Gang Stalking Of Dr. Pozner (great Advice For Targeted Individuals)

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6 Responses May 8, 2012

This information will save your life. if you have done something seriously offensive to others or are believed to have done something seriously offensive to others around you that is bad enough to have them want justice you need to move. immediately and firstly stop talking about what is happening to you and stop trying to raise awareness to this if you want to live. never mention it to your grandchildren or any living person. and leave no documented record of your claims. These terrible things are happening because ultimately you are behaving in a way that is against the ultimate survival of man. i suffer torture for for years and am now free from it. embrace technology. stop spending rumors. work. don't lie. don't steal. don't give opinions that cause people to work against or think against other people or organizations. be kind and good to everyone. even those who hate you. including your close relatives. try to obey a bible that says in general do good to others and don't commit murder. the smallest rules in the book can mean life or death for you. don't die for anyone. respect people. the harder you try to do good the better things get. i do not regret the choice i made to choose this path for myself and have quickly been recovered from gangstalking. suffering. burning. stinging. nightmares. friendlessness . joblessness. heart attacks. voices. and so many other things. including mental hospitals. my recovery has been remarkable and without medication or shielding. If people you know personally want you dead for something you have done it may be that you need to be never again seen by them to be doing good to them. it does now seem to me that some being or spirit wants good for every person weather you want good for them or not. so the moral i think is do good things or die. i am recovering. do good and you will too. i spent a great deal of my time trying to prove what was happening to me before i learned. now it is possible that already i am the happiest and healthiest I've ever been. coming from absolute murder and torture on my body and reputation just six months ago and all i did is shut my mouth and start being good to others and being helpful when i can. real help. not running my originated mouth kind of help that caused my suffering.

Great information. I am currently being stalked and appeciate the helpful advice.

Its sick and Sad that these Criminals do this to Anyone But when they target Children of Targets and Senior Citizens and Vetrans It Burns my A__<br />
leslie Williams a fellow Target in San Diego Shes is Disabled and Homeless she is all over You Tube and Google and she is exposing them Online feverishley<br />
Dr Pozner-I pray you stay safe Sincerley<br />
Leslie Williams

Beth - i am sorry this is happening to u. I see u r in healthcare. I have been gang stalked since i worked in healthcare for a few years now. I believe our healthcare system is infiltrated by criminals as well. I believe this is a dirty programme as well. I think government criminals have a programme w the mental health system too. These people r filth. Im afraid for our country and i think there is some mafia type group doing this. They have a tonne of cash to fly helicopters and pay these legions of pukes to harass. Scary with military involvmenet

This video by Dr. Pozner is one of the best Ive listened to. Take heed<br />
I appreciate his advice. He made alot of sense unlike some of the other gangstalking info sites.

Hi Dr Posner <br />
I am a nurse and have experienced the severe gangstalking for about a year. This is definitely a behaivor modification program being administered through the DOJ and intellingence communities. They claim they are using neurolingistic programming but it is just criminal conduct as you well know. If you have time you may want to research the infiltration of criminal gangs into our US and military. It is very sad chapter for our country but we will be strong and defeat this! Beth