People, This Is How It Works. Open Your Eyes You Fools.

Gangstalking is myth.  But its still happening.  You have to ask yourself how?  How does it work?  Are you being stalked, harassed, chemtrailed or mind controlled?  Can't figure out what is going on?  Are you targeted and can't figure out how gangstalkers know everything about you?  Do your friends and family appear "in on it".  This is what they are doing, and this is how they do it.  Open your eyes.
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I'm the author of dataasylum. Your right about what you said. those comments and thoughts the family members are having are not they're own thoughts, thats the problem. its kinda like a paradox. unfortunately most people in your (and my) family are far too stupid to understand whats happening. although if you showed them my web site it might make it clear. not sure, I never bothered to show anyone close to me. they're all zombies.

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I cannot agree more with what you said. You sounds like you have many years experience being a TI. I would add that, it is even worst when you family turn against you, those who you love, wants to hurt you for reason unknow to yourself. Even when you confront them they usually just say you need psy help, the phase "Why would I do that to you???!!!" is very common. Sometimes they even pretended to be offended about it and look upset so you feel guilty of being wrong. I see it happen too many times, done many experiments on the situation, I know.

You are very young and at your age, I would have thought that this was all paranoid rubbish. In fact, when someone told me that she was being targeted I said I thought that this person was paranoid because I had never experienced anything like it all myself.<br />
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When you get older, you realise that the world is a more complex place than you realise and if you ever fall out with someone wealthy and powerful, you could find that your life changes completely. You might find that someone is getting people to tell lies about you to make you out to be a threat or the opposite of what you really are. You may find that people you do not even know are claiming to know you and spreading vicious rumours about you because someone with money who you have fallen out with has been making it worth their while to do so.<br />
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You may find that things you have said in your own home are being repeated by people in the work place the next day to psych you out and that normal things you say and do at work are taken out of context and turned into malicious rumours and lies meant to turn you into a hate figure in order to isolate you even if you had been a popular person before. Bullies like to isolate their victims in order to make them weak. You begin to realise that your privacy is being violated in your own home ( bugging your home, tapping your phone, hacking your computer, etc- remember the phone hacking scandal in the UK?)<br />
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You may even find that people are turned against you on lies and your drink is spiked or your health begins to deteriorate.<br />
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You can end up isolated and alone because of a smear campaign because someone is making it worth people's while to lie about you and obsess about you in your own home. The ob<x>jective is to make you feel unsafe everywhere you go and especially in your own home until you either lose your mind or commit suicide.<br />
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Sounds sick and unbelievable I know but we live in a horrible world where crime happens. It's lovely that you are still a naive teenager like I once was thinking that no one could be so weird as to systematically fr<x>ame and stalk another person but there are some people who are seriously weird and truth really is sometimes stranger than fiction.