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Hi, I`m writting from South Korea, yes indeed I`m being gangstalked since 2006, after I married my korean wife,the first year I even I don`t believe myself and was very stressfull,but thanks to forums like this is that I `open' my eyes and see all about stalking ,harrasement ,difamation etc(I`m a foreigner.,really at first it was a shock ,but after this time I`m ok,(not bieng to live a normal life,but a parallel one)anyway I find some comfort and understanding from God and from my wife and my friends whom at the first never believed me,but now they know,; I used some psicology to counter attack those perps. like flashing special lights in my window in  the night (when the  slanders passing again and again in front of my house)they were so surprise and they disappear(,for them,was a special flash new technology hidden camera, and that for a night of rest!!!. so I laugth how so stupid and fragil are them,I control them!!!so now I carry un MP3 and have a video survillance camera installed by myself at midnigth,so no to let them know about that,but really still botter when I`m outside my house, i still trying to find a way.  Iwant to share this and want some answers  from around the world and are in the same situation, please be free too..really read Psalm chapter 64,and you will find help from God almigthy!!!even King David was gangstalking!!!! really I hope I help in something .. God bless you all of you and pray ....with regards  Ben

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Only cops refer to people as "perps" and only cops and their bro's think in those terms, so you must be one of those "FAKE" victims that pretends to be mentally ill to discredit REAL victims!

You talk like a cop and think like a cop and you use cops terms, so you are a cop, now why are you on here in this group trying to make gang-stalked victims look crazy!?

Hey mate<br />
<br />
Dont give up.<br />
Go to a spy camera shop<br />
Do not order online as if it comes via royal mail then most likely it will be seen by your stalkers. Most postman are masons, very similar as taxi drivers. Basically you have either offended someone or you are a whislteblower, good morales person or an activist.<br />
There is an evil cancer in the western world & it is eating at its countries which is why they are becoming weak countries. They hate people who cannot be bought or who cannot be controlled.<br />
<br />
Anyway get a few PIR spy cams, they are cheap. Hide them all over your home. If they enter it, you will know. But make sure its when you are planning go out for a while, cancel your plan & go back, check the tapes, if you find anything upload to youtube, to a online storage, & make many other copies, show your friends & family, then go to the police.<br />
<br />
This will throw a spanner in the works.<br />
<br />
Remember you are not alone!<br />
<br />
If they think they have worn you down, they may appear & ask you to join their cult, beware they are Satan worshippers. They want to break you, then get you when you are weak & then slowly pervert your life & its morale beliefs.<br />
<br />
<br />
its happening to alot of the decent people of this country!

Watch this"Tell me the truth how do I get the stalkers and plebs off mine and other victims case and show them up for the idiots morons and cretins they really are<br />
the sentence rearranged above, from my true spirit guides gives the following<br />
"the Vatican are deliberately destroying the lihes of truth seekers t o stop losinh their human crowds power m(A)s(T) f l ed (THE) malehoIent to(R)(m(E)n t(ING) d(E)af m a d h c nts <br />
<br />
<br />
BY rearranging the words i found something highly enligtening, and as a victim of it myself, and having had lodgers, friends, tenants and even family turn against me,even when i havent saidor done anything, i have come to the conclusion the vatican has brainwashed idiots to the antichrist idea that they turn against you with their alledged ego superiority, stay strong you are better than them, and if we are the antichrist for seeking the truth then bring it on, and muppets, while your chasing the antichrist thinkers, the jesuits are building machines and using satanic spells to create their eugenics dream, distractions to allow them to wipe out mankind by making everyone look the other way.<br />
Those disbelievers are just manifestation of nazi and other killers menatalities and are purely echoes of past humans, <br />
<br />
I laugh at them everywhere i go now and ive even started putting signs in my car windows like cowards, they hate it and snarl as they drive past their loss not mine, because when you have been encouraged to commit suicide been driven off the road, spat on, had people turn away and sneer and seen peoples character change to pure vicious and demonic in front of you, including strangers then you know its deliberate targetting, and these echoes are actually ghosts being led by the vatican or the new world order<br />
<br />
And to those detractors and deniers who come up with the what makes you think your so special to be targetted, you ******* its becuase we are enlightened free thinkers that we are targetted and yes its demonic, so true earth spirits are chased and harassed, its envy jealousy or even just pure fear but your still idiots and easy to be corrupted because your not worthy enough to even be TARGETTED , guess thats becuase Lucifer knows how stupid you are.<br />
Have a nice life in nothingness when you realised they have already destroyed the planet, to stop people finding out the truth, and we are all just echoes of previous ghosts, YEP YOUR ALL ALREADY DEAD.

Hi, Lixfe. That was an interesting comment you made about King David. Yes, it appears that gangstalking has been around for quite some time in some form or fashion. Today's technology just allowed it to take off. I agree, too, that some of the stalkers are fragile, afraid of their own shadows. While not taking away from the seriousness of this crime, you presented your story in a way I found very entertaining. I can just imagine how they felt when they got "flashed". *smile*

Thanks for your story. Yes I am also being gangstalked but feel totally powerless. I am totally alone, I mean no husband or kids. No friends also.

Do not be scared these GANGSTALKERS are a bunch of COWARDS, very unhappy people, very angry at the world, they are shady take a flaslight with you and give them some light and they will run away like chickens. They feed from your FEAR
they are possessed by demons BELIEVE ME THEY ARE BIG TIME COWARDS THAT IS WHY THEY ACT IN GROUPS. You are a VERY SPECIAL persojn they FEAR YOU. GIVE THEM SOME light and PRAY FOR THEM to come out from the dark and to come out of their STUPIDITY&gt; PEACE AND LIGHT.

Hi aproudwoman, I too feel the same way you do. They started the lies with my family, and then piece by piece, have tried to destoy everything else in my life. God is my friend and every day I praise Him that I\'m still here in this world. I\'d like to be your friend, as I know how lonely things can become.
God bless you. Vicnomore

thank you GS sorry it take so long ,I`m new to this site,right now I`m going to see a Lawyer, the only way to get the upper hand is trying to find when start and by whom the lider or liders and file a lawsuit, the other only play passing information, catch the lider and all the wall will come down,but beware him or her are well protected,but is not imposible.I think I find the lider of nigthmares!!! I will keep you informed, really thanks see you soon ..bye!!!

Welcome to the group Ben. Thanks for sharing your story. The more people share, the stronger we become. It's by sharing and making aware, that we have our best hope of changing this. <br />
<br />
Thank you for joining and sharing.