Useful Information About Community Mobbing


I'm not quite sure what I'm doing writing this but it may help someone so why not.

Basically, I got into an argument  (2 years ago) with a psychopath and got community mobbed.
I was exposed to everything there is to be exposed to.
They can even do custom tv channels (UK) which is bordering the absurd levels but I think that is the point, the idea is to make it absurd as possible.

Since most of the information online is rubbish.
I've done the research and I can see what is going on.
It's rather unpleasant to say the least.

Right, the first thing I noticed was that community mobbing and paranoid schizophrenia have the exact same symptoms.
On the other hand, I also know that multiple other people had arguments with the same psychopath and all had break downs
and got diagnosed with psychosis.

Basically, community mobbing and paranoid schizophrenia are the same thing.
The problem is that thing is community mobbing. (There are no real cases of psychosis at all)
The claims that psychosis/schizophrenia/manic depression/whatever else they are calling it... are caused by stress and drug use are no more valid
than claims that hysteria is caused by a woman's wondering womb.
This is probability hard for you to believe (but it's useful information nonetheless).

Essentially, what's happened is that when the crime of witchcraft was phased out paranoid schizophrenia was phased in as a replacement. (It's a invented illness that doesn't exist, there is no neural disease that allows people to see things that are not there)

The purpose is more or less the same to prosecute people without trial. If you go into the history of witchcraft, ******* off the wrong person was a good way to be accused of being a witch.
Anti psychotics (causes loss of brain matter, there are studies that confirm this, this is why schizophrenia have reduced brain sizes) and anti depressants (probability not as nasty) are slow poisons.

Now, to explain the hard bit. It's not a conspiracy in the way you think it is.
Community mobbing in any of it's forms (witchcraft, paranoid schizophrenia, etc..) is a natural behavior exhibited by all human societies.

Because human's are a product of an evolution system. There are evolutionary system properties that human societies have.
One property is that in any evolution system different segments of the population employ different survival strategies to gain advantage in the society they are in.

So now I've got to explain the states that a human mind can be in.
There are 3 basic states, we're going to label them the Ego state, the Di state and the Super Ego state.

The Ego state is the simplest to explain. This is the basic state all people begin in.
It's a balance between the Di (Animal Instincts) and the Super Ego (Higher morals).
People in the Ego state naturally believe that all other people think in the exact same way as they do.
They are unable to recognize people in the Di state or the Super Ego state has been different from them.

The Di state is a bit more complicated since this is alien to you (If it isn't your not my intended audience :p ).
People in this state make up a large percentage of the population.
People in this state are responsible for community mobbing.
They don't feel emotions in the same way as you do.
The emotions they feel are related to aggression and fear.
They are scared of anyone more powerful than them and they prey on people who are weaker than them.
They are purely motivated by sexual desires and money.
There minds are broken in such a way that they can display any emotion of their choice to manipulate the people around them.
There survival strategy is that they leech of people in the Ego state to meet their needs. (Who can't recognize them)
When several get together this is called mobbing or bullying.
Additionally, mobbing can quickly turn to community mobbing.
These people were originally in the Ego state at some point.
(Generally, they got mobbed by other people in the Di state who drawed them in)
It spreads from one generation to the next essentially.

Something else I can tell you that's useful knowledge.
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) & Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)
Happens to people who are in the Ego state when they are in close contact with multiple people in the Di state
who are actively exploiting them through manipulation.
This is why both both disorders appear to have no cause.

The Super Ego state, basically it's the evolutionary counter adaption to the Di state.
This is the most difficult state to explain.
People in the Ego state and Di state have no idea of what this is.

On the other hand, it's the way out of community mobbing.

I think I should interlude with a small story about a mother who's child was run over by a car.
The woman preceded to lift up the 1 ton car and pull her child from under the car.
On one hand she torn half the muscles in her arm on the other hand she lifted up a 1 ton car,
a feat by all normal circumstances should be impossible.
This is because the body has in built panic modes.

When someone in the Ego state is under a serious perceived threat to their life the body responses
by releasing large amounts of dopamine in the brain.
This also transfers the energy which would be spent by the muscles directly to the brain instead leaving you physically weak as a
twig but o well...

The purpose of this is multi-fold:
Firstly, it creates a serious and very real intelligence boost that enables the person to attempt to
work out the situation that they are in, which is extremely shocking to people in the Ego state who
believed that everyone else thought like they do or at the very least had a basic sense of morals.

Secondly, it allows the Ego to hear the Super Ego. This is what voice hearing is.
The voice is generated internally in the brain and is percepted by the person as coming from there.

I should point out that community mobbers often think that they are faking psychosis,
they have no idea that there aren't any legitimate cases. So they will generally try to fake this symptom
as well. But they will generally do it from a tv or something like that.
There is no such thing as electronic harassment btw. They do not have microwave sound projectors or any rubbish like that.
Through I can understand why people might think that since they are being community mobbed and now they are hearing a
voice so the community mobbers must be responsible. They aren't, it has nothing to do with them whatsoever.

Right, back on track, the purpose of the voice is part of a survival strategy.
The voice's primary purpose is to remove you from the life threatening situation.
It's highly adapt at that as well.

It can pull off stunts that are not yet scientifically understood.
It can influence other people on the sub-conscious level, up until the direct control of a person against their will.

This is what the people who were tried as witched meant when they said they practiced magic with the devil.
After being community mobbed, the body activated this survival strategy and they heard a voice that allowed them
to control the actions of other people.

But for this to work, you must actually listen to the voice you hear.

This confuses the hell out of people in the Di state who have no idea that this is possible.

There are quite a few people who believe that I have being handing out large bribes...
which is slightly funny actually ...

I think I've covered more or less, everything of interest.

Medication wise:
Take Complex B Vitamins.

Music wise:
Try listening to some Tatu, read the lyrics. The band was formed by a fed up child psychologist.
There are quite a lot of other bands as well who cover the topic.
Keep in mind, that every case of psychosis is a case of community mobbing.
I'll say the classic line, why not: You are NOT alone.

Homura Homura
2 Responses May 15, 2012

Hi Homura,

You wrote: "Right, the first thing I noticed was that community mobbing and paranoid schizophrenia have the exact same symptoms."

That's upsetting. Which is reality—schizophrenia or mobbing? The late Thomas Szasz, who knew a great deal about psychiatry, said schizophrenia is fictitious (to which I add that the DSM is a vast, pernicious book of fictions). People may become mad, but it aint 'schizophrenia.' Paranoia is real enough. Anyone can get paranoid if you humiliate, gaslight, psychologize abuse and otherwise harm them repeatedly.

Mobbing, on the other hand, is all too real even as it's denied by most Americans, many of whom engage in mobbing, and all of whom believe deeply in schizophrenia. Have you seen the CDC's Zombie cartoon? There's a real scary piece of agiprop (propaganda) that suggests going beyond the already deeply imbued fear, loathing and exclusion of zombies (the mentally ill), into an excalation of the violence against zombies (the mentally ill)—having our National Guard shoot them. This cartoon was promulgated by our major mass media last fall, ostensibly as a Halloween cartoon promoting safety kits.

But you're onto something here. Anyone marked, defined ("diagnosed") and identified as an embodiment of paranoia, schizophrenia, paranoid schizophrenia and other mental diseases is transformed automatically into "fair game" for mobbers.

Taking B complex is an excellent idea for coping with stress. Thanks.

I enjoyed reading what you have to say,and agree with some,some is new to me and Im always open to new ideas.But some of what you say I know from personal experience is not applicable in my particular case.I have been hit by synthetic telepathy for many years,and from the start knew the source of what I was hearing was definately not from me.If I listened to what is repeatedly told me by those responsible,I would be the most worthless wretch in the world.The only intent of what I hear from them is to break me,which I will not let happen,or die in the resistance of it.I have experiences which are clear proof of outside intervention,but nothing I can produce as hard evidence,just the knowledge of what has happened.Yet there is much you say which is very interesting and rang a couple of bells within me.Thanks for sharing.