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A lot is happening in the UK regarding stalking, and yes I am a victim of this crap. Started when I was sixteen, now 41. Was warned it was going to happen and have had all the usual stuff, from street theatre to mobbing at work. I am electronically harassed also. I have names of and what is involved and groups related to cults as well seem to be involved. Inclusive of also the police. Some other members of my family have been targeted, so a family hit. We have all been done over in various ways. Why us I keep asking? Anyway may never get a total reason as to why. I am visually hit with numbers, numberplates, van names. In my case the medical community are the perps.....this will take too long to explain here. Gangstalking your blog is amazing and I learn something new everytime I visit. We have two writers here in the UK interested in this. A journalist and a few others including an MP. Please keep your fingers crossed...this is getting somewhere. Am I implanted that is what I want to know? regards chicken1
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Hi i have been stalked for years ,
I am paul from wigan
The way to stop them is to name and shame them
Its easy for others to make fun to discredit you and others who write about stalking .
But believe me it is all about money illegaly made from the people they abuse

Oh yeah, with regard to the implant, I believe so, I work in a secondary school and have noticed inanimate objects that I pass are used to harass me , like a photocopier, or the push of a chair, my own footsteps even- the sound of my boots on the floor so I'm convinced there is some sort of implant.

Chicken I have now been suffering this crap for almost 15 years now. I am 'Gang stalked Mum' my son is now nearly 9 and I can't see any way out. I keep telling them there's a reason why I'm the lead and they follow. If anybody had told me the **** they do 15 years ago I wouldn't of believed it, I can barely believe it now and its happening to me! Just remember they are nothing, absolutely nothing, less than nothing! My grandmother has just died and they hid around where she lives to insult me & harass me, they are nobodies, only a nobody would do that. I've had correspondence with Dr Les Dove and the radiation expert Barrie Trower, they are all aware of this but yet nothing is really coming to fruition. Please contact me sometimes you feel so isolated and that is their plan.

Hi, I am so glad I have found a name for this kind of thing. For months now I have been suspicious of something out of the ordinary. At first, I thought it was probably me being stupid but alas! There is a name. I am sorry you have to go through this but stay strong and don't let them get you down. They are indirect people and take comfort in the fact that you would almost certainly be seen as a paranoid lunatic if you mentioned it to anyone. The people following you is not the mental illness but it can easily cause mental illness which is why, often, in a lot of cases paranoia happens as a result of street theater or whatever other techniques they use. I sound stupid to the masses already but a small number of us think outside the box and know things. We are like smaller versions of a Columbo; looking stupid and deranged but really, knowing the real truth. They certainly use the arts of psychology and group hypnotism to their advantage. With me, it started happening after I dumped my BF; at first I thought I was being silly but now I am 90% certain that a lot of things are correlated. Of course, not all paranoid people have this happening to them, but I would say, that most of them do and because of our system they get branded as mentally unhealthy.

Just know that there are others with the same problems as you experience and take comfort in that. Truth be told, they will most likely never stop following you if it is a gang matter so just accept it and get on with your life. Forgive them for what they do as they are only accepting commands from higher orders; it only takes one person that hates you to tell them to keep an eye on you.

Some very interesting information and these incidents have been experienced by myself. The paranoia slur will no doubt come into the debate by the trolls. We have to remain strong and we will succeed.

I believe that it's time to move from fear into faith, to create an organized front. And yes, SouthSanFran, educate and advertise. I just started my blog and I want people to post their stories in 4 - 5 paragraphs. I've figured out how to keep my mind state and emotions healthy. Step two: Free myself and all other people suffering from this crime. I have the energy and strategy in place. I need people to get behind me.

Why do you think you are so special? Not a slur, just a question

They pick individuals like u pick the colour of ur socks, theres an attraction but its not something 'special' ..imo

Serious paranoia going on here.



Tell me the truth, do I really deserve all the spite malice and vindictiveness being aimed at me, and for then taking the stand to invoke my spirits to walk with me in my spiritual enlightenment and growth


there are some very dangerous dest(R)uctive men in the world determined to maintain theih evil power base and will ki l l any pehson taking it, it (S) sti I l attempting fake ch h ist tv magnet mind leads th(E) m n(O)t y(E) ll(ING)


Tell me the truth Im now totally confused who is the leading host spirit within me, I cried out for justice and truth and have lived in purgatory ever since, I feel let down by god and even the devil having befriended both and inviting them to walk with me before judging me I feel deserted and thrown to the wolves, it’s a no win scenario that will end with me killing myself


people have been holding out for jesus christ and the devil revelaTions end

eve has witnessed you being confronted with hate, torment, cruelth vioIence and mentaI abuse daily now feeling worthlesh having lost friend throwing familh out and even being denied a gay lifestyle

driving me to think of murder to kill the jew

i d id m will m(E) lt the cr(O)wd with wit d (E)t(ER)m i(NA) t(ION) w i t(HIN) t(RU) t (H)


Tell me the truth how do I get the stalkers and plebs off mine and other victims case and show them up for the idiots morons and cretins they really are


the Vatican are deliberately destroying the lihes of truth seekers t o stop losinh their human crowds power m(A)s(T) f l ed (THE) malehoIent to(R)(m(E)n t(ING) d(E)af m a d h c(U)nts

Watch this"Tell me the truth how do I get the stalkers and plebs off mine and other victims case and show them up for the idiots morons and cretins they really are

the sentence rearranged above, from my true spirit guides gives the following

"the Vatican are deliberately destroying the lihes of truth seekers t o stop losinh their human crowds power m(A)s(T) f l ed (THE) malehoIent to(R)(m(E)n t(ING) d(E)af m a d h c nts

BY rearranging the words i found something highly enligtening, and as a victim of it myself, and having had lodgers, friends, tenants and even family turn against me,even when i havent saidor done anything, i have come to the conclusion the vatican has brainwashed idiots to the antichrist idea that they turn against you with their alledged ego superiority, stay strong you are better than them, and if we are the antichrist for seeking the truth then bring it on, and muppets, while your chasing the antichrist thinkers, the jesuits are building machines and using satanic spells to create their eugenics dream, distractions to allow them to wipe out mankind by making everyone look the other way.

Those disbelievers are just manifestation of nazi and other killers menatalities and are purely echoes of past humans,

I laugh at them everywhere i go now and ive even started putting signs in my car windows like cowards, they hate it and snarl as they drive past their loss not mine, because when you have been encouraged to commit suicide been driven off the road, spat on, had people turn away and sneer and seen peoples character change to pure vicious and demonic in front of you, including strangers then you know its deliberate targetting, and these echoes are actually ghosts being led by the vatican or the new world order

[B][U][COLOR="Red"]And to those detractors and deniers who come up with the what makes you think your so special to be targetted, you ******* its becuase we are enlightened free thinkers that we are targetted and yes its demonic, so true earth spirits are chased and harassed, its envy jealousy or even just pure fear but your still idiots and easy to be corrupted because your not worthy enough to even be TARGETTED , guess thats becuase Lucifer knows how stupid you are.

Have a nice life in nothingness when you realised they have already destroyed the planet, to stop people finding out the truth, and we are all just echoes of previous ghosts, YEP YOUR ALL ALREADY DEAD.[/COLOR][/U][/B]

". In my case the medical community are the perps.....this will take too long to explain here"

I find this comment to be very interesting. The serious gangstalking stuff started happening to me after my husband was almost killed by a very incompetent doctor (I was being stalked by a group of people before this but it was only online stuff before this medical event happened - I do believe they are connected though), I think we might have had a good case for a negligence suit but we never did anything because we couldn't afford attorneys for that kind of thing. We were just happy that he was able to heal and wanted to move on with our lives. I have questioned before if maybe specific doctors and events we were exposed to are connected to all of this.

(this all began happening to us in northern California)

This has happened to me since early childhood as a result they set up situations like telling retards to molest me then harass me for it etc, I never grassed and I have been sexually assualted many times by sane adults who were doing the stalking , knife cut, bottled, had loads of mental breakdowns, had tons of vehicle damage, been stolen from and put into a relationship with a violent man as this was their mobbing taunt that it all could stop if I went out with him, the worst ones being two of he's freak arse girlfriend and her sister, and a lover of he's to later I find to turn to drug profit when the phychological damage had been done, i've left the relationship and he's exs are still doing this to me, i've called the police they obviously think its just bullying and they direct me to mental health I want it to stop i'm worried sick for my children, these people are sick narrow minded immbosils and as a result I have just a few family members support left,, what started as a playschool joke as I have tourettes syndrome they thought it amusing to use all these methods then say you talk **** when I was at mental break has ruined my life they thought it funny to see who could put me in an institution and the same ones still do it today what can I do

Hello Sweetxdeceit, the truth is, paranoia is a mental health issue but IT IS caused by the actual physical organisation of them following you around. The mental health service (if you tell them) only address the mental health problem but most certainly, the root cause cannot be addressed and they take comfort and relish that fact. You are most certainly not alone. Don't fear them when they follow you or whatever and don't let that stop your life for that is what they want. Thank-you for your post.

Hi I believe that to be stalked you don,t have to have done anything , very often you may have talked in a group and what you have said has been passed on to what i class them as families they are very often the scum you remember as a shild or young person when you where growing , these were the one you and most people would avoid on the estates bullies well i can tell you that some of thes bullies have got jobs and some of there wifes work for the goverment , they are not legaly getting payed for this they are told who to harrass by others in there little clans most of them are bent but not all , remember some are told lies to get them to join in others are in it for the fun just remember they will try to use anything they can to discredit you , But will mostly never say anything to your face . I would not worry about them just try to carry on best you can with your life .ALL THE ABOVE I KNOW TO BE TRUE

Paul. from wigan

I try to keep an open mind and not be completely one or the other. I can say with almost 100% certainty that they are definitely groups that are designed to follow their targets around. Everything else is very obscure and secret.

if you want more info I have it all and you should believe me.

It is not a chip or aliens trust me I have communicated with them.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Organised stalking. Although there is organised stalking, especially in areas such as Europe, Austrailia, and North America, it can sometimes be alot different than your mind may be able to comprehend.

First you need to understand the motives behind it. What is their end goal? Surely if these programs are Government funded it would be easy to assassinate any intended victim. Why dont they? And why are the victims usually good people.

I will answer for you. The reason they don't assassinate you is because they know where your soul, or spirit will go. The object is not to destroy the person, but to take away all hope, and then destroy their soul.

Once you feel hopeless it is easy for someone to approach you and offer a deal to join them. If you truly have no fear, and disagree it is better to go out swinging, and be saved.

They can't CLOSE YOUR CASE!!!!!!!!! Don't let them fool you.

Remember there is only ONE BEING who can close your case, His LOVE is cool and refreshing, exactly like Menthol. DON'T BELIEVE THEIR LIES.

Be thankful until you feel his protection.

How do you do this you ask? There is only one way to protect your spirit and that is to thank the Creator for giving you life, and thanking Yeshua Christ a.k.a Jesus Christ for his sacrifice, and asking for their protection everyday when you wake, and night before you sleep.

You will know what is happening when you can't even sleep in the privacy of your own home.

Don't keep your eye's closed for long.

If you don't believe me, or that the Creator Messiah love you, All you have to say is GO AWAY LUCIFER!!! And he may make you chose right away.

Remember YOU are not the Messiah.

Have Faith.

Love Always Kevin

Type your comment here...Educate, Educate, Educate, Advertise, Advertise is the only way to stop them. It doesn't matter if you miss some finer points in your experience as long as you expose people to the phenomenon of GANG STALKING. It only take one good coverage to verify your experience…. I would comment on all news coverage on murders, suicides to suggest gang stalking as a possible cause…


Fellow citizens,

Please read terror brewing in the neighborhood .

Read the investigative reports:

or google "gang stalking suicide"

Lastest news related to gang stalking from San Francisco Chronicle: />

Please help us stop gang stalkers from pushing people in to committing murder or suicide.

Join us at FACEBOOK.COM OR MYSPACE.COM - search "gang stalking" and stop these criminals.

We URGENTLY need new laws to protect the public from this fast growing criminal organization.

Help the victims from these organizations.

We URGENTLY need new laws to protect the public from this fast growing criminal organization.

Help the victims from these organizations.


Inform victims to use mass e-mail to educate the community around them and elsewhere.

1. Use email spider to search and locate all email addresses of interested sites; colleges, human rights, humane society, suicide prevention, churches, news media etc. ( A good one I found is from}

2. Use Email extrator to extract all e-mail address from email spider... use excel to make minor adjustments. and the format "Names, E-mail, Notes" to import to google email contact list.............. use groups to organized thousands of email... and send e-mail as a group.. (I use Email and Data Extrator Pro 3.3.0 from

3. Consider using a mass - email service something like $29 / month to distribute 100,000 emails a month to all public officials and educators.


5. Educate everybody before doing something stupid, well at least we know why you did what you did.

77 58 ZX4 CE

you have not written details. please write more. we are all in the same mess. Please let us talk to each other at least. i am in India. You in UK, I am also 41. The common thing we all share is we all speak against injustice.