My Father's Father's Friends' Children And Their Extended Families And Friends

I really dont know WHY?! never had a conflict. I hardly talk to anyone, I'm mostly quiet. but they have been stalking, harassing and defaming me. they use different names to abuse and harass me online tooo...

Reading the title just shows how big the loosers are!

They also try to sabotage my marriage and love life!
HelenParis HelenParis
2 Responses Apr 12, 2012

Same here. Its becuz your not a snitch. You have or a family member has done something to make them think you wont go along with just anything. Maybe you stuck up for a kid who was being picked on in high school? Dont ever believe any reason they give you. They are laed to believe that they can pick targets. Isnt that cute?

Me too sweety even on EP...a letter was even sent to my home address..not a happy person right now at all...If you ever need to chat msg me.