Gang Stalked I Think

t his is a really long story but will try to cut it short. This started a year ago when i went to my local shop one tea time for some milk. Usually I would take my 5 yr old daughter with me, but on this occasion her friend was playing so i went on my own, promising to be two mins max.(They weren,t bothered tho as they were busy playing barbies)

Anyway I was the only person in the shop besides the shop keeper who was 6 months pregnant, when 3 men burst in wearing ski masks and carrying guns and proceeded to rob the takings from the till and whatever else they could before making an exit.

As you can imagine, I was scared shitless, I had been pushed out of the way, and a gun pointed in my direction but I wasn,t hurt. I remember putting my hands over my eyes so that i couldnt see them and hoping it be over as soon as possible. All i could think about was my daughter at home.

After they left the shop the pregnant ladies husband appeared and rang the police. I think I was expected to wait while they arrived but just wanted to get home to my kid. I left my mobile number so they could contact me as I knew they would need to.

I wasnt prepared for the way I felt when I walked out of that shop and I have never felt normal since.

Apart from the obvious things such as shaking and I did vomit at the side of the road, I had such an overwhelming fear of these men waiting for me.

Obviously they weren,t but this is how I feel now all of the time when I go out, even in the daytime. On a bad day I will avoid leaving the house altogether which isnt healthy I know.

They have since been caught but as they were local to the area, word got round that I was the person in the shop and youths hanging round on the park at the back of my house started making gun shot sounds which i ignored and didnt let it bother me.

Until I hear them shouting 'We,re gonna kill you' and then I started to hear it in my house, I taped it on my phone and other people have heard it too. I have tried every trick I can think of to find out who is responsible for this and have got nowhere. the Police cannot do anything til I have been physically hurt which is of no help to me at all.

I never gave a statement to the police for fear of reprisals so I have no idea why who or what this is happening to me for.

I feel as if my whole life is being watched and my every word listened to and is one of the most un-nerving things to ever happen to me. The people who have heard it in my house think its down to ghosts, and although I believe in all that stuff I am not convinced for one min, I mean, do ghosts do street talk and know personal info about me??

I live with my little girl and 19 year old son and its getting to him too now, tho he thinks its a ghost too.

'they' say things like we gonna get you when you take your kid to school, we gonna rape you etc etc, as you can imagine I am constantly jumpy and nervous and I absolutely hate being this way... AAARRGGGGHHHH!

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I've been "targeted" by gang stalkers since 2004 for the "crime" of being an honest man and doing my job as a journalist by exposing corruption in the CIA, the FBI and the U.S. military. And now I'm being poisoned to death by grocery stores and restaurants in the community where I live. The scope of this scandal is mind-boggling. Read all about it at

From one "TI" to another the very first thing I would tell you is,
Go to WWW.RAVEN1.NET. No matter what keep your senses about you. Try not to show any outward reaction to attacks if at all possible. This only encourages them and feeds their need to watch. If you are being targeted do not let yourself get depressed or the other extreme raging mad. You are not alone. Call the number find a support group in your area. Do not let the thought of them or the thought of catching them consume all your time. This all induces the physcosis they want. Go about your regular day. Do not begin to invest large sums of money trying to catch or stop them. This will drain you financially, another goal of the "Perps".
The one thing I would invest in is an indoor hidden video and audible alarm security system. Then get some good industrial earplugs to block "V2K" signals and go to bed feeling secure and get some good deep sleep. Sleep deprivation is their bread and butter. During the day do not discuss personal, financial or your situation in your home or car. This is where and how they get "intel" on you and your movements.
Go to site This site has products that help restore your bodies natural electrical charge. Occasionally find a bare spot in your yard, dirt not rocks or pebbles and stand or sit there bare footed for ten or fifth-teen minutes. This will ground off any unnatural electrical free radical charge your body might have. Search youtube for
"GANG STALKING" you will get a major education and hear testimonials that will empower you. Remember you are their leader they follow you. They are a lower life form.
Good Luck and if you are Christian PRAY. I pray for all of "TI's" nightly and the perps..

People are so very sick. Move to Ohio, I need a roommate anyway. We can create our gang and get them back.

OMG!!!! LOL!!! I have been gang stalked by very dangerous ppl from northern ireland for 35 years I am sorry to laugh but my stalkers all tried to tell me that I was haunted,cursed and was myself demonic I know who is at the back of it and her "reason" is that she believes that I am the child of her first husband ,at least that is what she told ppl to get them to gang up with her .Actually I think she knows that I am not related to that man but she is so mental that she doesnt care.Probably the robber gang are targeting you but ghosts might talk street it would depend on what type of alleged ghosts they are but probably some stupid persons are just shouting at you from ajoining properties trying to play on your fear for fun .The ppl stalking me were doing this same thing calling through walls from next door at 3am and so on ,hiding behind their curtains and shouting things out the window .... If you just find out where this voices are coming from and then make it clear that you know that the perps are Mental and require some "help" from the mental health authority that should shut the "ghosts" up.

Do not give up. There is help. Stay positive and arm yourself. We can overcome it, but we have to create a unified front. In the meantime do all you can to stay healthy and in a positive state of mind.

One of the questions I keep asking myself also is why? I had what I thought were just kids looking for a thrill on my roof, I've since learned that yes they r kids, but they also belong to the gang that is stalking me. They r not just token members but active participating members. I believe that most if not all have parents who r members. It's truly a super in size. I never could have imagined that sort of thing existed.

I'm so sad to hear about what you are going through!

You are right police use fake victims and witnesses to entrap or fr<x>ame T.I's, they also planted evidence and falsify police reports, I know this because they did all this to me. They also get gangbangers to commit crimes on you or other perps to entrap you.

You were probably set up in a theater act, fake robbery to get the ball rolling, sorta speak !!!<br />
You are not hearing are hearing a audio device used by the movie industry to throw voices. They also have video projection devices. This is to scare you, get your mind off your every day activties. You are now in the scope of a large common crook cult. They do this to distract you while they rob from you.Its a scam......They want your identity,credit,property, whatever ??? Why ?<br />
Probably a me for more Ron

From what I am reading, gangstalking appears to be happening more and more, because more people are involved and they are usually neighbors, police, fire fighters, really anyone, so it is very hard to fight back. But people need to start coming together and helping one another. This is the only way we can stop these criminals from stealing our innocent lives. The more we tell others, and take action, the more scared they will be of getting caught for breaking the law. We need to find mini cameras that are hidden but can catch the stalkers as they follow us everyday without their knowledge that they are being filmed and recorded. Does anyone have any ideas where we can get miniture cameras to carry and film? Evidence is what we need and witnesses. I know it's hard, but we have to get our lives back. Please share useful ideas. Thanks.

Cameras provoke them and they will escalate their activities. United front, systematic action and correct exposure of the crime are the key. I have freed myself psychologically and now I am on a mission to free all of us.

I agree that we need to fight back with counter detection devices that expose the problem. You did not describe very much about what you are trying to capture. With me I am trying to capture the presence of electromagnetic or microwave radiation and it is difficult because the associated evidence that needs to be captured is only present in lighting or noises. And I am looking at ways to find the source or direction of the microwave gun by either audible or visual technologies. I can then gain credibility by showing this to others but until then the subject is too far out there for anyone to believe. I myself hate to admit that if a good friend came to me with the same story prior to my own issues I would not believe them but if they showed me hard evidence I would then have to start wondering. Thank you for sharing and lets keep seeking ways to show evidence... Thats the way to expose these cowards

You are not alone. I understand you totally. These people are very afraid, cowards. Just slap them once or twice. Also teach yourself and your son, martial arts and other physical combat techniques. This will take your mind off them temperaririly and also give you lot of confidence. Send your son for phschological conseling also. By the way are you male or female? and How old?<br />
<br />
Explains the ghost house.

sounds creepy, if it is ghosts just try to shut them out as i have had lots of those kinda experience and its alot easier than u've thought to shut them out, if its local kinda just get ur 19yr old son to happen to bash em, that'll work<br />
if u want more info just msg me :D

GANGSTALKERS are a bunch of angry, unhappy people under an evil spell. You do an Spiritual Clearing to yourself and show them a flashlight whenever they bother you. They are afraid of light....they are shady demons but COWARDS mthat is reason they act in groups....You are special do not fear them
COWARDS. Pray for them so they can come out of their STUPIDITY.