so often been in situations that seemed to be staged but I've never been able to pinpoint what it was until now.The question is who can afford this I mean it's not exactly cheap to pay people to harass or spy on people? It must be governments or secret societies that lies behind this.There seem to be people who have different tasks in these networks some just watching what you do who you meet, etc. I like to call them watchers.The second category is people trying to get information from you by talking I call them widgets and they usually get very good rewards if they can give their handler right information such as money or a new job.The third category is women who have sex on demand from their handler they usually have blonde hair and have a weird accent when they work I call them prostitutes. They are used as a reward for people who the network likes but they can also be used to frame you as you saw in the case of Julian Assange. The fourth category is the hooligans they are usually youth gangs that destroy property or making noise. The fifth category is the most dangerous, I call them killers they are there to beat you up or sometimes even kill you, but this is more unusual.

Very Very Sad...I've been gang stalked for over 20 yrs. I am so scared of everything. They break into my home and put acid like chemicals in my shoes. and food and mess with my clothes, hems and buttons... I've thrown out so much, I have no money left. People in my town the cops, the firemen, community members are all involved... What is wrong with these people??? Also, drugged and raped by men that I do know... I'm so insecure, and scared. Hating Life

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith. Their just little people wearing cop uniforms, fire"men" uniforms, and other guises. Check out the lights.

gang stalking is no diffrent than murder.....they are taking someones life away and the punishment for such a crime should be just as harsh.

Keep going police take photos if people get licence plates go high power to God.. The more we all fight this the more aware it becomes

Gang stalking is real in this world I have been going through it since 2009

Reading your post makes me feel so sad. We must really take a stand together that says that this problem can be overcome. I firmly believe it. It sounds like you have found a way to turn it into something good. Something this widespread will be exposed and if we band together we can do it. Thank you for optimism.

Tina is jealous of me, and hates me, they accuse me of being a child molester and a transexual and a druggie and tell me to commit suicide everyday, so if you don't have the V2Skull going on, then feel lucky. I am not a transexual I have never even thought of molesting kids and am not addicted to any drugs except nicotine. Oh but they insist on it and have an actual website that all the celebrities look at and it's supposedly the best in reality entertainment. They have threatened to burn my house, change my medical records to indicate HIV if I get a blood test, they laugh and act like they like doing this to me, but you have to think about it, yeah they get to laze around and do nothing for money, lots of money, but he knows I am innocent and I know he can't wait for me to commit suicide so he can ressurect himself like the life sucking vampire he is. Can we say sociopath ?

Hey everyone, I am a target of these creeps too. They have administered the chemicals in my home and the "gas-lighting" public just irritating little things that they can get away with. They have broken into my house, and distorted my words and defamed and slandered me to no end. They have introduced the DEW to me in my stomach esspecially when I am already sick with a tummy ache, they use that on my feet when I have walked for a long time, but I can tell that thet are doing this because it is a different pain, when my tummy was acheing all the sudden I would feel like a hot needle only at one place and not the rest of the area. When they use it on my tired feet, they would alternate the hot needle (thats what theDEW feels like)on my big toes. They also have the "voice 2 skull" technology but haven't the wisdom to use it in a positive way. Everything they say to me is negative, which reminds me of the day in May of 07 when I met my "handler" . I was at a concert at Center Stage in Atlanta, I went back stage and met the Rockstar super stalker Petrus Ratajczyk, since then he has died again, and he is playing oppossum again, sorry to let the cat out of the bag, but I swear on Jesus and my life. When you have the V2Skull going on they have to surveillance you and use intrusive negative comments and accusations constantly, that's the agreement, so he can no longer tour when he has this job. He has since used this technology to purchase a restaraunt and pays his bills for himself and the mysterious woman that keeps him company "Tina". This name Tina I think is the same for all the ladies who use the technology to protect their identity.

No, you may not be the Messiah, but more than likely the person being stalked is a person of power whom threatens the group. Along with bringing fear in your life, destroying your property, meddling with your relationships these people seek to destroy your ability to pursuade others or to carry on the tasks which bring you joy. Evil, pure evil is what these people are. <br />
What is even more mind boggling is this, our federal government spends millions of dollars to hunt down people who smoke maijuana and sit on their couch and watch tv, while these self appointed, self rightous vigilantes stalk, harass, vandalize, and terrorize people. Crimes with victims should be the priority of our law enforcement and once they're solved then they should move on to their "cash cow" victimless crimes. This will continue until we throw the bastards out of office that allow it.

Paranoia. The true enemy is fear, fear within. I found a balance between being logically/rationally safe while having a good time. Otherwise you just live your life in fear which is torture, seemingly inflicted from others, but actually inflicted from within. Every person is in their own mind, fearing their own demons, with their own problems. Oh and, if God helps you then, fine , but I don't believe God exists.

I am so relieved to find this gangstalking support site as I have been experiencing the same thing. I think my home was / is being bugged. I was working in a local council and I used to find that things I used to say were repeated the next day over and over again by the people I worked with. I also found that things I watched on TV would be repeated or even songs I listened to on the radio. I think that people were taking things I was saying out of context to make malicious lies up about me.<br />
<br />
I found myself the victim of terrible smears and made out to be the total OPPOSITE of what I am. I used to be quite popular but then, lots of people suddenly disappeared from my life all at the same time and others became hostile and started repeating the same things over and over and over again. It was crazy. I could see that I was being made the target of really creepy innuendo and gossip and no one would be straight with me so that I could take it to the police and stand up for my rights. Everyone was facilitating the abuse by listening to gossip and lies and not giving the victim a chance to defend herself. It was appalling behaviour.<br />
<br />
I also think that my health was attacked in an underhand way. My drink was spiked and other food items I was given affected me really badly. <br />
<br />
I still don't feel safe in my own home but a family member keeps telling me that I am being paranoid and that I should snap out of it. I start to lower my guard but as soon as I do, I start having terrible nightmares that the crazy, obsessed stalkers are STILL here and it stresses me out!<br />
<br />
My mother thinks I am suffering from PTSD and keeps trying to tell me it is all just anxiety which makes me feel worse.<br />
<br />
I just hope and pray that all the people who are being gangstalked by crazy people ( and we all know that stalkers are nutty as they lack a normal understanding of appropriate social boundaries) will get the help that they need.<br />
<br />
It's good that people are coming together to discuss their experiences and I think that we should all support one another as gangstalkers glory in isolating their victims. If all the victims of these weirdos got together, we would not be isolated any more.

Just a guess but, do you know any Jehovah's witnesses? They take part in this as well!

Is Fox Sports Radio in on harassing targeted individuals? Anthony Gargano and Lincoln Kennedy's show on Fox Sports Radio aired from 12 pm - 2 pm ET on December 3, 2011 was a little weird. They were like talking about somebody and something that ordinary audiences didn't know, acting erratically, their voices had been unstable throughout the first half of their show, faltering and slurring occasionally. It was as if they had been harassing someone, saying things like "shut your mouth," "you're such a loser," "loser," "we're felons," "we're going there," etc. The show was live and I thought they might have been harassing someone who was listening in to their show.<br />
Let me know if you know something about Fox Sports Radio, Anthony Gargano or Lincoln Kennedy's involvement in gaslighting, mobbing, gangstalking, etc.

Oh, yes people are organized cause stalking. It a combination of goofballs, cowards, and jealous idoits. I am an ex U.S. army veteran with three honorable discharges, and if you want proof here are two complaints I filed with the state of Pennsylvania. I do not lie. I was mobbed at Harrisburg Area Community College in Lancaster when i was a full-time sociology professor. (Academic Mobbing/workplace harassment) I had gone to the dean numerous times. He did nothing. I found out later, that one of the instructors who was harassing me and attacked me was the dean cousin. They lie and make up stories that they have witnesses. They gaslight people by ganging up on them. The cops do the same thing. It will be four or five of them and they will all lie. And Lie for each other. I am certain some of these people are Freemasons because he researched their names, and mesonic temples. A lot of them came from Manheim Pa. The complaint numbers at the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor's office Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission are as followed:PHRC Case No. 200800802 and EEOC No. 17F200960329. Anybody that wants copies of those complaints may have them. After dealing with the harassment for a year I along with several witnesses spoke with an attorney in Lancaster, and this attorney told me to call the governors office and immediately file a complaint with both the EEOC and PaHRC. After I filed the complaint I was fired. I was retaliated against, and then set up for crimes. True story! I was harassed hundred of times from june of 07 until aug of 09. I have only 60 counts of discrimination/harassment on the complaint because the governors office wanted me to focus on protective class. After I was fired from Harrisburg Area community College in Lancaster, I was then electronically harassed by cell phone, and caused stalked in the community of lancaster. I still have those phones number written in my journals. The police were even harassing me. I sent messages back pissed off. I was trying to figure who was stalking me. But low and behold right before the finding of the formal complaint were due to come out, the University of Delaware security showed up at my house on woods ave. they broke into the house, and took books, piled my ex-girlfriends gifts up and three of my army medals disappeared on the stand. The pa state trooper who watched them stated I don't why they took 90% of that stuff. They were taking it because it was felony retaliation, and they obtained a search warrant by deception. I lived on woods ave in Lancaster Pa, and a few of my neighbors were involved too. These neighbors were like stalking me too. It was almost like 24/7 I was being watched and stalked. Even at the Iron hill tavern were I used to go watch ba<x>seball. Somebody was flashing a badge at these and telling I was under investigation for something really really bad. The investigation was an excuse to stalk me. I had two professor call me and warn me about this behavior in south central Pa. I thought the one professor was nuts and crazy when I was warned by this professor. I started to keeping journals, and names. Low and behold, they do organize gang stalk people in Lancaster and the central pennsylvania area. Some were Freemasons, and they are involved in working with the police too. Their goal is to harass you, cause problems in your life, destroy you, Keep you from getting gain employement, and then fr<x>ame you for crimes, and blacklist you. I was staked by the police seven times that I know of. I have witness, and a text message proving this. As far as I know it was my ex-girlfriends father and uncle from Hershey Pennsylvania. My ex-girlfriend uncle is a multi-millionaire, and I am certain through his connection, and my ex-girlfriend's father connection they put my victimization in motion. And the police do fr<x>ame you, and they do lie, and when you tell somebody or the authorities they attempt to quickly dismiss that it happened. And attempted to have you diagonosed with an uncurable mental illness. Luckly for me, I had a forsenic psychologist, a nice judge, and a few others push back against the cowards and bullies. They are organized gang stalking people, and community ba<x>sed mobbing peoople in Lancaster Pennsylvania. I just wanted to warn people. They are combination of flunkies, mental ill people, wealthy people who don't know what to do with themselves, and a variety of other unhappy jealous people. They target honest people, educated people, U.S.service veterans, and vunerable people that have move in to the area from other places that have very little social connections. Mostly they are just jealous cowards, who get off on bullying people. They are adult bullies. And in the counties of Pennsylvania: Dauphin, Lebanoan, and Lancaster this is like their school or playground. It appears to be an epidemic now. Everybody must report their experience on the internet, and file as many complaint as you can with the FBI, Attorney general, DOJ, U.S. attorney general, and wite your congressman, senators, and governors. Don't stop writting them until you get an answer. Working class people, veterans, educated people, and poor people are being victimized by jealous creeps, bullies and cowards...if there are any other people out from central pennsylvania please come forward, and write about you experience on the internet. Thank you.

Please read my post www.gangstalkinginsandiego-sylviamorelos.webs.com and www.sylmor1974.blogspot.com. Same experience. Sylvia Morelos

I have been a victim of organized gangstalking and illegal surveillance from government agencies for many years. This is not something we are imagining-and unfortunately sometimes it begins with some who wear a brass badge....and moves deep into the entire community.

Watch this"Tell me the truth how do I get the stalkers and plebs off mine and other victims case and show them up for the idiots morons and cretins they really are<br />
the sentence rearranged above, from my true spirit guides gives the following<br />
"the Vatican are deliberately destroying the lihes of truth seekers t o stop losinh their human crowds power m(A)s(T) f l ed (THE) malehoIent to(R)(m(E)n t(ING) d(E)af m a d h c nts <br />
<br />
<br />
BY rearranging the words i found something highly enligtening, and as a victim of it myself, and having had lodgers, friends, tenants and even family turn against me,even when i havent saidor done anything, i have come to the conclusion the vatican has brainwashed idiots to the antichrist idea that they turn against you with their alledged ego superiority, stay strong you are better than them, and if we are the antichrist for seeking the truth then bring it on, and muppets, while your chasing the antichrist thinkers, the jesuits are building machines and using satanic spells to create their eugenics dream, distractions to allow them to wipe out mankind by making everyone look the other way.<br />
Those disbelievers are just manifestation of nazi and other killers menatalities and are purely echoes of past humans, <br />
<br />
I laugh at them everywhere i go now and ive even started putting signs in my car windows like cowards, they hate it and snarl as they drive past their loss not mine, because when you have been encouraged to commit suicide been driven off the road, spat on, had people turn away and sneer and seen peoples character change to pure vicious and demonic in front of you, including strangers then you know its deliberate targetting, and these echoes are actually ghosts being led by the vatican or the new world order<br />
<br />
And to those detractors and deniers who come up with the what makes you think your so special to be targetted, you ******* its becuase we are enlightened free thinkers that we are targetted and yes its demonic, so true earth spirits are chased and harassed, its envy jealousy or even just pure fear but your still idiots and easy to be corrupted because your not worthy enough to even be TARGETTED , guess thats becuase Lucifer knows how stupid you are.<br />
Have a nice life in nothingness when you realised they have already destroyed the planet, to stop people finding out the truth, and we are all just echoes of previous ghosts, YEP YOUR ALL ALREADY DEAD.

Hello Everyone This is Leslie W-Im goinfg to list some Web Pages One of my Goals is to help other Targets-because information-Wisdom demystifies what is happining to/towards you-Go To www.freedomfchs.com<br />
Review Remote Neural Monitoring and EVERYTHING else-and begin to learn-DO IT-Stay safe I have been Gangstalked to Ct California Tennesee back to Michigan and am Preparing to go to California again-It is all over the internet that Targets move multiple times-Even from State to State Ive literally seen hundreds blogs/and You Tube Video's mentioning that this is what they have to do so stay strong keep Your faith Always rememeber who you are-Their nothing but Low Life Crimminals and ya know at the end of the day when your still and-you in your inner self reconize that this is actually only all that they are Just Low Lilfe Crimminals who hurt innocent people and enjoy it what does this say about them -To me it says these people are LITERALLY Freaked-synaptically dissadent-so stay strong and remember they want you to feel victimized dont just laugh at them internally see them for what they are low Lifes and enjoy your day-that ****** them off-Me personnally -Im stalking them in creative ways that are exposing them-which is the Goal-Understand and be clear we can connect this to the host by exciting the fears of the Hosts"Exposure"--Like for instance since when is torture not illegal and since when does the FBI or Police not investigate this but they will arrest you for stealing a Slim Jim-<br />
This is confirming the Police are getting orders to dismiss reports and Complaints/and even participate they got these orders from somewheir -Fbi same thing-So my Goal is to creatively expose them Nationwide one day AND I WILL-<br />
Its not a reactionary defensive response its a directive-from me to them I solemeley promised to make this my lifes motivation-to expose people nationwide that commit these crimminal acts and the agencies that protect's them -Exposure is a powerful weapon it Purifies hidden corruption-and unveiils the thruth-when you Microwave INFANTS and CHILDREN-we have to open our minds to teh exacting nature of what is really happining here INFANTS CHILDRENIf I wass a Mother i whould never ever permit this ever I whould have sit downs in front of Municiple building afetr emassing enough local public awarmeness the rouge elements within OUR Tax Dollared Community's need to understand that our Communitys are OURS Not their'sCan you belive teh Police and Fire Department directley aid and abbed in these campaighns and ya know what crack me up when YOU YOU pay your property Tax When you go without as a result-guess what it is used for TORTURE Literally and the majority of teh Population isnt even aware while the Victims live aLab Rat'ed life while they go to Picnic with their familys-LITERALLY this is LITERALLy happining in everysingle town city and state in the union-Ive come thru experieence and realized that the Media will not report the Electronic Harrassment and maipulation which show's me the only one that has REAL control over that is Governement and BIG BIG Buisness-So anyways-Fellow Americans Never Ever Underestimate teh Power of one woman remeber Rosa Parks Bless her soul and Joan of Ark and so so many others-we as a peeople have to stop letting this mantality of "We take your tax dollars and have the LITERAL LITERAL right to do anything anything we want to to you-Do you REALLY see what I am saying here-Infants Children<br />
I see them and I say Bull___you have no right and one day Im goin to expose every Detail i can<br />
Document EVERYTHING accumulate proof including the Participation and Non Participation of Polilce and Courts and trust me I know these crimes will get out of control statistically no doubt about it and te managers and Directors will be held accountible EXPOSURE Is the best thing Example leaving anonymous statemnets Physically at places to expose tehri participations and to affect the False establishments theri advertizing"like if your experincing this at a store Library University and do it in a way they eventually know-at least it makes them work hard Why should they get to trelax and feel like Torture is a passive recreation-stick it to them by shameful tactics using truth-especially the Buisnesses they use Do It but do it anonymousley-I havent done this yet but I will eventually-what we need to do is group together Physically and find finacial sponsers-and uncorrupted Lawyers for Class action law suits and Belive me they will eventually occur<br />
Keep the Faith and stay strong <br />
Leslie W

The Bible also says" Let no man dispise thee" Titus 2:15. The persons stalking and attacking you with DEW to destroy you are dispising you, treating you with contempt. Defend yourself with the non physical but powerful weapons of the Blood of Jesus, the Word of God and Prayer especially in tongues. Add to this fasting with holy living, and you shall obtain protections and relief. I can testify of this. Plead the Blood of Jesus over your life, your family, your possessions, your mind. Then get agressive with pleading the Blood against each malicious person and each act of targeting directed at you. Put a Blood line around you which the demonic forces behind targeting cannot cross. The low level demonized will disappear immediately, not being able to take the heat and the higher level imps will soon follow as you continue to press into the power of the Blood, for which the demonized Illuminati and their cohorts have to flee from and have no counter remedy. All power belongs to God and He is the One who is ultimately in control of your situation. Bottom line is the targeting can be stopped and/or severely reduced by the application of Biblical strategies of the Blood of Jesus, Name of Jesus, Word of God, Prayer, Fasting and Confession. Go on the offense in a Biblical way, you will see results."Finally Brethren, be strong <br />
in the Lord and in the power of His might."<br />
As you may know, these tactics are useful for Chirstians not unbelivers. However, now may be a good time for non belivers to receive the healing, delivering and protection power of Jesus through his Blood. Ask Jesus to forgive you, heal you and give you the protective power of His Blood. Let no man dispise you.

i am experiencing the same thing. Ever since we testified in a trial that involved bank fraud. The thing with my private conversations being used on the radio and personal info like medical records being used in tv commercials. Digital tv channels that i scan and pick up repeat phrases i ahve used recently like yesterday. And sometimes the very same day. We are living in a semi truck. my husband is a truck driver. Truck stop intercoms play wierd music when we walk in. People driving in the middle of the interstate ,getting out and throwing their arms up when we drive by. This is all to wierd. I don't even know who to talk to about it.

I've been victimized by this since 2001 following filing a lawsuit against the largest non-metropolitan health care organization in the united states of America. Just call me the Whistle blower I guess b/c that is the "why" behind the past 10 years of living hell, death threats, stalkers, harassment, home invasions, robberies & God knows what else!!! I finally left the state! How did I survive you ask? Jesus Christ. He's my body guard, attorney, judge and friend! :)

Kevin, I agree with you and your concept(s) 1000% Thank you for sharing the TRUTH on this forum. I blew the whistle on a billion dollar corporate black market industry in 2000. Those guilty by association burned my home down, killed my animals, blew up a car, strangers would stalk me, harass me, break into my home when I was out of town, Rob me of things I held to my heart, etc. I have often wondered "why" did they not simply take me out? I mean if they can shoot a president in broad daylight (Kennedy) and then have his Patsy shot and killed while on TV in the middle of the day...then surely they can remove a singer from Mississippi?!!! WRONG. Jesus Christ has my back..always did..always will. Again, Thank you for your post. It made more sense than anything I've ever seen or read before. God bless. KC<br />
<br />

I think that's interesting what you said in the comments section about cops. The two guys that moved into the apartment above me are both 'administration of justice' students from Sacramento college and one of them is a friend of my XBF (CBS). None of these guys are 'cops' yet they are all law enforcement in some respect. <br />
<br />
Hey GS please message me back, it's lonely over here! :)

I hope you will visit my experiences with harassment. I am so sorry you are going through this. What out of control bullies to need to do this to you.

hi kevin you sound like a sweet guy . the reason they dont shoot me even though they say they have an assassin here(whooo i am so scared ha ) in cambodia, hello there are dozens i'm sure. .. the real reason is they will loose money. they said loudly behind my house in bangkok we are to drive her to the edge. they want u to commit suicide if they assisinate u there are some ppl watching . they will do time in a thrid world prisn. they were imprisoned harrassing me in ny ny and hong kong already. they are dumb these are contract workers cheap labor i hope my govt doesnt have ppl this stupid. they just cant be american their accents are strange they are super yougnad very old, some are sociopaths and pretty but who would want that woman or man? not me. mine started in 08 ny ny lower east side partly the landlord wanted me , the suepr was told to take a vacation crack heads moved in made good freinds with neighbors who were new badmouthed me, another reason...out side in the east village i saw a strange game being played,training ppl all over the neighborhood two yrs ago. they started following me to library ,art openings,my last night out rock shows but worst of all aa.while snorting coke next door up above may apt my ear was on theier door they said oh we have to go to that meeting out come the blackberries and they all show up at whatever meeting i am at. thank god i dont have to drive. it must be hard. i pray every day kevin . i could not get sober the internet saved my life finding out that other pppl were used in this so called program . its not a controlled program with me drunk, killing my cat, stealing clothes in ana apt i had 17 yrs with no break ins ever.. please. then i saw online near huntington beach n.a. dara rms they are doing the same things to ppl mandated to attend meetings. i was not mandated and i'm not a felon. i'm not a better human than they are i am just saying this as one other poster has. the group claimed to own homes in huntington beach. ron zimmerman and friends long island , new tenants to e 7 th st. lots of crackheads came in out of nowhere housing police said this is common. The economy collaps;es so there are t ons of empty apt from ppl who worked on wall st banks etc. who got keys and came ina nd out the roof and the ba<x>sement, gangstalkers . i kept looking up actors they call themselves actors they arent they are terrible at it. maybe the guy randy quaid isnt crazy. i wanted to get out of us as my ex was euro they got the women in the front rm of that consulate to really laugh at me and join in on the hate groups they use. there are some decent cops, retired feds, isrealis, decent spanish and very smart irish who saw what was going down. it goes on often. names jason,rossa, paige,stanley russell they are the tech parts before not now candi darling was a call name for one. billly,elisbeth , our angels ha, some east euros w/ fake polish passports told they will get green cards and then told u have a student visa ha. good luck. they are paid to get u to go insane in public a bar or cry in a an aa meeting . talk to yourself, scream in the air for no reason but then they started to run out of money ppl and these are sick speed freaks from out west . they use new orleans ohio, az, vancouver , supposedly boston i dont know really about that, mich has new laws here is the thing interstate stalking is a fed offense this is attempted murder on so many levesl why is there not a task force to help ppl in connecticut, afew catholics there are harrassed very straight ppl, nj ,ny ny ,sf? what is going on . well Dianne Fienstien YEAH believes it, there are just too many cases, so does one brave mayor in KY. Maine has some very strict laws. alot of the actors bothering me are on utube and flckr.com see somewhereoneaarth yeah thatst two aas see some scum in action on st in 4 countries. the skytrai in bangkok is well aware they saw it . some ppl played cop but used strange hand signals and started a huge fight wtih me near pat pong area where i email some fantastic american agents saw it . they were strange tall wanna be german sounding euros they were in a hotel well hidden from the main st. white easy to spot because hey they were seen harrassing me and almost attacking me.

Their are hundreds of thousands of victims, Im seeing this stuff every where youtube, facebook, metacafe, twitter, myspace I didnt know how many victims their were its unbeilvable, check out the billboards at areyoutargeted.com, The best thing to do is get a class action lawsuit, Lots of those Judges dont know anything about DEW, you have to prove your case like James Walbert<br />
you can also try adding a log book of harassment dates, times and incidents. Radiation blood test, witnesses of DEW harassment, tester results like the one that you have, doctors paper work which proves your getting sick for no reason. Walbert had declassified DEW documents.<br />
video evidence if you can catch anything. You can try adding more evidence like this youll have a better case. Its hard but after 1 or 2 cases win it will be easier to win these case later.

Your story is all too typical of what innocent people are being subjected to around the world!<br />
<br />
Please watch my personal gang-stalking video here:<br />
<br />

i hope and pray anyone who is cyberstalking someone to the point of going into their home and invading their privacy, burns in a fiery car crash

i hope and pray anyone who is cyberstalking someone to the point of going into their home and invading their privacy, burns in a fiery car crash

I know you're very busy guys/gals, but please try to watch my 19-minute video on gang stalking & 9/11 truth, an pass it on to anyone who may be interested in it:<br />
<br />
http://www.vimeo.com/18103517<br />
<br />
Keep up the great work!!!<br />
<br />

gang stalking is a non human phenomen although its designed to appear as human-made harassment. its designed to confront humans.<br />
Undefined intelligent entity or entities, out of our 5 sense scope, is behind the scenes of this horrible covert harassment.<br />
Human developed mind control technology cannnot accomplish what is being done in gang stalking. <br />
Other non-human technology by far much more sophisticated is being used to manipulate the unwitting perps

Gang stalking is not human technology ba<x>sed harassment. The origin is non-human. Undefined intelligent entitiy, out of our 5 sense scope, is able to manipulate, mind control each and every citizen of the world. Who knows for howmany decades or centuries. Gang stalking is designed to trick you into believing some human organisation or group is controlling the harassment behind the scenes (the government, the CIA, masons, illuminati, FBI, your neighbors, etc). This harassment is designed to confront humans among us, to spread fear, hate and untrust among the human race. Gang stalking is designed to appear as human-made harassment. this is the principal deception.<br />
There are no perps in gang stalking. All the people surrounding the victim are mind controlled manipulated to act rude and weird towards the target, so the victim is tricked into believing they are recruited concious stalkers. But they are just unwitting citizens under mind control, behaviour manipulated puppets. But its key to understand this mind control technology is non human, is not CIA developed, is not MK ULTRA developed or nothing similar, is not electronic/microwave technology developed by humans. <br />
We have to accept that mankind is an unslaved race, by an undefined non human intelligent entitiy or entities.

I was poisoned in my water supply.My home was broken into and bugged .They used spy satellites to spy on me.A helicoptor flew over my home also.Most are in on it.First it started out by vehicle stalking then being followed everywhere.Its designed to make targets appear crazy. Inform everyone you trust and contact various support groups about organized stalking.This seems to be going on mainly in rural areas.

gang stalking sounds like its got alot of creepy people behind it. I would think secret societies

I have been gang stalked for years and gone through a terrosing time also loss of family and friends.. Only now I know other people are talking about their experiences and that is helping. There is a web page US and that describes my experiences. The most difficult perpetrators are those who interfer with telephone calls and live locally. There are listening 'cells; in every community.. Listening in they do not know what the conversation is about, but will take sides and become a stalker. They hear arrangements made also the names of each person, can record this sending it through to anyone when leaving an ansaphone message. They turn up at the arranged place and approach the named person as though a friend. <br />
All telephone calls can be heard and can be interfered with. Change in volume, accent, tone, sounds like anger, distate, etc, also laughter that is out of context, and the spoken voice, both people in the call think it is the other. Also in use is subliminal use of words it is a means of control of the masses. In particular the younger people as they are very vulnerable to suggestion. <br />
This has broken families, businesses, caused terrible fear, distrust of people known. <br />
What are the British Police doing about it? Try telling them and see what happens.

i believe this makes good sense.i cant understand how anyone would willfully become involved in doing this to another human being,+dont want to.it requires an evil mind to harass someone to drive them to suicide,or breakdown,+these idiots enjoy their work.evil of this type has to have its origins in satan ultimately.the masons god is satan.the G/S is backed by the industrial/military faction who really run governments.those involved seem to think they are safe themselves from the ind/mil faction,but how will they in turn be viewed once they have served their purpose?why should they expect any mercy after their indefencible behaviour?fools.

Letters to The Editor<br />
French Intelligence Agency, DGSE, Accused of Domestic Radiation & Chemical Torture <br />
[Editor's Note: The author of this article identifies himself only as "J.R.A.", a now-retired Lt. Colonel of the US Army who formerly worked for the Pentagon. He says that his difficulties began in April 2006 while assigned to a US embassy in North Africa. where agents of DGSE attempted to recruit him. His carefully detailed account of how secret-technology radiation weapons, as well as chemical poisoning, are clandestinely applied to his every waking move, parallels almost exactly the information I've received from other victims of radiation/poisoning torture .His suspicion that he was targeted in a ***-for-tat vendetta because of disparaging comments he made to French operatives, seems logical It is also obvious, however, that his tormentors are acting with the knowledge and cooperation of the highest echelons of US security & Intelligence. When an US Army officer, who clearly performed within an intelligence capacity for the Pentagon, DIA, and CIA, is himself targeted for covert electronic torture and harassment, it's time to recognize that all NWO operatives and minions respect NO boundaries of national identity or loyalty. The people who engage in these activities, regardless of the country of their birth, are corrupt and diabolical CRIMINALS who are merely using the FACADE of national service to legitimize their heinous corruption. The pendulum will eventually swing the other way, and those who dish it out will themselves be on the receiving end of their actions. Of that you can be certain. <br />
I review this man's story during my March 31, 2010 radio interview with Don Nicoloff. ..Ken Adachi]<br />
By JRA <br />
http://educate-yourself.org/lte/frenchDGSEcovertradiation31mar10.shtml<br />
March 31, 2010 <br />
French Intelligence Agency, DGSE, Accused of Domestic Radiation & Chemical Torture (March 31, 2010) <br />
Subject: The French Intelligence Agency (DGSE) is using chemicals & electromagnetic radiation to murder & conduct experiments on U.S. citizens.<br />
From: DGSE_EMRvictim@live.com<br />
Date: Wed, March 31, 2010 <br />
To: Ken Adachi <br />
The French Intelligence Agency, DGSE [French: Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure; English: Directorate-General for External Security] is using chemicals & electromagnetic radiation to murder & conduct experiments on U.S. citizens. <br />
<br />
I am the victim of an ephemeral episode of Gang stalking and these perpetual harassments perpetrated by the DGSE: Microwave, Infrasound, Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Pulses, and Electromagnetic Radiation.<br />
<br />
1. This is an open letter to the large number of victims of electromagnetic radiation torture in the United States and around the globe. In spite of how unremarkable this torment might be to those who are not directly victimized, this phenomenon has nevertheless saturated our lives like a tsunami overtaking lowlands below sea level. If I may, I would like to share my experience of the past 4 years with the other victims. I believe sharing this experience with all concerned parties will hopefully offer everyone another optic to the sinister practices that have so negatively impacted our lives. There is a significant majority who probably has never heard of the above mentioned harassments. Understandably, those in that majority will have a tendency to quickly dismiss the existence of such groups as hog wash. I invite you to acquaint yourself a little with this phenomenon by conducting web searches for the above underlined keywords. <br />
2. My Lord JEHOVAH has guided me to your website and a few others where I discovered key pieces to the puzzle of this agony that has been my life for the past 4 years. This compares little to those who have endured this hell over a period of a decade or longer. Those of you who have been fighting these scumbags one way or another, I applaud you. The information on these websites gave me a clearer picture of the intricacy and sophistication of the operation that was mounted against me. Although I was certain I could not possibly be the sole victim, but I was flabbergasted to learn of the vast number of Americans being victimized in this fashion.<br />
3. At the onset of my ordeal, I was fairly certain of the hand of a foreign power as the force responsible for my problems. I was very confused and ardently sought in earnest to comprehend what was going on in my life, but failed miserably. I failed because I was unaware of the existence of gang / organized stalking and electromagnetic radiation as a mode of harassment in this country. In my case the goal was not purely harassment, it has been a continuous attempt to murder me since April 2006. Needless to say I was also ignorant of the exact nature of the threat I was facing and how they had set out to destroy my life. <br />
4. I discovered being a target in April of 2006 while - as a US Army Major - I was temporarily posted at a U.S. Embassy in North Africa. Upon arrival in that country, I noticed being under heavy surveillance. The surveillance did not bother me, because traveling US Government employees are well aware of host countries prerogative to verify the bona fide of visitors crossing their national borders. All we can do is observe and take note. Then a biochemical compound was introduced into my eye drop at the hotel. After an incubation period, the eye drop caused me to suffer several heart attacks. In fact while the former K.G.B. officer Mr. Alexander V. Litvinenko was decimating in a London hospital of a radioactive tea, my body was undergoing a series of unexplained physiological problems. The effects of the biochemical compound culminated into an episode that felt like my inside was about to explode. By then I was already in another country and became convinced of being targeted for assassination, but in a manner to make it appear as if I died of natural cause.<br />
5. During the period subsequent to April 2006, I observed, noted, and tracked the responsible parties as they were tracking me through Algeria, Qatar, Bahrain, England, and ultimately to the Washington DC area. Given that I noticed French nationals as part of a surveillance team tracking me from North Africa to the United States, I suspected the involvement of the DGSE. However I could not prove it. <br />
6. As a Lieutenant Colonel assigned at the Pentagon, I became the target of an intensive - around the clock - inconspicuous surveillance. When I reported that fact to my organization, I was command referred to the agency’s psychiatrist. I started to get back at the low life tormentors by photographing and following them around. I would pick one moron and follow him / her around for a few miles. At such moments, the group would become more aggressive and block me off. Although the Modus Operandi (MO) was somewhat similar to gang stalking, but initially, the ob<x>ject of the operation against me was other than gang stalking. I believe this has strictly been a foreign intelligence operation to gather information and who knows what else. I observed members of the group surveilling me at the Pentagon and at both Headquarters of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). At the beginning, their surveillance teams consisted mostly of individuals who appeared to be of Caucasian Americans, western Europeans, and sub-Saharan lineages. It was not until a little later that the demographic of the group slowly became that of the Washington DC area. Despite the covert MO, I believe their operation went bad because I was able to see them and took pictures of several of their operatives. <br />
7. When they realized I was able to identify them, they then began a campaign to discredit me. They temporarily modified the goal of their operation to overt gang stalking. They were evidently trying to aggravate and overwhelm me with - but not limited to - the following subliminal actions: <br />
a. They got extremely close to me to the point of violating my personal space. <br />
b. They jingled the change in their pockets<br />
c. They would rush to follow me as I entered buildings<br />
d. They crowded me in elevators and everywhere I went. <br />
e. The harassment continued on the highway as they boxed me in order to force me to drive slower. <br />
f. At night they followed behind me with their high beams <br />
g. They called my phone while I slept during the night to say nothing and hang up<br />
h. They topped it off by moving my rental car from one end of the parking lot to another while the car was parked and locked on a military installation. That was an attempt to make me think I was losing my mind or in the event I shared that information with anyone, my interlocutor would think I was crazy. <br />
8. I was convinced they were trying to isolate me, push me over the edge, or make others think I was a lunatic. The overt harassment ceased abruptly when my employer referred me to the agency psychiatrist. I surmised they stopped because they were probably satisfied with the accomplishment of a secondary goal. Who would believe someone who has been referred to the psychiatrist? <br />
9. The overt gang stalking did not last long (maybe 3 weeks max), but the operation continued. They reverted to a more clandestine phase that has been ongoing since the end of June 2006. They proceeded with a series of stealthy home and car intrusions to spray chemicals in the air for me to breathe, on my clothes, on my provisions, and water supply. On the roadways they used cars to engulf me with chemicals that reacted with the other chemicals they put in my food to eventually cause death of natural cause. Helicopters are used extensively to release certain chemicals either directly over me or over my expected routes. When the helicopters pass directly overhead, I would immediately feel flu-like symptoms. Other times I would feel a terrible fatigue coming over me. <br />
10. When the chemicals released from cars did not work, they switched to low frequency infrasound (LFI). Ultimately, they began using electromagnetic waves, electromagnetic pulses, and electromagnetic radiations still combined with bio-chemicals. While in my apartments, I would always feel through walls electronic attacks, which caused me to move out of several apartments and ended up living on a boat. During the chemicals, infrasound, and radiations assault on my being, they have targeted every organ in my body. At a minimum they targeted my stomach, my heart, my brain, my eyes, my pancreas, my liver, my kidneys, my lungs, prostate, my muscle group, my sinus / respiratory system, and my digestive system. They targeted my circulatory system by trying to induce a disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). <br />
11. The harassments and attempts to murder me are conducted seamlessly from state to state and to a neighboring country. They flew roundtrip with me when I went to another state from Washington DC. The radiation campaign continued during the flights, aboard the airplanes. As soon as I landed at my destination, the radiation assault would continue without missing a beat. When I drove from Washington, DC to Oklahoma, NY, and Canada, they were with me every step of the way. While in Montreal and Toronto, Canada, they used vehicles with Canadian license plates. When I crossed the border back to the United States, they reverted to using vehicles with US plates. Another time, I drove to Louisiana, but the surveillance and harassments seamlessly followed me through Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. <br />
12. In view of the extensive resources that have been used in these operations, it is perfectly logical for any victim to blame the US government for their pains. Most observers would agree that only a government could afford to dedicate such boundless resources to conduct these operations. However, I realized that it is not always the US Government in every case. Having been the target of this maltreatment for 4 years, I have discovered that there are multiple forces at work in this country. It should not surprise anyone that foreign intelligence agencies would find it beneficial to use these, for-hire, groups to maintain anonymity while operating in this country. ba<x>sed on my observation, these groups are made up of a gaggle of regular citizens and a variety of active, possibly retired, city, state, and federal government employees and contractors. However, I believe the top la<x>yer of the group pulling the strings here in this country for the DGSE is more than likely former US Special Forces and intelligence mercenaries. The gaggle of citizens works in family unit. When in restaurant settings, a female, as part of a couple, would be the one carrying the portable radiation weapon in her purse or pocketbook.<br />
13. Due to the composition of these groups, it is fairly easy for them to project a US Government façade. Any mercenary or traitor with ties to a current or former agency can easily convince that agency to stage a law enforcement exercise along the route of someone they are torturing. One victim listed on his website the name and badge number of an FBI agent supposedly working for that agency's special investigative division (SID). I do not know the circumstances in which that information was revealed. It could be as accurate as it could also be misleading. I would be very leery at the veracity of any information provided by a tormentor unless it can be proven having originated at that agency. In what circumstance would the FBI reveal to a victim or alleged suspect that he/she is the subject of a special investigation? I do not know, but a mercenary or a US Government employee (a traitor), on the payroll of the DGSE or any other foreign intelligence agency, could have staged the whole encounter or any law enforcement exercise. This way all responsibilities would diverge from the culpable parties to a US entity. Victims would obviously think that they are the subject of a legitimate US Government operation or investigation. <br />
14. My experience for the past 4 years is, by most assessments, analogous to the ordeal of the other victims in America. The following occurrences scratch only the surface of the torment I have been going through: <br />
• Violations of privacy. Total violations of privacy and civil liberties<br />
• Home and car intrusions. Clandestine intrusions of my domicile and car. These violations include any home or car to which I might have access. They clandestinely entered my family home in Oklahoma, my mother and sister's home in Florida, home of close friends, daughter’s car. The intrusion is also done while I slept and in the shower. That was made possible after sleep-induced chemicals were pumped into the apartment causing me to fall into a deep sleep. <br />
• Gang/organized stalking. The overt gang stalking was short-lived and lasted about 3 weeks. <br />
• ba<x>se operation. Not sure of a ba<x>se operation but I am sure several have moved into my building and the building where my girlfriend lives. The possibility of a substation in my apartment building and hers is very likely.<br />
• Directed Energy Weapons. I have been perpetually targeted with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) in my apartment, my friend’s apartment, on my boat and on the road.<br />
• Temporary physiological problems. Suffered from the two extremes of induced diarrhea and constipation. Persistent anxiety / Abdominal pains / Occasional excessive urination / Unexplained headaches / eyesight deterioration. Mosquito stings sensation on the body producing an itching sensation. Wild legs ******* while in bed giving a feeling of restless leg syndrome.<br />
• Heart palpitation. Sudden Heart palpitation while sleeping or in a relaxed mode. On several occasions, my heart had skipped a beat. They have been attempting to remotely give me a heart attack for a long time<br />
• High body heat. Sudden extremely high body heat while sleeping. I think this is caused by electromagnetic radiations, which can be fatal if the body temperature is elevated above a safe level. <br />
• Vibration of organs. I have felt vibrations of my chest cavity, my eyes, glands, and other parts of the body.<br />
• High level of Potassium. High level of potassium in the blood after being exposed to a high dose of chemicals and radiations. <br />
• Misdiagnose of Mental illness. Forced into a mental hospital, diagnosed with delusional disorder and forced into medical retirement<br />
• Questionable Lab Results. Although my biological system was under tremendous stress due to chemicals and electromagnetic waves and radiation, my lab results are always within range. My suspicions have always been that the DGSE accessed the Lab Company’s databa<x>se and tempered with the results.<br />
• The phone call. I met a very nice couple at the Vancouver Airport. They invited me to join them at their Airlines VIP lounge. As an attorney, the lady gave me free legal advice after having met only 15 minutes earlier. They gave me their business cards, a book to read, and asked me to stay in touch with them. By the time I got off the plane at Dulles Airport and attempted to thank them for the book and say goodbye, they received "the phone call" and looked terrified and did not even want to shake my hand to say goodbye. I then remembered seeing the government looking moron trying to keep on eye on me as I was boarding the plane. Another time, I went to visit a family friend of at least 18 years. Their house is where I was always welcomed. If the door is open, I merely need to let my presence known and enter. It is a house where on many occasions, I played dominoes, cards, ate many dinners, and slept when I visited. When I went for a visit in December 2006, he was not home, but his wife received "the phone call." She looked terrified and disappeared into the bedroom where she remained and did not come out to talk to me. Her husband, an army colleague and friend, who always made time to meet me for a drink, abruptly stopped calling. I figured immediately I was being isolated. <br />
• Burning sensation of the skin, bottom of my feet, and internal organs. The internal burning mostly occurs near the areas of the stomach, the pancreas, the heart (more than any other area), and the kidneys, etc. <br />
• Blacklisted. Although fully qualified with specialized skills, I was refused employment with a couple of federal agencies. <br />
• Attempts to make me destitute. Something was done with the Defense Accounting System to cause me to miss several retirement checks. I have no idea what exactly was done. The situation was corrected.<br />
• Incarceration Attempts. Once the police pulled me over for a traffic infraction. Rather than coming over to my car to ask me the routine questions, the officer remained in his squad car and began to insult me on the PA system. When I ignored him he just drove away. Another time, I could not sleep because of all the chemicals that were sprayed in the apartment. At 0300 hours, I went for a ride and saw someone following me. I changed lane, but he mirrored my moves. A little later, the police pulled me over. This time the police came to the car and asked the routine questions and told me that I was weaving all over the roads. I briefly explained to him the reasons why I was changing lanes. This officer was probably not in their stalking network. He apparently believed my explanation and mentioned that it was a fireman who called the department and gave my car's desc<x>ription and told the station that I was swerving all over the road. A FIREMAN!!!<br />
• Electronic monitoring. I have been the subject of a very intense electronic monitoring apparatus. They constantly monitor my phones, computers, email addresses, bank accounts, credit cards etc. A bug was placed on my laptop computer as I was charging it at a public cafe with no wireless access. They were able to access my computer through the electrical outlet. Other times, they accessed my laptop computer while I was using the computer on battery power only and not even on the Internet. I normally disable the communication hardware on all my laptop computers. So you do not have to be on the Internet to be vulnerable. <br />
• Targeted with microwave radar. Through walls microwave radar and electronic torture. Most of the time, I only get radiated when I am alone in the living room. Other times, if someone else is in the living room with me, I am not radiated. Therefore, they know exactly when I am alone in a certain room. <br />
<br />
• Missing items. Family's passports and other items came up missing. <br />
• The zapping and Zing. Constant zapping / Zing of the body with Low Frequencies Infrasound (LFI) and electromagnetic waves and pulses.<br />
• Subliminal license plates. License plates with a subliminal message: "ZIIIING". However, this could very well be a coincidence.<br />
• Terrible fatigue. Drop dead fatigue after passing through a chemically contaminated area and high radiation exposure. This sometimes occurs subsequent to a helicopter over flight.<br />
• Divergence of responsibility. Something is always done to remove responsibility from the true culprits and place it on a US Government agency. That way the victim will think that he/she happens to be the subject of a bona fide US Government investigation. <br />
• Isolation. Old friends do not return phone calls and broke contact. Others awkwardly turned away upon seeing me in the metro.<br />
• Letters to Congress met with silence. <br />
15. Despite the similarities of my ordeal and that of the other victims, I am absolutely certain my problems did not begin with the US Government. My intention here is not to exonerate the US Government and give them a get-out-of-jail-free card. I have no idea what the US Government knows, nor am I aware of their activities under the veil of secrecy. I emphasize begin here, because I am unaware of the US government's actions when I submitted a report of being under heavy surveillance. If any US Government agency has jumped on the bandwagon and is piggybacking on the DGSE’s actions to use me as a guinea pig, remove me from society, or finish the job started by the French, unfortunately and sadly I cannot prove it. I believe the tormentors and aggressors responsible for these sadistic acts will lay in the bed they are making for themselves. This includes rogue US agents or US agencies. <br />
16. The last thing you would find me doing at this time is to defend the US Government. However, what's fair is fair. I have observed and tracked the culpable parties as they followed me from the Middle East to Washington DC. In fact I was badly mistreated by agencies of the US government when I reported the aggressive intelligence operation that was mounted against me. They:<br />
a. ******** me of my access to classified information<br />
b. Referred me to three psychiatrists<br />
c. Diagnosed me of delusional disorder<br />
d. Had me admitted in the psychiatric ward at Walter Reed Army Hospital for 30 days<br />
e. Forced me into early retirement. <br />
17. In view of the covert nature of these activities, how do I know the DGSE is responsible for my psychological and physical torture? I was stationed overseas when the DGSE made several barnyard attempts to begin the process to try to recruit me as an intelligence asset. I saw through their amateurish tactics and of course stayed clear of them. I suspected several subsequent indirect attempts to collect on me, which I did my best to sidestep. I remember calling them some unflattering names while they were monitoring my cell phones. I saw the French as part of a team surveilling me when the biochemical compound was introduced into my eye drops in a country in the Middle East and as they were tracking me through the countries mentioned in paragraph 5 above. <br />
18. Knowing they monitor my cell phones around the clock, I communicated with the DGSE and conveyed to them that I am certain they are responsible for torturing and trying to kill me by means of bioterrorism. I also informed them of the detail of their operation and their use of helicopters. They used to employ helicopters multiple times daily, once I put that information out on the wireless for anyone to capture, they immediately discontinued the use of the helicopters. Although not as intense as before, the use of helicopters resumed later. I am not sure what agency is currently flying them. <br />
19. My experience is extremely similar if not identical to the ordeal of the other victims. On 4 February 2008, I sent a letter to Congressman Silvestre Reyes, Chairman of the Congressional Subcommittee on Intelligence and some other members of that same committee. The same letter was sent to my district Representative in Florida, Congresswoman Ms. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. She forwarded my letter to the Director of my agency a US Army Lieutenant General, but I do not know what the agency did with that letter. In that letter, I accused the French Intelligence Agency of being responsible for my ordeal. Not knowing what I was dealing with at that time, I accused the DGSE of waging bioterrorism on select Americans and me. During my research, I discovered that the French Intelligence Agency has a directorate solely and exclusively dedicated to the malicious exploitation of electromagnetic radiations. I suggest a search on the web for DRM and DGSE. I must also admit that due to the compartmentalization of such programs, I am unaware of the microwave / electromagnetic radiations capabilities of the other western intelligence agencies.<br />
20. ba<x>sed on my experience of having been the target of this agony, the radiation campaign is usually complemented with applications of chemicals to accomplish a desired effect. The chemicals used are normally absorbed into the blood stream via touch, food consumption, or through the respiratory system. I think the chemicals are plentiful in nature and to a certain degree in the human body and seem to have no adverse affect non-victims. Those chemicals are forced into the body clandestinely<br />
21. I think the zapping sensation we have been experiencing might be a reaction of the chemicals already in the body, with Low Frequencies Infrasound, Electromagnetic Waves, Electromagnetic Pulses and Electromagnetic Radiations. Why no one else feels the zapping unless they are especially targeted? I do not know. The same goes for eating radiated food. When I feel the presence of these chemicals in a public setting, I would be the only one affected. Regardless of the chemicals’ point of entry into the body, they tend to leave a bitter or salty after taste in the saliva. When an item contaminated with chemicals is touched, the chemicals would quickly travel through my body and enter my blood stream, where subsequently will react with further chemicals, waves, and electromagnetic radiations. <br />
22. I have been targeted with chemicals, or a type of radiation, in the following manner:<br />
a. Pushed into my apartment through the vent system for a variety of purpose, for example to induce deep sleep. <br />
b. Someone would enter my apartment clandestinely to spray or apply the chemicals everywhere in the apartment; basically to everything that I might touch or come into contact with my body. Imagine being unable to shower, wear your own clothes and shoes, make coffee, and eat food from your own home. They have at a minimum applied the chemicals on: <br />
• personal items: phones, computers and computer peripherals<br />
• all clothing articles, <br />
• inside my shoes<br />
• the bed and bed linen, towels<br />
• mixed in with my body lotion and liquid soap<br />
• books<br />
• provisions and water supply<br />
• inside washer and dryer<br />
• on furniture, table and counter tops etc.<br />
• on the floor<br />
c. The chemicals were applied inside my car or any car that I could use particularly rental and friend’s car: on the gearshift, the armrest, the steering wheel, the floorboard, and the air inside the car. It had gotten so bad that I finally decided to stop driving the car altogether. I bought a bicycle to use as a mean of transportation. Since I drive a friend’s car on occasions, the same thing is being done to her car. <br />
<br />
d. Although they prefer to release the chemicals in enclosed spaces, but the chemicals are also released along roads and trails where they anticipate me to pass. They released chemicals on: bicycle paths, inside public areas, e.g., malls, restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, hospitals, shopping centers, metro stations, trains, buses, friends' homes I routinely visit, and any other particular public venues. <br />
e. Some victims doubt the demented low life imbeciles are using helicopters. Well I have news for them. They have used helicopters on me with almost the same intensity as road vehicles. The helicopters were used multiple times daily to release chemicals over my anticipated routes. They regularly fly over my apartments, over friends’ residences where I would visit, and everywhere in the Washington DC area. For example, if they see me trying to cross a certain choke point like a bridge, they would rush to that location to release chemicals. On a few occasions, the helicopters flew over the White House in order to drop chemicals on me. These incidences left me very puzzled because the air space over the White House is supposed to be restricted and a no-fly zone. On the eve of the presidential inauguration [Jan. 19, 2009], I was in front of the White House observing the festivities and President elect Obama was supposed to be at the concert at the Lincoln Memorial. A helicopter flew aggressively over the entire area, all the way up to the White House releasing chemicals that I distinctly felt. Another time, not more than a minute before the President’s helicopters landed on the White House Lawn, a blue and white helicopter flew directly over the White House to drop chemicals on me. <br />
f. Chemicals or a very high dose of radiation are applied to my Post Office Box to contaminate my mail.<br />
23. Besides what is depicted on the web, I have never seen any electromagnetic radiation weapons. Nevertheless, ba<x>sed on observation, I am sure they come in all shapes and sizes. From the one that fits in the vehicle to the portable ones that appear to be small enough to fit in a lady's pocketbook and big enough to fit in a large suitcase. The techniques and frequencies they used vary. I would feel the body blows where the radiation is felt throughout the body and most of the time in the pit of my chest cavity near my heart. They have been deployed in a variety of methods to have access to my body. The electromagnetic waves and radiations have targeted me mostly in the following manner:<br />
a. At home. When I am at home, I am subjected to a series of through-the-wall assault by means of electromagnetic waves, pulses and radiations. On many occasions the radiations come through the floor. I no longer have an apartment, but I spend a lot of time with a friend where I am certain they have acquired several apartments in the same building. They constantly target me while I am at the computer because they know I love to build and fix computers.<br />
b. On the roads. The radiation blasts are sometimes directed at the car's floorboard and pedals. That way, the radiation would enter my body when my feet rest on the floor or the pedals of the car. ba<x>sed on the observed street MO and the nature of the electromagnetic spectrum, they would fire the waves from much greater distances than radiations. To engage the electromagnetic radiation weapons, they always try to get fairly close to the vehicle I am in before firing. I am not exactly sure of the radiation weapons' effective range, but I figured it to be approximately 150-200 meters. However the waves’ ranges are basically limitless. They tend to drive slower than the flow of traffic to allow me to get within range before firing the radiation weapons. They use the same MO to radiate any restaurants or coffee shops where I'd enter to radiate all food items in the facility. The type of radiation used to radiate the food in restaurants or in the car does not react with my body as far as I could tell. <br />
c. Public Venues. The portable radiation weapons are used when I am using public transportation and other public venues such as shopping centers, restaurants, bookstores, coffee shops and any enclosed areas. I have been radiated from a variety of bags: suitcases, backpacks, male and female handbags or shoulder bags, shopping bags, computer bags, etc. I changed my eating venues and have been using establishments that are about 100 meters away from where a vehicle could pull up. To circumvent that modification the morons would enter the establishment with a bag containing a portable radiation weapon. Once I was in a coffee shop located about 90 meters from the curb where a car could pull up. They sent a bag-carrying moron into the shop to radiate the food I had just purchased. This is an indication that I had extended the range of that particular wavelength. Again, I did not feel any zapping or zing, but the food was indisputably radiated. <br />
d. Their goals have been to get near me with a bag containing the portable electromagnetic radiation weapon. I do not know the effective range of the portable radiation weapon, but I estimate it to be approximately 10 meters. If I had already picked up my food, the carrier would either take a seat near me or just pass about a few feet from where I am seated. Therefore, the food is being radiated as I am eating it. On the other hand they have preceded me into food courts or prêt-a-manger restaurants with either a large suitcase, smaller backpack, or shoulder bags and just stood or pass within range of the food in the building. <br />
e. Floor space area. At times a particular portion of floors would be radiated in anticipation I would stand, walk on that space or just rest my foot there for a while. Most of the time it is an indoor floor space area of a business where they expect me to go. However, a section of the bike trail was radiated in anticipation that I would walk there. I am not sure how long the feet must be in contact with the floor for the radiation to take effect. Invariably, my feet would begin to feel very warm and sometimes even uncomfortably hot. Imagine the span of time we stand at a cashier lane and in the aisle of our favorite items in a department store. What about when we go to a public Internet café? Several victims report a common tactic. A string of those criminals would rush to the cash register right before the victims. In addition to harassment, I think this is probably a plot to keep the victim at a certain location longer than usual to give the radiation time to enter his/her body via the feet. In my experience, they have applied some sort of radiation on floors at the following locations: <br />
1) The cashier lane at a specific store, e.g., grocery store <br />
2) The electronic aisle of a department store (I love to evaluate new gadgets)<br />
3) Under the computer terminal in an Internet café<br />
4) Underground shopping malls. <br />
5) The aisle of a library or bookstore holding my favorite books<br />
6) In front of the elevators in a building I regularly frequent. <br />
7) A section of a bike trail. <br />
f. On my boat. When I am on my boat on the Chesapeake Bay, they shoot electromagnetic waves from other boats at a distance or from vehicles on nearby roads. When they need to radiate me on the boat, they have used small underwater crafts (little submarines) to get under my boat in order to radiate my body and everything else onboard. Once they even tried to capsize my boat by pushing the boat up from under the water. <br />
g. Grocery shopping. When I go grocery shopping, the groceries are radiated as soon as they are purchased. A vehicle would get close enough to the one I am in and fire a burst of the electromagnetic weapon. By the time I reach my destination the groceries are unusable to me, because if I eat that food, the radiated food would cause my body to get extremely hot. The situation is the same if I purchase any food at the drive through. I do not feel any interaction with the radiation used to radiate the food, (no zing, zap or burning).<br />
h. Aboard airplanes. They have radiated me aboard airplanes as well. This means that the portable contraption must be benign enough not to raise suspicions when going through airport security. On the other hand, they may have TSA agents in their pockets or their payroll who look the other way.<br />
24. For the past 34 months I have not been eating at home because I discovered they were either radiating or putting chemicals in my food. This is exceptionally important for them to radiate the food or anything I plan to eat or drink. They - have been deliberately radiating food in restaurants, food courts, and coffee shops they expect me to enter. When I eat radiated food the temperature of my body would immediately spike much higher than normal. I presume that this is an attempt to radiate and incinerate all the cells in my body. I would feel the heat emanating from within my entire body and would break into sweats. Basically, the radiation campaign on my body is applied via several fashions or la<x>yers:<br />
a. They either put chemicals or radiate everything I plan to consume. <br />
b. They radiate or apply chemicals on everything they anticipate I would touch. <br />
c. They release chemicals in areas they expect me to enter or pass through in order for me to breathe them.<br />
d. Ultimately they perpetually harass me with Electromagnetic waves, pulses, and radiations in my apartments, from vehicles on the roads and possibly helicopters. <br />
25. I have been in excellent health for my entire life of 52 years until the DGSE began an unrelenting campaign to murder me since April of 2006. Due to the non<x>stop harassment, I have suffered from a variety of ailments. Some of the ailments appeared to be temporary, but have left permanent indicators of what doctors may see as the normal wear and tear of the human body. I can attribute the following ailments to the harassments and attempts on my life: <br />
a. Brain meningioma (probably resulted from the biochemical they placed in my eye drops that my body was rejecting).<br />
b. Severe sinusitis. Large polyps appeared in my sinus cavities that occasionally completely obstruct my nasal passages. Since all victims are thoroughly profiled, they induce the swelling in my nasal cavities in order to exploit my medical condition of sleep apnea. <br />
c. Nodules in my lungs.<br />
d. Diminished renal functions (scars on my kidneys, probably due to radiation).<br />
e. Pancreatitis. I am unaware of the physical state of my pancreas, but for a while, the organ's functions were greatly diminished. For example a small meal would take over 5 hours to digest. Other times, the blood sugar level would be as erratic to reach a low of 54. <br />
f. I was diagnosed with the bacteria of Helicobacter Pylori in my stomach.<br />
g. Prostatitis (enlargement of the prostate). However, this is a normal thing for a man my age, but the growth escalated more than normal during a very short time.<br />
h. The two extremes of constipation and excessive diarrhea<br />
i. Malfunction of the body's natural cooling ability (from excessive sweating to the inability to sweat at all even after a 4-hour bike ride). As a result I almost suffered a heat stroke.<br />
j. Multiple heart attacks. There has been a continuous effort to remotely give me a heart attack with a combination of chemicals and infrasound or electromagnetic waves, pulses, and radiation. <br />
k. Adrenal insufficiency. This is probably from the biochemical compound they placed in my eye drops back in April 2006.<br />
l. Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC). This was supposed to cause a general internal hemorrhage<br />
26. Is it really possible to individually target the body's organs to produce a specific result? As previous research by the military and other civilian entities have proven, the human organs have specific resonant frequency that can be targeted with a specific frequency for good or ill using low frequency infrasound and radiations along the electromagnetic spectrum. Therefore, with the proper dose of chemicals and the right frequencies, each organ, in the body can be targeted with either the goal of optimization or deterioration. <br />
27. Why was I selected for this electromagnetic radiation torture in the first place? After a careful analysis of my past voyages, I believe I have a pretty good idea why the DGSE selected me for elimination. They are deliberately trying to murder me. Once they realized I was able to identify them and took pictures of their operatives, they switched to discredit me at the very least. How did I manage to upset the French Intelligence Agency? Albeit unintentional, it must have been something I said that ruffled their feathers. Any first world western country trying to kill an individual for having said something deemed insulting depicts the actions of a 4th world country that just happen to have a nuclear weapon. I can enumerate several reasons for their first attempt to eliminate me clandestinely while I was assigned at a diplomatic post and why they will do anything to finish the job: <br />
a. They made an amateurish attempt to begin the process to try to recruit me as an intelligence asset. I immediately saw it coming and avoided it.<br />
b. They subsequently made other veil attempts to collect on me, which I always recognized and did my best to sidestep. <br />
c. While they were monitoring my cell phone <br />
1) I called them amateur loud enough for them to hear me.<br />
2) I commented that if it was not for U.S. and foreign intervention in World Wars I and II, their official language would have been German. <br />
3) Or maybe it is because I also said that former British colonies fair tremendously much better than former French colonies. <br />
d. Since I survived the initial attempts on my life and know exactly that they are the culprits and have conveyed that fact to them, now they are definitely on a quest to finish the job to silence me.<br />
28. According to Internet postings, there are over 3 million victims of electromagnetic radiation in the United States. Once I learned of their existence, I began to compare the MO used and the victims’ physiological complaints. The techniques and numerous afflictions reported by other victims, unmistakably, parallel the MO I observed and after effects of electromagnetic radiation torture I felt. Notwithstanding the covert operations to radiate my body 24/7 for the past 4 years, I am certain the DGSE has a hand in the initial and subsequent attempts on my life. <br />
29. Is the DGSE also responsible for the electromagnetic radiation torture of the other American victims? I do not know that, but if you ask me, I'd firmly say that the French Intelligence Agency has been using a segment of the American public as a pool of unwitting guinea pigs. Apparently, it seems that the goal of the experiment is to test, deploy, refine tactics, adjust, and improve in their use of electromagnetic radiation weapons. It does not take a rocket scientist to ascertain that this type of information falls in the realm of state national security secrets. No nation wants the international community to learn that its intelligence agency:<br />
a. Has committed one of the gravest international infractions by trying to assassinate another country's bona fide officer while assigned at a diplomatic post. This is in direct violation of Articles 1, 29, and 37 of the 1961 Vienna Convention, which covers the protection of diplomats and their embassy technical staff. <br />
b. Has been using the American public or any other nation's public as a pool of guinea pigs to test their electromagnetic radiations technology.<br />
30. I have a distinct feeling that such violations are not without precedence. These activities are very well rehearsed. This is not the kind of operation one can throw together at the last minute. Let’s surmise I am the sole victim of the DGSE, sustaining an operation of such magnitude around the clock for 4 years requires vast resources, preparation, and countless rehearsals. Maybe the DGSE has been at this for the past decade or more rehearsing on unsuspecting Americans and other nationals.<br />
31. At first I rationalized they could not possibly waste so much money on little me. More than likely, lies were spread about me that they used to justify my effective removal from society and murder. Why do they keep on the harassment for so long? Having observed these low lives for the past 4 years I do not see a group of citizens trying to honorably protect a defenseless community from a criminal, which I am not. In their ghostly faces, I saw a bunch of low lives scumbags that would drool at the sight of a $20 bill. The kind of low lives willing to sell their loved ones and will do anything for a few dollars. They are by far the lowest scumbags on this earth and they are being manipulated by a group of the most evil scumbags in the universe, the gutless, coward morons of the DGSE. Despite the lies that were spread about me, the only reason these imbeciles keep the harassment for so long is the bottom line: money. <br />
32. What we have is a Foreign Intelligence Agency with unlimited funds to lease several helicopters and to pay for the services of countless greedy bastards. The DGSE is willing to pay a lot of money for someone to just sit in a café, a restaurant or the metro with a bag to radiate someone's body or the food he/she is about to consume. Anyone willing to commit such acts without questioning the outcome of their actions is nothing but a low life scumbag, a traitor, who is selling his / her own soul and country for a few bucks. I do not believe they are doing any honorable deeds to protect the community. On the other hand they are a bunch of villainous mercenaries who should be locked up for murder, attempted murder on a large scale of a number of Americans, and as well as for the violation of American’s civil liberties and countless federal statutes. <br />
33. What is going on in this country? Ms Eleanor White wrote "... maybe we are witnessing the onset of a global dictatorship where the end justifies the means..." This is a very costly venture. Due to the technology and resources at play here, it takes a government or an intelligence agency to undertake and sustain an operation of such magnitude. I cannot speak for the other victims, but from my optic, the French Intelligence Agency (DGSE) figures prominently in the chain of blame and responsibility for my torture. <br />
34. Since the beginning of the electromagnetic assault on my being, I have had a litany of questions to which I have few answers. Albeit speculative, in an attempt to comprehend what has been going on, I would like to share some questions to everyone who might have a dog in this fight: <br />
a. Is this really the prelude to establishing a New World order? Are we seeing the implementation of a global dictatorship?<br />
b. Is the DGSE also the responsible party for the ordeal of the other American victims? What about the reported victims from other parts of the globe? <br />
c. Under the smog of gang stalking, is the DGSE targeting suspected US intelligence agents in an effort to incapacitate, discredit, and or eliminate them? <br />
d. Although I believe the DGSE is responsible for continuously trying to murder me with electromagnetic radiations, does this mean the US Government is not involved at all in my situation? That remains to be seen, because I am still puzzled at helicopters that fly directly over the White House (a restricted or no fly zone air space) to drop chemicals on me.<br />
e. What agency sanctioned the use of these helicopters that flew directly over the White House to drop chemicals on me? Is it a US Government agency? <br />
f. If it is a US Government agency, does this mean a rogue US government agency is trying to silence me? Having read the story of Frank Olson LSD and MKULTRA, I will not take anything or anyone for granted. <br />
g. If it is not the U.S. government what entity sanctioned the helicopters that flew over the White House to drop chemicals on me? Were they sanctioned by the DGSE? If so, is the DGSE so well wired in this country to the extent of having access and authority to use the white house airspace literally one minute before the US President Helicopters land? <br />
h. If the French Intelligence Agency is financing or directly running all these torture experiments on Americans, what is the DGSE’s agenda and ultimate goal?<br />
i. Is this a payback (***-for-tat) operation? Could this be the French retaliating for some sinister operations conducted by a US agency on French soil and citizens? Check this article in the United Kingdom newspaper Telegraph: French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment. Does this mean we are all caught in the middle of a trans-Atlantic intelligence war?<br />
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/7415082/French-bread-spiked-with-LSD-in-CIA-experiment.html<br />
j. Was this a US government operation that was compromised and the DGSE has been operating in the shadows of US government’s operations? ba<x>sed on victims reporting, there is always an attempt to make it appear as if a US government agency might be responsible for the torture campaign. <br />
k. Is it possible that a tool of our homeland security early warning systems has been hijacked by the DGSE that is using it to torture and kill Americans?<br />
l. Unlimited Intelligence budget or not, sustaining these operations over 2 decades or longer requires a lot of money. What other countries, if any, are contributing to the French’s escapade?<br />
m. What is the US Government true involvement in all of this?<br />
n. Who has the authority to fly directly over the White House? What helicopter would be flying directly over the White House without a federal government or law enforcement affiliation?<br />
o. Where is the oversight the American public expects from Congress?<br />
p. What other country / countries or powerful group is really financing these expensive sinister ventures? <br />
q. If this is ongoing across the globe, could it be a conspiracy of the industrialized nations’ intelligence agencies with a sinister agenda? <br />
r. How does the DGSE select its victims? Are they selected at random or are they inadvertent witnesses of the DGSE’s escapades in this country? <br />
s. Could it be a conspiracy of a small group of nations getting ready for something much more evil? <br />
t. Is this the conspiracy of a very powerful group of nations that may or may not include the United States? <br />
u. Is the ground being prepared for the full implementation of this technology in order to enforce a New World order? <br />
v. Now that they know I am preparing this letter for the world, their efforts to kill me have intensified it seems. In addition to the radiation assault in the apartment, and from cars, they have been radiating everything I attempt to eat or drink. I believe they are slowly trying to incinerate all the cells in my body to cause a slow death. Does this mean I am doomed? They might think I am, but with one ounce of faith, I know I am not doomed. Meanwhile, is the US government playing the good shepherd? What other governments are playing good shepherds?<br />
35. With respect, I would like to offer some advice to the other victims and those who think they might be in the cross hair of electromagnetic radiation harassment. <br />
a. Do not isolate yourself. The worst thing you could do is to isolate yourself. You will play in their hands and they will be able to corner you a lot easier. Keep and nurture the few remaining friends and relatives who still believe in you. <br />
b. Watch out for a bag-carrying moron who would have entered any establishment immediately after you or has been waiting inside. That person would try to get close to your location or just passing nearby for no apparent reasons. The bag carriers are easily women carrying pocketbooks, or rolling computer bags. <br />
c. If you feel your feet warmer than normal or a little itchy in any circumstance, you might have just been targeted with a heavier dose of radiation. Put your feet up if possible.<br />
d. If you feel numbness in your hands, do not share that information with anyone, least of all a primary care physician. It is an attempt to temporarily inflict glove anesthesia on you. Please look it up. <br />
e. I think many victims were targeted because of something they might have witnessed during routine duties. So conduct an inventory of your contacts, travels, employment, as far back as about a year before you first became aware of being a victim. More than likely you will be able to discover the trigger of when and why you were selected for this torture. Remember also that the entity to which you might trace your agony may look as American as mom and apple pie, but might be on the payroll of a foreign entity.<br />
f. Scan the traffic ahead for any vehicle driving awkwardly slower than the flow of traffic and for road conditions (20 MPH in a 45 MPH zone). Due to the shorter effective range of electromagnetic radiation weapons, the morons would drive very slowly in traffic to allow you to get within range before firing the electromagnetic weapons. If you are taking too long to close the gap, they will attempt a left turn or a very slow, maladroit, right turn in order to force you to get within range. While scanning the rear traffic, watch out for the vehicle lingering at a distance. Once the weapon is fired, they will make a quick right turn to vacate the area as quickly as possible. <br />
g. Invest in a door chain or some sort of privacy lock that cannot be tempered with from the outside while you are in your home. Remember the shower is very noisy and you will not hear someone opening the front door. They probably have a key to your front door and your car.<br />
h. If it is possible, try to avoid multi-lane roads where they can be anywhere in traffic. On multilane roads, a car can be in the lane right next to your car shooting the radiation at your car pedals and your body. Try to use back roads where traffic is rather light. This way you can draw them to engage when traffic is fairly light and hopefully able to better identify them.<br />
i. Remove all trends and patterns from your lifestyle. Alternate your gathering places. Forego that favorite coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore.<br />
j. Expect the use of chemicals in the circumstances mentioned in paragraph 22 above.<br />
k. If you have to use public Laundromats, keep your eyes on the machines you are using. They have sent scums to add chemicals to my laundry while the machines were running.<br />
l. If your city is bike friendly with lots of trails and you can ride a bike to attend to your daily chores, consider using a bicycle on occasions. While on the bike trails, you can avoid them much better. However remember that they can easily strap a bag containing a radiation weapon on the bike. It may not be as powerful as the one in the car, but it has been done before.<br />
m. Be as mobile as you can. However, beware of someone stopping you to ask you for directions. More than likely, the bag that person is carrying or the car he is driving contains a radiation weapon and you could be the target.<br />
n. Remain extremely flexible at all times. I think part of their success can be attributed to the average human unwillingness to adapt to change. Be willing to do without some of your favorite things.<br />
o. Stress relief and exercise. I think their plan is to overload the body with toxins that probably are supposed to react with electromagnetic radiations. So it is beneficial to exercise regularly in order to sweat those toxins out of your body. <br />
p. Compartmentalize. Compartmentalization, I think, is the best way to keep your sanity. While it may appear that everyone is after you, but this is not the case at all. So do your best to keep in mind that some people in this world are evil while not everyone you encounter is out to hurt you.<br />
q. When you boot up your computer and noticed a message on the screen updating the registry followed by windows phased updates, your computer has some sort of a bug in it. If possible reformat or change your hard drive. <br />
r. Remain strong and do not give them the pleasure of seeing you capitulate by becoming violent or committing suicide. Avoid the actions that can get you incarcerated, because this is what they want. <br />
s. Watch out for runaway electronics in your car. I just purchased a new bicycle that came with a new bike computer, which provides the rider with the following features: odometer, speedometer, clock, and timer etc. About a week later, the odometer read over 33,000 miles. Being under constant attack of electromagnetic waves, pulses, and radiations, I checked it after another week and the odometer read over 77,000 miles. I could be wrong, but I think the glitch might be an interference of the electromagnetic waves/pulses that have constantly permeated my life. Please refer to the Tuesday, 23 February 2010, USA Today article: "Could electronics be what’s causing runaway cars?" I do not know if there is a real correlation between a small bike computer and the more sophisticated car computers, but it is worth keeping in mind. <br />
t. Consider removing the battery from your cell phone when not in use, because they can track you and hear your plans and precede you to your next location. Believe it or not the cell phone is your greatest enemy in this case.<br />
u. Nurture your spirituality. Prayer is the best remedy; the best we can do is to pray. Pray to the creator, the Most High, the Merciful, our Lord Jehovah every moment you can spare. It will pay you great dividends. <br />
36. My plight in a nutshell: <br />
a. Because of the chemicals they have pushed into my apartment and their relentless assault on my being from other apartments with microwave and radiation, I am unable to live in an apartment or stay indoors.<br />
<br />
b. I am unable to drive my car because on a daily basis the interior is always permeated with chemicals. If I drive a rental or a friend’s car, the application of chemicals is the same. So I ride a bike in sunshine, rain, or snow.<br />
<br />
c. Because they spray chemicals or use radiation on my clothes, I am unable to wear my clothes. I ended up having to wear one set of clothes for weeks at a time. When I try to purchase new clothes, they would rush ahead of me and radiate the clothes in the men’s shops. Remember that radiation does not bother another person who might purchase the same clothes.<br />
<br />
d. I am unable to cook or eat from home, because they either put chemicals or radiate the food in my home. They then decide to radiate the food in the restaurants where I go to eat. <br />
<br />
e. I am unable to eat in peace because everything I want to eat is radiated. Each time I need to eat I have to race to a place where I have never been before, order and eat my food real quick before someone shows up to radiate the food. <br />
37. Despite the large number of victims listed on the internet, it is safe to assume that there are many more unaccounted victims due to suicide, homelessness, and having been vegetating in mental institutions. This will need to stop and I guarantee you it will stop soon. However, we need to have faith. We need to regenerate the fight and get the US government or other proper authorities to finally pay attention or do something. Sending a letter to merely one Representative will not suffice. We need to write more letters to Congress, I suggest we send more letters to the following Congressional Subcommittees: Homeland Security, Intelligence, Judiciary, and Foreign Relations. I have already sent letters to the Intelligence subcommittee, but I do not know what they did with these letters. I will not rest until someone pays attention.<br />
38. We need to pass the word and share this information with as many victims as possible. "There is an eminent possibility that the French Intelligence Agency (DGSE) is either the responsible party or is another entity responsible for torturing a segment of the American public by means of organized stalking, chemicals, and radiations from electromagnetic weapons." <br />
39. In closing, keep hope alive. Anyone perpetrating these evil acts is undoubtedly satan personified. Since satan decided to wage war on us using his proxies, the DGSE and whoever else, then we only have a single recourse. We need to harness the forces of Good to be on our side. The best way to exploit the power of Good is to pray, pray, and pray. Do not forget to keep the demented evildoers in your prayers as well. ba<x>sed on several victims’ report, most of the low level tormentors perpetrating these evil acts are not fully aware of the ultimate goal of this torture. <br />
40. May the Most High, the Merciful, our Lord JEHOVAH have mercy on us all. May JEHOVAH bless all those involved in this struggle, especially the mercenaries who are continuously perpetrating this evil on us. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34).<br />
J. R. A.<br />
Lieutenant Colonel (Forced into Retirement)<br />
United States Army<br />
J1852_r7210@yahoo.com<br />

FFCHS website, freedom from covert harassment and surveillance.

Brother, your life story sounds familiar. Too familiar - I'm sorry the suckers are that pathetic. There are real sickos out there - and someone gave them a little tech that they do not know how to weild in a good way. I cry for those they make suffer - life is hard enough.

Keep on fighting these scum,.<br />
paul the more of us doing this talking the sooner the police will have to do something about these little organisations

The Police ARE these organizations. They made sure I knew it.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! <br />
<br />
Organised stalking. Although there is organised stalking, especially in areas such as Europe, Austrailia, and North America, it can sometimes be alot different than your mind may be able to comprehend. <br />
<br />
First you need to understand the motives behind it. What is their end goal? Surely if these programs are Government funded it would be easy to assassinate any intended victim. Why dont they? And why are the victims usually good people. <br />
<br />
I will answer for you. The reason they don't assassinate you is because they know where your soul, or spirit will go. The ob<x>ject is not to destroy the person, but to take away all hope, and then destroy their soul. <br />
Once you feel hopeless it is easy for someone to approach you and offer a deal to join them. If you truly have no fear, and disagree it is better to go out swinging, and be saved. <br />
<br />
They can't CLOSE YOUR CASE!!!!!!!!! Don't let them fool you.<br />
<br />
Remember there is only ONE BEING who can close your case, His LOVE is cool and refreshing, exactly like Menthol. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES. <br />
<br />
Be thankful until you feel his protection.<br />
<br />
How do you do this you ask? There is only one way to protect your spirit and that is to thank the Creator for giving you life, and thanking Yeshua Christ a.k.a Jesus Christ for his sacrifice, and asking for their protection everyday when you wake, and night before you sleep. <br />
<br />
You will know what is happening when you can't even sleep in the privacy of your own home. <br />
Don't keep your eye's closed for long. <br />
<br />
If you don't believe me, or that the Creator Messiah love you, All you have to say is GO AWAY LUCIFER!!! And you will soon need to make a choice.. <br />
<br />
Remember YOU are not the Messiah.<br />
<br />
Have Faith. <br />
<br />
Love Always Kevin

dear gangstalking where are you?

Hi thanks for the link, since the cops are a part of what goes on, just like in the former East Germany, and much of society, why would this be highly publicized? The link is good however, lot's of food for thought.

Tyrrany. Plain and simple.

You want to know what real cops think of gangstalking? go to http://forums.realpolice.net/showthread.php?p=923363#post923363

I went but the real lawyer was very busy,(that I did discover after), and I meet a suppose `lawyer and he told me that I can`t fight everyone suit them,I said I didn`t want that but just to get the lider(I know whom do this to me , after 2 years of gathering information,;like a puzzle )and finally now I really know .so this 'lawyer' told me that Ican`t do that!!!?????(after I found he was a staff worker no the lawyer!!!!really how can be? if you look for help ,and those bastard trying to ruin your path, ,now i know they want us isolation and that means suicide ,but i will never do that!!why??because I have the best lawyer in the world , the number 1 boss of police ,justice and he can help us any time ..whom ? my God in psalm 64:7,8 He said He will destroy all the stalkers and their plans..so GS we have many things in common,I hope we never lose this conection ,really thank you ,bye

Not a problem, let me know how things work out with your lawyer. Take care.

really ,I`m new here so I don`t now how to use many things here,but I will learn!,; really GS what you did past and now is same like me!!is so the same!!!I want to keep a linea with all those person in here please .it will light up new thinks!! kepp in touch and thaks to all of you for yours messages!!

Also Redhat, did you read any of the articles or spend any time on any of the sites? Doubtful. I spent months talking to cops, community groups, lawyers, ACLU, Amnesty, etc, etc, etc. <br />
<br />
I did over a year and a half of solid research with articles to back my stuff up and the things that I have been saying. <br />
<br />
Also if that was not enough, I have people from around the globe that share my experience. Maybe you should get a check from the neck up, and figure out why your not able to be more open minded. <br />
<br />
Just a thought.

Perhaps you, redhat, are a member of an opposing viewpoint held by the victim? That is more likely the situation which lends itself to the extreme irony of the logo. Did you read the article in Rolling Stone where pro-life gangstalkers ruined an innocent living human woman's life? Not that they cared as long as they protected the possibility of a future zygote reaching the fetal stage! Note the use of another stage of pregnancy here unlike pro-lifers who move right to the fetal stage.

Yeah, me by my family! ah ha haha