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I Am Being Gang Stalked and Electronically Harassed

A couple of years ago I found out that Iwas being followed around in public, I found out that my phone conversations, and things I said in my home were being repeated out in public.

I found that people were entering my apartment when I was not there. I thought it had something to do with the workplace mobbing that I had been experiencing for several years.

I was introduced to electronic harassment when living at my old apartment, electronic harassment means being monitored, tracked or tortured remotely.

It was a scary time, I did not know what was happening to me, I knew that most of the people around me had some idea, but would not say anything.

I started going online to try to help others with mobbing and other forms of harassment, and I found the term Gang Stalking. It fit to a tee with what I was experiencing and finally everything made sense. The only shocking part for me and which remains is that this was not just happening to me, but it's happening to a multitude of people across the globe.

That was just the start of my journey on what has become a very strange road in some ways, and yet a pretty normal road in others, in the sense that I now help people who are targeted in this same way.

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i believe i am being gang stalked all the i have seen all the signs. i became aware of what gang stalking is a few days ago and since then i made it known i knew what it was and what the tactics were. i had noticed fro a while that my personal conversations were being repeated back to me by strangers and strangers knew my name. i have felt like my house is being entered when we are not home. i also believe that they have used and electronic device to emit microwaves for torture ect. i made it known that i knew what was happening yesterday (the pages i read said that they would likely increase what they were doing as retaliation which in inevitable). last night my wife had a miscarriage. this is so painful i have notified branches of the government and doctors and NO ONE will help. i did a back round check on one of the owners of my job and found out one of his previous addresses is an apartment in the same building as me which is a single level building. i have noticed tactics used by co workers such and "crowding" and trying to interject them selves into friendships that i had. the store manager had an issue with me about 2 months ago which is when these tactics and major health effect started happening to me. NO ONE is helping i am at the mercy for these people and now my unborn child is gone an is can believe nothing else other than this is caused by the gang stalkers. PLease direct me to where i can find some help.

My name is Summer. I am a black woman living in Northern California. I have been gangstalked by the government since 2009 for my spiritual beliefs. I am a licensed security officer and mother. I am sober. I do not drink alcohol or use any type of street or pharmaceutical drugs. I am healthy mentally and physically, and would NEVER commit suicide. I am being harassed because of my spiritual beliefs. I have shut down all my social media accounts due to constant banning and harassment by it's inventors. I stay to myself. I do not watch television and spend most of my time reading the Holy Bible. I am being harassed by phone and email. Today, I took a stand and screenshot and recorded calls that are coming in from them, the government. Call spoofing is the latest tactic they are using, on top of strange vehicles parking outside of my home, following me on the road, or agents pretending to be customers while out shopping. I refuse to be victimized for my beliefs. We have no more amendment rights and Freedom of Speech in America is dead. If any American oppose the views of our political parties, we will be targeted. Please keep me in your prayers and thanks for sharing your story. I do not feel alone in this fight. Thank you.

You are not alone Summer.There are many of us experiencing it,and from many different walks of life.But its immaterial who we are,suffice it to say that NOBODY deserves this agenda laid at their door.Its inexcusable and immoral,inhumane and illegal.Terrorism is the word for it.Best wishes.

Hello I'm an american married to wonderful romanian man and both my romanian husband and I lived here in this wonderful town Roata De Jos, Romania for a while. I've been a victim of organized gang stalking harassment that turned out to be Jandarmeria agents from Jandarmeria station Marsa here in this town of Roata De Jos. Three of the Jandermeria agents were big fat with black hair two are short height and one is medium height from last Jandarm group and rest of the Jandarmeria agents were from the last Jandarm groups, the Bulgar-Romanan group with them possibly maybe their friends or business associates, their friends, their women, their lovers, their families and possibly their prostitute partners and clients, possibily their business contracters and their leader that maybe business man running somekind of enterprise production kept making broadcasting slandering statements and slandering accusasions about me to the whole public here in Romania causing the people to turn against me, turning their backs on me, saying very much ugly slanderings about me, kept making verbal threats, threatened to have me arrested, taken, prosecuted and expelled from Romania, kept making verbal threats that I was to get out, go home by many means, they even went onto television stations, radio stations, talkshows making so many slanderings, racial prejudice remarks about me that I was very bad, dangerous, very wrong and very mistake and was to be removed, everybody believed this. They were constantly outside my husbands and I's apartment room window everynight, they were at my husbands place of work in Cartojani Romania, they also followed us around everywhere we went. They also were outside his mothers apartment home, they went up to all of our friends, our families, our co workers, our neighbors and other people, said very much ugly slanderings about me that was so believable, started to recruit some of our neighbors, our friends, some of the people, our co workers, their families and their children to watch me, monitor me, surviellence me, follow me everywhere I go, report to them by many means of what i was doing, speaking, saying, working on, and what activities I was conducting on, who I was with, to sit outside our door on the staircase, out in the balcony next to our apartment room and watch me, surviellence me, and monitor me no matter what. Also to bang on our window and our door in a harassing and threatening way day and night to get my attention, they even shouted very loud everytime I work at home in our room apartment of slanderings, ugliness, accusasions about me that really scared me. I had to resign a position I was working with from my home to go back to working for my wonderful romanian husband. They kept speaking out that slanderings about my husband and I, threaten to have my husband arrested and locked up, threaten to have me arrested, taken and expelled from Romania. The rest is very frightening. I tried to tell neighbors, friends, proper authorities of this matter, but no one believed me, they thought i was crazy and said it was in my head. My husband and I did notice that someone linked into our computer system and watching, monitoring, surviellencing me what I was working on, doing, researching, web paging, sending and recieving on our computer system, my husband and i did notice that our phones, phone conversations may have been tampered with and being surviellence, monitored, watched, heard. My husband and I noticed very much cars and vehicles passing our apartment room block everyday and everynight going very fast, driving slow, stopping, making wierd backings and turns. My husband and i notice we were being followed everywhere we go, we both notice some children, teenagers, young people, these groups, standing next to us, being near us, speaking very ugly slanderings about me that is so very hateful, hurtful. This group did walked passed me the other night in our block apartment room giving me very cold mean hateful disgusted look, they looked at me like I did not exist nor belong anywhere in Romania, this harassment started after September 11, 2011 after I posted so many pictures and vidoes of September 11 on facebook and also was started in August when my husbands Colonel friend had these men, few Jandarms, three inspectors from M.A.I. removed as my boss, I did refuse to speak with these men, few Jandarm agents, and these three inspectors from M.A.I., I don't know if this was the cause of the organized gang stalking harassment or what, they kept changing their slandering stories about me so many times, I did notice that some of the people that were going to work with me, give me instructions were intimidated by these groups, these me, these Jandarms, I did notice that I was delayed so many times of my instruction training, working with my husband at his office on purpose. I did notice that our apartment room may have been broken into.This almost costed my husbands and I's beautiful special marriage, it almost costed everything, we tried to make a restraining orders, but don't work, this stalking harassment went on from September 28 2011 to now Febuary 17 2014, this whole thing caused me to go crazy, caused me to really hit the wall and door by shouting very loud breaking skin on my hand which did scare very much of my neighbors, caused my husband and I to be in conflict with each other, scream at each other, almost costing our marriage, caused me to have nervous breakdowns, I was too scared to go outside, go anywhere, I was very frighten, shaking up, crying very much, the slanderings, ugliness, harassments, stalkings just kept getting worsts, I did not know who to turn to, this group did so many tatics to make it look like I did it, causing some of these people to pay fines, taxes, being evicted from their apartment rooms, fired from their jobs, and so on, that almost got me attacked. I kept wondering everyday and everynight what could I have done to deserve this, than I went onto youtube and came across about organized gang stalking harassment group (C U L T ), and on the internet google and learned about the organizedgang stalking harassment, I also learned that I'm not the only one that this stalking and harassment was happening to me. I was so sicken to learn that these organized gang stalking harassment groups recruit and involve neighbors, citizens, communities, law enforcement authorities, government and city officials, professionals, judicial officials, children, teenagers, families, even co workers, people that you trust, I could not believe this until now. I don't know what to do to stop this, I tried everything, restraining orders, declaration complaints, changing our locks, changing our security systems on our computers, phones, changing phone numbers, and so on, but nothing seems to work, these men did contact me so many times on skype, facebook and google plus using other peoples names, using military and jandarmeria high ranking officers, I tried many times to tell them to leave me alone, but doesn't work, their friends, lovers, partners, clients and groups and colleges are also have been harassing me and stalking, they use neighbors, colleges, some people, children, teenagers, young people and some people to stalk and harras me, report to them everything about me, even said slanderings about me. I don't know what to do to put an end to this organized gang stalking harassments, get these men, these Jandarms from last Jandarm groups, their women, their friends, thier groups, their lovers, their partners, business associates and so on to leave me alone, stop following me everywhere, stop surviellencing me, stop monitoring me, stop watching me, stop harassing me, stop stalking me, stop speaking slanderings about me, stop threatening me, stop using verbal threats against me, so my husband and i can have a very happy normal life here in Romania, this is our right and everybodies right to have a normal happy life anywhere. I'm still shaking up, frighten, traumatized from this for three years and I want this to stop, I love my romanian husband, he is very good man.

Im sorry to hear of these terrorists and their harassment and more of you.Ive been a TI for 17 years now,and dont see any end to the terror campaign they wage against me.So Im prepared to endure these idiots efforts until I die.Better a target than to have minds like these murdering morons.

love to all survivors! i have been stalked my whole entire life,,infact i was pulled out of the "normal education system" or prevented from being educated "normally" i have my own theories why!! maybe i asked too many questions and disagreed with too many answers ;-p ( seems i was right too ay) i got sent this website that gave me a deeper insight to what is actually going on and why!! ever watched a film or dvd and thought to ones self " this is fact not fiction" this site goes into great depths with bucket loads of dotts that all connect as not to leave a shadow of dout in my mind! i hope you dont mind me posting this website and i hope it helps any TI get a grib on there reality to all survivors.

Yes,I know what you mean about a fact leaping out as such,even if presented as a fiction.Best wishes.

4 years I've been trying to figure it out I lost everything fought to keep my children fought for a house fought for a job... Fought for some one to believe me fought them I have only just found out about this gang stalking and it's excactly it what a weird thing to do now it explains all the licence plates and seeing every one all those workers eyes on the street the radio the tv the lust goes on you have to be strong to survive this

Yes,you do.Knowing the enemy and their intent helps.

Or go into there homes repeat back to them jail will be justified

Gang-Stalking and Harassment: Black-listedTargeted Individuals (TIs) are regularly harassed by gangs of vigilante stalkers, often for revenge of speaking out. The cardinal rules of the stalkers are; the harassment must always be subtle, and never be provable. So the TI is fully aware, that stalking is occurring. But to any bystanders in the vicinity, it's invisible, and blends in like "life in the big city".(00:30)

Gangs of Stalkers vs. a Single Stalker: The Gang-Stalking participants that harass TIs are countless and organized. They work in shifts, andproficiently hand-off TIs as they travel between territories, on a 24x7 basis. So there is literally no time, and no where that a TI can go to avoid the stalking. Thus, Gang-Stalking has more of an effect on a victim -- than a single stalker, who works alone to harass an ex-lover, for example. (00:56)

Who are the Gangs of Stalkers: Tradespeople, city workers, cab drivers, and delivery people are recruited. Highly sought after professions are locksmiths, maintenance people, water and gas employees, phone and cable installers. And people with "keys" that are "trusted". Motorcycle gangs, retired, and non-working people also participate. And of course the neighborhood watch is big into stalking. Some people prefer to call it Community-Stalking or Vigilante-Stalking rather than Gang-Stalking, but it's the same thing. (01:26)

Character Assassination and Gag Orders:Slander is "always" a part of a TI's targeting. It is carried out by schooled Perps, or perpetrators -- who infect "everyone" the TI comes into contact with -- by either whispering lies about the TI -- or by more subtle means. The people who are lied to -- are immediately gagged -- and instructed not to advise the TI -- of what was said -- or who said it. At that point in time, they become a Gagged Person (GP). Targeted Individuals are thus unable to defend their own character. Following the gagging, the GP is recruited -- to participate in the administration of secret vigilante justice and harassment of the TI -- all of which is justified by the Perp's secret slander. (01:52)

Bribes and Perping: TIs with sufficient finances, are sometimes extorted to pay a bribe, in exchange for lifting their targeting. Whereas, TIs with inadequate finances -- are bribed, threatened, or both -- to turn coat, become a Green Perp, and to target other TIs. Agreeing to a bribe can reduce the targeting on them self, or their family, and they may be allowed to work again. But cooperating with organized crime is a life long curse. And what I am describing "is" organized crime. (02:37)

Forced Homelessness: A TI's life is intentionally destroyed, and attempts are made to drive them tohomelessness -- by affecting their personal and business relationships, "slowly" increasing each of their costs, decreasing their income -- often interfering with their attempts to get a job. Perhaps some of the street people you see, are the honorable ones, who wouldn't agree to a bribe, or threat. (03:06)

The "Integrity" of Intelligence Officers: TIs who possess special knowledge or skills -- have reported bribe attempts by supposed NSA officials, to join forces with them -- in order to lift their targeting. On a similar note; CIA recruitment "offers", are known to accompany a life-long stalking threat -- if the person refuses "employment". So a potential recruit can pick their poison -- they can either; be a spook forever, or beforever stalked -- either way, once they meet up with the intelligence ilk, their life will never be the same. This is something to think about, before pursuing civilian or military clearances -- because once you know too much, you're in for life. (03:19)

The Long Road to Discovering the Secret: Even though the TI realizes that they are being continually discredited and harassed, it sometimestakes them, many years to finally discover -- that what has been happening to them -- is a formalprotocol of "organized" stalking. Once they become aware of this protocol, and begin researching it on the web, they discover the actual terms; Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individual (TI). Countless TIs have said that they feared for their life, when the stalking started -- until they finally discovered the secret -- and those two terms. (04:01)

When a TI Realizes -- that They're Just the Tip of the Iceberg: Upon googling the Gang-Stalking protocol, a TI discovers that countless other TIs -- are in the same boat as they are -- the majority of whom are what is commonly called an "unaware TI" -- just as they had not known, for so long. (04:37)

Secret Conspiracy: Some TIs are miffed to discover that something so, "out in the open" could remain such a secret in society -- especially when it had been happening to THEM for so long. Prior to their targeting, most TIs had never heard of such a thing. Other people are shocked to hear of it as well -- and many have trouble believing it. Understandably they wonder how something so crazy sounding could have existed, right under their noses, for their whole life, without them knowing about it. And the people who really haven't heard of it -- sound equally bewildered to the liars who are covering it up. (04:59)

Professionals Play Dumb -- or Risk Losing their Credentials: Cops, attorneys, psychs, health care, and others professionals -- are "in on" the conspiracy -- to not discuss harassment or stalking. They must play dumb and act bewildered -- or risk losing their credentials -- for starters -- which can be followed by the threat to targeting of them self, and their family -- if they don't toe the mark. If you think this sounds far fetched -- why don't you bring up stalking with someone you know in one of these professions -- and see if they start sweating!Countless TI's have sought advice from these "trusted" professions and authority figures. Universally these TIs have said, the professionals "could" have wised them up -- but they said nothing -- and sometimes they even lied. This keeps Gang-Stalking under the radar. (05:27)

The Flooding of Gang-Stalking Discussions -- with CRAZY Sounding Disinformation: The subject of Gang-Stalking is continually flooded, by an organized army of paid professionals -- who mixdis-info with truth. So the average person doesn't know "what" to believe. A few of the issues must be true, but who knows which? ALL of the issuesSOUND CRAZY though -- starting with Gang-Stalking itself. Frustrated victims -- as well as shills who pretend to be frustrated -- both need tell their far fetched stories elsewhere though. Because thisweb site, and this talk show -- focus on what I am certain of -- Gang-Stalking. (06:09)

Who Pays the Disinformation Shills: Considering the endless funds that are spent deploying Gang-Stalking -- the cost of a paid disinformation shill brigade -- to continually flood Gang-Stalking discussions with crazy sounding talk -- ought to be a drop in the bucket. (06:50)

The Risk of Being Sent to a Mental Institution: If a TI mentions harassment to an authority figure, they risk the punishment of psychiatric "care", which would further discredit them. So most TIs keep quiet -- and put up with their daily harassment-- often thinking they're the only one. Some wonder how could anything so crazy could be happening -- and it would only natural for them to doubt their own sanity. But then one day they "wise up" to the terms -- Gang-Stalking and Targeted Individuals -- and it all adds up -- and the game changes. (07:28)

Who Initiates Gang-Stalking and for What Motive: Some TIs were chosen as targets for "revenge" of having spoken out -- their families, are often targeted as well, children included -- for life. Again and again, it is reported that generations of families are targeted -- in order to wipe out entire blood lines. Organized crime also uses the system -- to seize control of a TI's assets. Some TIs have stated, they feel like they are being used as target practice, to keep surveillance skills sharp. And lastly, TIs are often referred to as human lab rats, used for medical experimentation, without their knowledge or consent. There's never proof on any of these issues -- in keeping with the Gang-Stalking protocol of secrecy. But most TIs never find out why they were chosen. (07:46)

Law Enforcement Cooperation: The same law enforcement resources that are used to catch bad guys, are unleashed on TIs. This leaves little doubt that Gang-Stalking has government involvement -- with their endless resources. (08:34)

Government Involvement: Normal people understandably find it hard to believe, that their government would spend so much money -- funding a program that harasses, discredits, mobs, defrauds -- and plays continual dirty tricks on their own citizens. People often ask, "what's so special about you" -- it would be a lot cheaper to just shoot a TI -- "it doesn't make sense". Why would the government want to income-lynch a TI, destroy their relationships, isolate them, and "slowly" drive them to forced homelessness -- at which point many take a "deal", which "turns" them into Perps? It all sounds pretty sick -- and crazy doesn't it? Just the way Gang-Stalking is intended to sound.(08:49)

No Due Process: TIs never learn the reason why they were chosen -- because their vigilante "trial" took place in secret, without due process -- without the TI even knowing about it. Many go through life asking them self, "would could I have done to deserve this?" (09:27)

World-Wide: Gang-Stalking is a world-wide protocol, which seamlessly follows a TI through life -- as they travel -- and as they relocate to new residences, states, and countries. It's even present in Communist countries. (09:43)

The Objective of This web site focuses on one issue -- Gang-Stalking / Vigilante Stalking / Black-Listing. Without getting side-tracked by ANY other issues -- no politics, no religion, no crazy sounding talk beyond Gang-Stalking -- which is already crazy sounding enough. (09:58)

Sincerely yours,
Vancouver Wa Ti . com

PS: I have been a Targeted Individual (TI) -- of Gang-Stalking -- nearly every day, for 5 years -- and I have run a talk show about it for "many" hours -- "every" day -- for "many" months. I have spoken with countless people -- and I "still" don't know what to do about it. But one thing is for sure -- being quiet is not the answer. I'm trying to help get the word out. And hopefully somebody who hears about it -- "will" know what to do.

PPS: I maintain the following four web sites: Web -- This site, the main exposing site. Web -- Links that are 90+% Gang-Stalking. Web -- Gathering of evidence. Web -- Talk Show LIVE every night at 11 PM ET.

Ive only just seen this and thank you for taking the time to tell others of the terrorism which the authorities are behind.Everything you say here which Is in my range of experience is very accurate indeed.I dont know if you will see this,but respect to you,and dont let the morons grind you down,best wishes.

Me to I've spent 4 years trying to figure it out now it all makes sence yet no one does anything it's murder what they done they need a taste of there own medicine my own boyfriend how sick I had the works

Between 1900 and up to the mid 1930's there were a lot of hangings done by the KKK on people that were never given trials, so this gang-stalking that is going on is nothing new to the USA, it just goes by different names and methods, but the intent of multiple people getting away with murder is all the same regardless of what decade!

Most of the killings done by the KKK from the 1900's and up to the mid 1930s were organized by authority's and by people that had influential power amongst others, and all it took for them to organize a murderous mob on someone was to just label a individual as a bad guy, that's it, and dozens and dozens of people would join into it!

Most people that joined into such activity did so because everyone else around them did so, so they join in just to fit in with their friends/neighbors and they themselves did not want to be targeted so some joined in out of fear that they might get targeted if they did not join into it!

These hangings they had from 1900 to the mid 930s were for the most part public and it was common to hear about a hanging back then, many people used the event of a hanging as a excuse to have a big party and would treat a hanging as a fun event that multiple people joined in on!

It is still to this day very well known that the KKK existed but nowadays the KKK is for the most part viewed as a joke and not taken seriously, but the very acts committed by the KKK in almost a hundred years ago are almost identical to the crimes committed by gang-stalkers today!

Gang-stalkers rely on being anonymous but at the same time they are very public, they stay anonymous to their victims but they publicly seek people to join in on their targeting of people!

In 2013 the targeting of individuals are still organized by local authority's and funded by local authority's and organized by authority's, just like they did a hundreds years ago while wearing white hoods over their heads, but now instead of wearing white hoods to conceal who they are they just go under cover and pull strings behind their targets back to get their target framed and or killed!

I remind you people from 1900s and up to the mid 1030s their were public hangings all over the USA and none of those white hooded people were arrested and charged with murder, why? because it was law enforcement themselves that were wearing the white hoods and were organizing the targeting of people!

Most gang-stalkers are not in law enforcement, but gang-stalking is run and funded and organized by law enforcement and it has been this way throughout the USA's history, what? your government run schools did not teach you history? what a shame!

There is very little difference between the KKK and gang-stalkers they share the same traits, they think they are better than everyone else, they got their pappy's in law enforcement to cover their butts so they brazenly never fear being prosecuted, and their always on the lookout for their next target/victim, after all they are already organized so it is for them just a matter of "Who's next!" mentality!

Most children of people in law enforcement tend to grow up to become involved in law enforcement themselves, so there are many family's that work only for and within the policing system in this country, and cops themselves see and view each other as a big family and they cover each others butts because of it!

When one person, just one person within the policing system as it out for someone then everyone with a badge has it out for that person, and just like the KKK a hundred years ago the police will organize groups of people to target someone, and all that targeting/gang-stalking is funded and paid for by authority's with tax payers money's, and here is how they cover it up and hide it, they just call it "An Investigation" and leave it at that, no descriptions are ever given in detail as to what officer's do when they "investigate" someone!

The term "Investigation" is a very well known term that everyone has heard a thousand times on TV and in movies yet most people have no clue what exactly a "investigation" is!

To be blunt, an "Investigation" simply means multiple people in law enforcement is targeting someone, and at no time does the term "investigation" explain what cops actually do to someone when they investigate someone!

So in the name of an investigation several cops will gang-stalk someone and harass that person and will publicly destroy that person's reputation without ever bothering with a trial and they will turn their targets own relatives and family and friends and coworkers against their target, and for most of this they do this all behind their targets back!

Under the pretense of an investigation police will stage crimes using look-a-likes and photogenic photo's of look-a-likes to build false cases against their target, many people within this group refer to this as "staging" and I tend to agree with the people that refer to it that way because for the most part authority's "stage" crimes using body doubles and photogenic photo's to fame people, this is one of the reason's they gang-stalk their targets is because they want video evidence of their target as well as photogenic photo's of their target.

After gang-stalkers/police know where you work and where you shop and what routes you frequently take then gang-stalkers/police can easily "stage" a crime using look-a-likes at places you frequent in order to build a case against their target!

Just like a hundred years ago it was easy for the KKK to get people to join into the targeting of someone, and in 2013 it is just as easy for plain clothed cops to recruit citizens in the targeting of someone, and all it takes is for cops to label their target as a bad guy to the targets neighbors (Flyers, Community Notifications) and for plain clothed cops to tell the targets neighbors to be on the lookout for this person.

That's all it takes and now the whole neighborhood has been turned against the target, and 99 times out of a hundred the target will be clueless that this has happened to him/her, because no one has the decency to come forward to the target to tell the target that multiple people in law enforcement are running around labeling him/her as a bad guy!

History teaches us that mobs kill people, and that many mobs are organized, well all the killings done by the KKK between 1900s and the mid 1930s were organized and that many many people effortlessly joined into these killing mobs, in the 1930s it became popular for people to send post cards of dead people that were hung by the KKK to people, look it up it's a part of our history in the USA.

Most people that ganged up on people back then acted as though they were justified and did not fear prosecution killing people without trials because the killings were organized by authority's!

Well in 2013 gang-stalkers act as though they are justified and do not fear prosecution because someone in law enforcement organized the targeting of such and such individual and they do not fear recruiting others into the targeting of others because they know police and first responders will not arrest them, and they know the corrupt hospital will label anyone that speaks up about these crimes as mentally ill, it is an automatic response by this murderous system to do so, also without bothering with trials!

So if anyone in this group wants to PRETEND organized crime does not exist and that gang-stalking does not exist then they must be liars or mentally ill themselves because gang-stalking and the targeting of individuals has been going on throughout all of our history!

Thank you for this info.And your last paragraph is very true.

There is an episode of "Cops" and I do not know which episode, but there is an episode of the TV show "Cops" that shows a man telling the police and the camera man that his wife poisoned him!

The cops and the camera man walked past him LIKE HE DOES NOT EXIST and COMPLETELY IGNORED HIM and the cop SMIRKED while ignoring him and all the cop did was talk to the mans wife and he was not questioning the wife at all about the accusation of poisoning, at all!

The cops acted as though they were friends of the wife and they were ONLY INTERESTED IN LISTENING TO HER and they COMPLETELY IGNORED THE MANS COMPLAINT!

The TV producers blurred the mans face because he died, and they don't want people looking into his death BECAUSE IT WAS COPS THAT GAVE THE MANS WIFE PERMISSION TO CONTINUE POISONING HIM!

That episode is a perfect example of cops palling up to "CERTAIN" people and that they use their police powers to cover up victims complaints!

If that is not enough for you people to understand that cops F PEOPLE OVER ALL THE TIME AND SMIRK ABOUT IT AND FLAUNT THE FACT THAT THEY DO THIS TO PEOPLE ALL THE TIME then you people are flat out blind to Fascism!

I remind you people cops kill people all the time, and they always think of people as "Perps" and not as people with rights!
Go and Youtube video's of out of control cops unloading their guns on unarmed citizens, and read the posts people comment on about those video's.
You will see dozens of people labeling innocent unarmed murdered people as "Perps" and do it repeatedly in order to cover a murderous cops butt!

You want to know who gang-stalkers are? well there is your gang-stalkers, because every time cops kill innocent people they gang up on websites JUST LIKE A GANG and they repeatedly bad mouth the murdered victim as a bad guy until ALL opposition is scared away from complaining!

So gang-stalkers protect cops from prosecution by utterly destroying the victims reputation, and they do it as a gang, and they do not stop until their target is dead!

Michael Jackson is the most famous person to be gang-stalked and it killed him, all his millions of dollars did not save his life!

Are Fascist system pointed it's ugly Grissled fingers at Michael Jackson and labeled him a ********* WITHOUT giving the man a trial and denied him the right as well as the public's right to face the accuser, and they none-stop labeled him!

Police did this to him, news reporters joined into it, every Tom **** And Henrietta that are bro's to cops joined in on the targeting, THOUSANDS of people made him a laughing stalk all over the internet, and nobody cared because our BIG,,,,,BAD,,,,,,,FASCIST,,,,,,,,GOVERNMENT,,,,,,MADE,,,,,,IT,,,,,,,KNOWN,,,,,,,PUBLICLY,,,,,,,,THEY,,,,,,WANTED,,,,,,,MICHAEL,,,,,,,JACKSON,,,,,,,,DEAD!

That's all it takes in a Fascist country to get someone targeted, the Fascist's point fingers and then LABEL LABEL LABEL and deny deny deny the accused the RIGHT TO A TRIAL and they just label label some more, until they have enough people turned against their target that the gang-stalkers feel comfortable in killing the person!


For crying out loud it is cops doing this to you! get that through your heads! under the pretense of "Conducting an investigation" they are harassing you and destroying your life!

Every single person commenting on this webpage is CLAIMING to be a victim of criminal activity, and not a single one of you describes cops, AT ALL!


Otherwise you are just farting out your butts and NOT EVEN TRYING TO BE BELIEVABLE!

If cops don't or wont help you then maybe you should consider giving them the blame since they refuse to arrest the people gang-stalking you!

Remember ONLY COPS use the term "PERPS" and ONLY COPS use those terms on a regular basis!

No other "GROUPS" of people use those terms, did it ever occur to you people that it's cops doing this to you and that they don't think of you a citizens with rights they just think of you as "PERPS"?

Did that ever occur to you people that are so quick to claim being victims yet REFUSE to give blame to YOUR police force for refusing to help you that it is police and their bro's that are doing the gang-stalking? DID IT?


I found that it was friends, family, and co-workers, ex neighbors and contruction comapnies that a friend had once worked for...I sued. and I keep suing, the more you sue, the more it stops.

I want compensation and for my children we lost everything and now I'm on medication so I don't panick

i am targeted once again i hope i can make it through this 3rd encounter, my brother i law took his life in our bathroom during the last harassment. i have a past but today i am a employed tax paying american citizen. when did the usa start treating us like this. hudge amounts of money must be invested. people need to know, im tired of being sprayed, invaded and finantialy abused

i am victim. have been for 9 years now. they are a network. a network with many connections. as they have they network, we need ours. we need to start our network for ti. we need to help each other even if we are miles apart we need to come together now start mainstreaming this. i am still a victim. dont let them win. stay strong and have complete faith in one god. for god is truth. for god is righteous.for god is light. come and join me now and look me up on face book,twitter and every single social networking is abdul jalil uk. look me up now and start this network of righteous and goodness. remwber god for god loves who remebers him.amen.

Hello I need to talk to you?im a victim and I have no one to talk to.about this

It's sick just sick I went to church read the bible loud Hod spoke to them they didn't like it I think it has stoped but I have had the head lights thing and nearly had my car hit twice in last week

When you charge a cop with a felony crime in the USA they do not get arrested they do not stand trial in a criminal court room!
That's enough to know this is a fascist country all by itself!
Charge a cop with a felony crime and cops bring out their harem of mental illness experts to label the victim as mentally ill to discredit the victim/witness!
Police in Portland Oregon openly murder unarmed citizens on the streets in broad daylight by battering them to death and then they spend the next several years badmouthing the dead victim labeling them as mentally ill as though that alone justifies their actions!
Don't take my word for it, google "James Chasse" and the "Portland Mercury" online newspaper.
Cops in Portland Oregon have a HAREM of mental illness experts sleeping around with cops and they label the cops victims as mentally ill, after the cops kill the victim.

I ├▒eed ur help how can we get into contact

No one can help is it's up to you Go towards a God it's the only way

I'm experiencing the same thing as u how did u deal with it what can I do to breach out?

Kill them teach them a lesson

I am a victim bu why? I hear the voice of a x friend who lives upstairs from me. I felt fast like air run n my ears and in thru my noise. I hear her ever
y day all hours. I have nightmares and have feel like my dreams are controlled. My life is not normal. I lost all I once had in control. I can no longer go on like this I need the voice to go away. Help me please

I need to talk to you.

Yes pray for justice

There is a way to block this, glass building bricks, weird as it sounds I was in denver and walked into a building that was made of these and blessed silence. They could not be heard and I could not be seen. It was great.


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From one "TI" to another the very first thing I would tell you is,
Go to WWW.RAVEN1.NET. No matter what keep your senses about you. Try not to show any outward reaction to attacks if at all possible. This only encourages them and feeds their need to watch. If you are being targeted do not let yourself get depressed or the other extreme raging mad. You are not alone. Call the number find a support group in your area. Do not let the thought of them or the thought of catching them consume all your time. This all induces the physcosis they want. Go about your regular day. Do not begin to invest large sums of money trying to catch or stop them. This will drain you financially, another goal of the "Perps".
The one thing I would invest in is an indoor hidden video and audible alarm security system. Then get some good industrial earplugs to block "V2K" signals and go to bed feeling secure and get some good deep sleep. Sleep deprivation is their bread and butter. During the day do not discuss personal, financial or your situation in your home or car. This is where and how they get "intel" on you and your movements.
Go to site This site has products that help restore your bodies natural electrical charge. Occasionally find a bare spot in your yard, dirt not rocks or pebbles and stand or sit there bare footed for ten or fifth-teen minutes. This will ground off any unnatural electrical free radical charge your body might have. Search youtube for
"GANG STALKING" you will get a major education and hear testimonials that will empower you. Remember you are their leader they follow you. They are a lower life form.
Good Luck and if you are Christian PRAY. I pray for all of "TI's" nightly and the perps..

I need to talk to a targeted individual

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect
They have been stalking me and torturing me 24/7. They use some type of direct stimulation electronic device which feels like something is crawling on top of the head or on back of the shoulders. The noise seems to come from the power source, which zooms in where ever I go and is louder on the left ear but its probably V2K because I cannot block it. The crawling sensation/butterfly causes congestion and chocking at the throat and thickening of secretions. After a long period, the head heats up and breaks into hot spots and profuse sweating. This happens several time per day. I have physical burn marks from this abuse and I wanted to seek forensic analysis for evidence to sue. If anyone has any info, please let me know. Thanks
Everything has an end.

I am a victim as well!!!! What the **** do I do I'm so ******* angry and stressed out. The question I have now is what the **** do I do to help myself? Please someone help I feel so alone. :-(

I'm sorry we all haft to go through this by perps.i would like to talk to you.

what do you do?

hey does anybody know anything about being body scanned if so what is this, i can even hear these aholes in other peoples cars. i do have one witness my aunt heard them while i was at her appartment.

While ths is so deep my stalking started after my xbf and his present gf, unknowningly had been watching my every move, they talk through my speakers through my speakers, my tv, and my car, my cell phone is being monitored also, the gf (tina) : ) said to my one night yeag bit** we talking to you in your speakers, i confronted my x he claims he dont know what am talking about, but the conversations i hear are things only he and i have talked about, they watch while i get undressed even in my shower, they are looking, it is to annoying, i get in my car they know when i leave for work and when i return, i know who they are i dont know the (tina), but the guys i know they wall in my apartment are so thin, at night i hear their whole conversation, the cold part about is the tina is a teacher in long beach, bixby knolls area i caught her taking pictures of me and a friend i told him to smile for the camera sometimes i ignore them, some days i tell them to **** off, and like all the others i have told people what is happening to me and they think am going crazy, i heard them talking about things in my house my jewlrey is gone the tina lives near me with the xbf and i believe my new next door is also involved, who works for mta , ane the xbf works for bp, one weekend in riverside away from my home they stayed outside of anothers friend apt, talking all night i did not sleep because they were outside in the parking area talking. they followed everywhere the tina likes to say you cant see me when i turn around she's gone. ithis is what i do bit**, and the guys says everybody is placed where they need to be. they need to get a life. GETTO *** POPAROSSI. AND LIKE THE BLIND MAN SAID F-EM F-EM ALL.

We don't devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks - Seriously. I can't help but hate em even though it only hurts me - psychopaths don't feel empathy so I'm sure it's just one more thing they can laugh at. Sickos. Hang in there.

I am going through the same thing. any advice?

Gods going to shine light on all this compensation is coming to all us victims government pay out it's all there doing united we stand!

<p>Death by Grocery Store </p><p>Something is going on the United States today that has grave implications for freedom and democracy in this country, and the only reason I even know about it is that it's happening to me. I'm not sure if this is happening to anyone else, but even if it's just happening to one person, it's still something that shouldn't be allowed to happen in an allegedly free country.</p><p>I am being poisoned to death by grocery stores and restaurants in the community where I live, and everywhere I travel across the U.S., I find it almost impossible to buy food and drinks that are not spiked with some unknown substance that apparently is designed to cause cancer or some other dreadful disease.</p><p>Just to give you an example, I stopped at Frank's Roman Pizza, 339 Sardis Road in Asheville, N.C., and ordered a draft beer yesterday, but before serving me, they had to change the tap. Apparently they weren't fully prepared for my arrival and had the untainted tap still in place. Sure enough, when I finally got my beer, it tasted awful and gave me a headache.</p><p>That's usually what happens when I order beer in a bar or buy it in a grocery store.It really doesn't seem to matter where I go, everyone participates in the conspiracy. I don't know about you, but I find it alarming that thousands of employees of grocery stores and restaurants are accessories to murder and seem to have no compunction whatsoever about it. That does not bode well for the furture of this country.</p><p>Since no one has ever explained to me why I've been singled out for this particular form of harassment, I can only guess. From what I've read on the Internet, other people who have been targeted for state-sponsored harassment have discovered that a slander campaign has been conducted against them in the community where they live. They're accused of being a child molester, terrorist, drug dealer or something of that nature. I can only assume that's what's happening to me as well.</p><p>In my case, there's not an ounce of truth to any of these allegations. I think I was targeted because I'm an honest person who was doing my job as a journalist and exposing corruption in the CIA, the FBI, the military and other government agencies.</p><p>Instead of being poisoned to death, my fellow citizens should hold me in the highest esteem and give me a parade down Main Street with marching bands, female baton twirlers dressed in skimpy outfits and lots and lots of confetti. I should be honored with medals at city council meetings and thanked profusely by ordinary Americans for helping to protect their rights. Mothers should ask me to kiss their babies. Instead, I get gang stalking and death by grocery store.</p><p>But the point I'm making is that even if I were guilty, or even suspected, of having committed a crime, I would still have the constitutional right to face my accuser. We already have a perfectly good system available in this country to deal with people who are suspected of having committed a crime. They're supposed to be formally charged and then put on trial. And if there's not enough evidence to charge them, they're supposed to be left the **** alone.</p><p>The way things are now, if you do something that ****** off the criminals in government, such as exposing their illegal activities in the press, on the Internet or in conversations with other people, you're targeted for destruction. See this: </p><p>And the naive, "patriotic" idiots known as gang stalkers who do the government's dirty work for them are only expediting their own enslavement. Pretty soon, it won't be just political dissidents such as myself who are targeted for destruction. The morons who helped to destroy my life will soon find out that they will also be targeted in the impending global fascist dictatorship known as the New World Order.</p><p>

Incredibly I heard about this first on youtube when I saw the videos that others had done, and I immediately recognized me, just as I have known all my life that there is some sort of organization that harasses people and stages various events. I have so often been in situations that seemed to be staged but I've never been able to pinpoint what it was until now.The question is who can afford this I mean it's not exactly cheap to pay people to harass or spy on people? It must be governments or secret societies that lies behind this.There seem to be people who have different tasks in these networks some just watching what you do who you meet, etc. I like to call them watchers.The second category is people trying to get information from you by talking I call them widgets and they usually get very good rewards if they can give their handler right information such as money or a new job.The third category is women who have sex on demand from their handler they usually have blonde hair and have a weird accent when they work I call them prostitutes. They are used as a reward for people who the network likes but they can also be used to frame you as you saw in the case of Julian Assange. The fourth category is the hooligans they are usually youth gangs that destroy property or making noise. The fifth category is the most dangerous, I call them killers they are there to beat you up or sometimes even kill you, but this is more unusual.

Very Very Sad...I've been gang stalked for over 20 yrs. I am so scared of everything. They break into my home and put acid like chemicals in my shoes. and food and mess with my clothes, hems and buttons... I've thrown out so much, I have no money left. People in my town the cops, the firemen, community members are all involved... What is wrong with these people??? Also, drugged and raped by men that I do know... I'm so insecure, and scared. Hating Life

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith. Their just little people wearing cop uniforms, fire"men" uniforms, and other guises. Check out the lights.

gang stalking is no diffrent than murder.....they are taking someones life away and the punishment for such a crime should be just as harsh.

Keep going police take photos if people get licence plates go high power to God.. The more we all fight this the more aware it becomes